Full Service


Full ServiceSo there  I was  minding  my  own  business and  saying   my  daily  prayers.. Listens  for  thunder. when  Roxi  called  and  said  she  needed  me. I,  being the  perfect  gentleman,  I  rushed  right  over to  the  address  she  gave  me. It was  on the  bad  side  of  town  full  of  seedy  motels  and  women  of  the  night  full of  seed. Much to  my  surprise I  found  her  in  one  of  the  seediest of  them  all, covered  in  seed!  As  you  can  tell  by  the  picture  I  was a  sad  puppy.  It  seemed  like  an  after party, the  crew  members were  clowning  around and  the  daym  director was  making  a  monkey  out  of  himself.    I thought  I was  about  to  get  us  both  out  of  there  when  suddenly  the  director   clanged  the  cymbals  together  and  yelled ”  ACTION!”…  whats  a  man  to  do…

DRD – The Glory hole – Grubby/green @ Romp 4/15
DRD-industrial lights – 4 lights combo – green @ Chapter4
DRD studios set directors chair
DRD studios lights
DRD studios Camera
DRD motel – trashcan
19. DRD SC Crack House
15. DRD SC Abandoned Store trash 1, 2
NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Cymbal Monkey
NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Maracas Clown
NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Drummer Clown MadPea “The Interview” Prizes.
_I7_art canvas + @ LTD
_I7_the man’s mirror @ LTD
_i7_ just a damn sink @ LTD
HIDEKI – “Feel Good” Neon Sign
floorplan. full service sign



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