In woods


Today  is  just a simple  scene with  a  new  builder  I  just  found. Roxi recently  received  the  blogger  copy  for this and  asked  my  help in setting  the  scene  up. She  has  been going thru some  things  in her  personal ice so now  more than  ever  i  am  happy  to  help. The  problem  was..well.. I wanted to  surprise  her  and  have  it  all set  up  before  she got  back  online. I  decided  that  her  beach..even though  it  is  big enough.. but wouldn’t  do the  house  justice so I wanted to  plop it  down  on Vodoo. ( A  sim I use  for  blogging). I  contacted the  designer and after  talking a  bit.. they trusted  me  enough  to  pass  me  a  copy….thank you.  We  actually  had  this  set  up the  day  I was  given the set, but  for  reasons  beyond  our  control we weren’t  able  to  take the photo’s. But  now..Roxi has  posted  hers  here ( warning.. its a  girly  version..grins). The  whole thing  is  very well made  and  also  decent  LI. I  cannot  wait to see whats  next..the  big  boys  better watch out .
DaD – Woodstock Cottage @ The Fantasy Collective
DaD – stone wall @ The Fantasy Collective
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 1A
HPMD* Dirt Road – brown
Skye Scots Pine Forest Knoll
Skye Waterfall 4,3
[we’re CLOSED] tree 02 dead light
[we’re CLOSED]  shrub large green, Bare
[we’re CLOSED]  rock mossy
3D Trees marsh plant 01
:Fanatik Architecture: Rocky Mountain 3 Summer

20% OFF DURING “The Fantasy Collective” 22th August – 15th September
Footage: 24×17
Land Impact: 58




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