Before Dawn

berfore dawn_001

Hello all, today I am bringing you a bit of a closer look at DRD’s offering for the Fantasy Faire. I was able to get the mega pack of the build ( very much worth it) and decided to build my own version. As many of you know RFL hits home for me in so many ways. Not only did I loose my father to it, I also had my own battle with it. I will be able to leave the build up for a while after the event closes so feel free to come and explore.I have taken a few general shots as to show more detail of this wonderful DRD offering.
Please visit the Original as well, she has items that will only be available during the event which ends May 1st. I would also like to thank the people at the events we have managed to put up a RFL kiosk and Fantasy Faire poster on the sim which not only gives you a chance to make a difference by donating it also lets you find out a bit more about the event and what it does for RFL. Again GO VISIT THE FAIRE WHILE YOU CAN!

PS..The  photos are  unedited  as  I wanted  to show  as much of the  original  detail as  I  could.  But theres  a lot  more  to  explores I didn’t  give  you  some  of the  best  spots…those are up to  you  to find!
Fantasy Faire website
Fantasy Faire 2016
Fantasy Faire 2016 on Dangarnon
My Version of Dangarnon

berfore dawn_007 berfore dawn_006 berfore dawn_005 berfore dawn_004 berfore dawn_003


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