SL Gods


Someday soon a fallen God looks at what has come
Mournful of the darkness swarms, over the rising sun
What has come? Oh what will be?
Does this world have still time to breath?

The fallen God looks, and swims for the sky
Looking for pardons, the saviors do fly
For freedom to fall, and the darkness to clear
And the world to be freed from this too long ago fear.

E.V.E Dancing Stars Galaxy Blue & Gold

Roxi pose:
Roquai – Pamakhala Girl – Fall pose on the Echtra Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Worn On Roxi:
The Plastik – Constella Jupityr Skin on the Serenity Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016
mangomoon – Ophelia Crown on the @ Fantasy Faire 2016
/Wasabi Pills/ – Cleo Mesh Hair on the Golden Delta Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Darth pose:
Roquai – Pamakhala couple – Breeze pose

Worn On Darth.
:[P]:- Constus Skin:// Jupityr skin on the Serenity Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016
:[P]:- Demon Eyes:// Noir eye’s on the Serenity Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016
+Spellbound+ Monster Beard V3 // All Colours
PFC~General (Male)
PFC~Hercules greave
PFC~Kraken greave
PFC~Cerberus thigh
PFC~Iron Helm (gold) – winged (Modded)
PFC~Aphrodite bracer
PFC~Medusa bracer
**JOMO** MAN’S Golden Feast T-back 03



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