A Hallowed Welcome


A  Hallowed welcome_001

The Wayward Halloween event  opened  yesterday and  theres  all kinds  of  trick or treaters  running around  making  sure to grab their  goodies before  Halloween..make  sure  you  go get  yours! My  posts  for  now, until  I can actually stand  sitting up will be short  and sweet. I am sorry  for this as  normally  I post a  bit  of a  review..but rest assured after  I get  back from having  the  surgery…the reviews and  my  wit  will be  back.( no..thats  not what they are  removing) For  now…just  get  your  butts  on over  to the event..and  get  your treats!

.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha Gazebo RARE @ Wayward Halloween
.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha Fence ( modded) @ Wayward Halloween
.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha Street Lamp ( modded) @ Wayward Halloween
.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha couple sofa one @ Wayward Halloween
.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha Frame Four @ Wayward Halloween
.:M.LAW:. Halloween Gacha table decor @ Wayward Halloween
.:Bee designs:. Trick or Treat Gacha-Flags @ Wayward Halloween
.:Bee designs:. Trick or Treat Gacha-Decor set 1 @ Wayward Halloween
.:Bee designs:. Trick or Treat Gacha-Decor set 2 -stump @ Wayward Halloween
.:Bee designs:. Trick or Treat- Pumpkin Family RARE @ Wayward Halloween
06. [ILAYA] Grave Stone DONT LAUGH. YOURE NEXT (C) @ Wayward Halloween
[ zerkalo ] Pumpkin Faces – (2) (3) (4) (5) @ Wayward Halloween