Second star

Second Star

Hello all, Enchantment  is  up and running  and the theme is Peter  pan. I  pulled  out some  of my  favorites from this round and set them up outside the  new  Apple Fall Manufactury thats available at TLC. Also from the  event  is the UK garden  logs. they are gorgeous.
I am  keeping this  post short, I fooled  myself  thinking  I was over the  hump with  my  recent  surgery…I was  wrong.. Now  that  I am  off the  meds its horrible.  I am  limited to  what  pain pills  I can take  because  my  remaining  kidney  is  in failure  no  pain  pills. I am also very nauseous so  only  up 4  or  5  hrs a day. But  I took this  picture  last  friday and  its  time  I  posted. I wish each and  every one  of you  a  happy  holiday..God  bless.

*AF* Hacienda Reading Bench @ Enchantment
A.D.D.Andel! Second Star To The Right -White/Quote @  Enchantment
BOOGERS Lost Tree @  Enchantment
*Figment* Tink’s Cage-Brass @  Enchantment
DRD standing fairy lamp brown @  Enchantment
Apple Fall Old Manufactory @ TLC
uK- Tall Garden Log Lamp-Mossy @ TLC
POST: Mesabi Railroad Lantern
HPMD* Garden Tree05 – brown(extra color)
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]

Enchantment 512


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