The house that time forgot

A  haunting_001

Today I am showing you the inside of the DRD Mystery Mansion and man is it spooky! I know most of you have already came and went from the Arcade but,if you passed this collection up….well… look again. Not only is it going to be great for Oct 31s,It will also be good year round. I fully plan to fill the attic of my SL home.Hell possibly in the woods tucked away and forgotten…Like its meant to be displayed.

A  haunting_002A  haunting_003A  haunting_004
A  haunting.5

DRD MM haunted piano @ Arcade
DRD MM covered furniture table @ Arcade
DRD MM covered furniture couch @ Arcade
DRD MM covered furniture hanger @ Arcade
DRD MM web 1=3 @ Arcade
DRD MM web 2 @ Arcade
DRD MM CHandelier 1 light @ Arcade
DRD MM CHandelier 1 dark @ Arcade
DRD MM lamp flickering @ Arcade
DRD MM hanging frames @ Arcade
DRD MM stove @ Arcade
DRD MM noose @ Arcade
DRD MM haunted dresser @ Arcade
DRD MM wardrobe @ Arcade
DRD MM ouija @ Arcade
DRD MM basket @ Arcade
DRD MM Bed @ Arcade
DRD MM side cabinet @ Arcade
DRD MM library bookshelf @ Arcade
DRD MM library bookshelf 2 @ Arcade
DRD MM library steps @ Arcade
DRD MM library books @ Arcade
DRD MM library desk @ Arcade
DRD MM couch (sits) @ Arcade
DRD MM couch broken @ Arcade
DRD MM childs bed @ Arcade


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