Lunch!  final

Gacha  Garden  opened  it’s doors  a  few  days  ago  and  this  round  is  going to  be  fantastic. Theres  so much to choose fromI  just  didn’t  know where  to  start..Then  ..well…I  happen  to  have a cat avi  on the  day  we went  and  picked up blogger  boxes. I saw the  BananaN  offering  and  knew I would  be  starting  there!

BananaN Cafe La Petite Souris RARE @ Gacha Garden
BananaN Reading mouse. RARE @ Gacha Garden
BananaN Cashier mouse @ Gacha Garden
BananaN Mouse with balloon @ Gacha Garden
BananaN Cafe table and chair set. @ Gacha Garden
BananaN Goodies display. @ Gacha Garden
BananaN Baking station @ Gacha Garden
BananaN Cabinet with goodies @ Gacha Garden

[:::::T.W 1063:::::] ***maguromi cat*** (chatora)
**JPK Cat Avatar Pirate Belt
**JPK Cat Avatar Pirate Sash
**JPK Cat Avatar Pirate Sword
.:EMO-tions:. * DARREN * chin goatie
.Pekka. Hopeless Unisex Piercing – M – Nose – GOLD
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Trapped mouse-W- O Eyes
Alchemy – Captain’s Eye Patch – Red – RARE
Alchemy – Captain’s Hat – Red – RARE
Alchemy – Jack The Monkey
!gO! Captain shirt XS
Beard By Vika




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