Its  a  mad  world out there but  an  even  madder  one awaits  you at the  wayward  market. DRD  has  assembled  such  wonderful pieces each  one  sure  do drive  you  a  bit  more….erm…sane…yeah..thats what  the  DR’s  tell ya.  I was  lucky  enough  to  actually  have  an Asylum  to  put this  collection  in. Yes..  I happen to  carry  an  extra  around  in  my  back  pocket for  just such  emergencies.  I  deal  with  3  crazy chicks  on a  daily  basis so this  is  much  needed.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Abandoned Asylum (Secret Prize)
DRD MM web 1,2,3
DRD motel- slim walllights c/m
DRD asylum sink @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum cabinet 2 @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum cagebed @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum bed 1 @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum bed devider @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum toiletchair @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum lights @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum elektroshockmachine @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum medical tools @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum gurney @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum wheelchair @ Wayward Market
DRD asylum boiler @ Wayward Market

To  find  out  more  of  what  the  market  has  to  offer…clicky  the  picky  below


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