The Wayward Sim opens TODAY at 10 AM! This is the new home to Wayward Events, Wayward Market & The Hive. You will also see the following shops set up here: amiable, ASO! & Soothe, CerberusXing, Cheeky Pea, Contraption, Free Bird, Moon Amore, NYU, pr!tty & what next.

Jenica has  really outdone herself and  I am  looking  forward to seeing  both the sim  and  the event  grow.



Make  sure  you  explore the sim as  there  is  more to this sim  than  just  the  market  place. I  have  included a  couple  pictures….the rest is  up to you.



And  if  ya  just  can’t  get  enough..or really wanna  keep up with all the  news for the  Sim ( which  ya should) make  sure  ya  visit  Wayward  on a  multitude  of social networks.

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