Gym Time

Gym Time

Hello  Folks, Summer  is  fast  approaching  and  ya  know  that  means  one  thing for  you  ladies … Bikini’s  thats  right..woot  woot!..Now  men.. meh  we can  just wear an old  pair  of shorts  and  a  shirt..but  you  women..well.. ya  need to  get  off  your  butts  and  start  hitting the  gym!. It  doesn’t matter  what  a man  looks  like ( because  we are  perfect  in every way..and  made  in Gods image  don’t ya  know). So  today  I’m  bringing  you  a  bit  of inspiration brought to  you  by none other  than  NOMAD.The  whole  set  is  fantastic .. ya  really need this .
Now you   might  be  asking  yourself” why  in the world  are  ya  blogging  about  hitting the  gym  and  then  wearing boxing  gloves?” Well..after what I just  said.. I think I  might  need  them.

p.s.  I asked  Jarath  what  I should  write  about..and  this  is what  he  came  up with. His  address is ……………………..


NOMAD // Gymnasium RARE @ 6 Republic
NOMAD // Vintage Gym RARE @ 6 Republic
NOMAD // Punching Bag @ 6 Republic
NOMAD // Kettlebells @ 6 Republic
NOMAD // Vault Table @ 6 Republic
NOMAD // Pommel Horse @ 6 Republic
NOMAD // Vault Box @ 6 Republic
NOMAD // Balance Beam @ 6 Republic
NOMAD // Changing Room Bench @ 6 Republic
[Since1975] – Punching Bag (Red) RARE @ The Gacha Garden
[Since 1975] – Boxing Gloves Black (Neck) F RARE (Used as Prop) @ The Gacha Garden
Ex Machina Metal Sliding Door – Industria Collection @ The Gacha Garden
DRD scaffold Kit
DRD wood sign – inspirational
DRD wood sign – nohorsin around
:CP: Duncan Gridtrotters Sign
Con.&floorplan. stadium sign
7 – Scoreboard (changeable)

..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged _ Darker Tone Skin Base ( Slink Applier)
[Since1975] – Boxing Championship Gold Belt RARE @ The Gacha Garden
[Since 1975] – Boxing Gloves Red (Hand) @ The Gacha Garden
FATEwear Trunks – Ian – Volcano

Click  the  sign  below  for a detailed shopping  guide!



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