It all Floats Here

It all  floats here

Sometimes  I  amaze  myself, sometimes  Roxi  amazes  me.  I  logged  in the  other day  and  she was  down  on the  beach  setting  up  for  a shot. She asked  me  if  I  had  something  I could  wear, she  had  been wanting to do something  with  the  DRD throne. I  also had  it  and  had  been  wanting  her  to  do one  with  me.. what a  cowinkidink! Of  course  I wanted  her  naked  and  tied  to a  cross..she aint  got time  for that  lol.   I  had  thought about  what I wanted  to  wear..but  as  she was  not  really keen  on my PERFECT  idea I  had  given  up.
Then  the  miracles  of  all  miracles  happened.. she  asked  me  if  want to  pose for…(  coughs)  her  picture. I was  dressed  faster  than Jarath can  whip his  camera  out  whenever  she  is  nude  and  changing  clothes, quicker  than Roxi when  she  gets  Kitty’s  returned from The Scrath’n post.  Faster  than  I  am  when  deadwool releases  something  new…. you  get the  point.
Now Roxi, Roxi  doesn’t  like  a lot  of  blood  or  gore  in  her  pictures,she  is a  girl  ya  know,  but…I  manage to  sneak  some  in  now  and  then. This was  the  case  here. Of  course I didn’t  want to  over do  it  in  her  picture so  i stuck  one  corpse  in, just  one, and  let  her  do  her  thing. I  had  told  her  that  since  we were  there  I would  go  ahead  and  take  a  shot  as  well.. after her  of  course. With  hers  taken it  was  time  for  me  to  take mine, Roxi  had  put  dinner  on  before  we  started  and  as  soon as  her  shot  was  done  she  gave  me  control and  went  downstairs  to  eat…this was  my  chance !
I  added  more  bodies and  turned  her  so  she  looked as  though  she  was  kneeling  before  me..Kinda weird huh..  I got  what  I wanted  after all. if  you  want  to  see  her  version   visit  her  post   here ( Hell Bound  On the Rox )
DRD Iron throne @ We Love Role-Play
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt
[Harshlands] Impaled Corpse 1,2,3,4

Worn on Roxi:
eXxEsS : CREME B (Materials) – NEW!
Storybook – Hell Bound – Dress – Neutrals RARE @ Whimsical
Storybook – Hell Bound – Wings – Shedim @ Whimsical
Storybook – Hell Bound – Tail – Shedim @ Whimsical
Storybook – Hell Bound – Horns – Shedim @ Whimsical
::Axix:: Morpheus FaceStraps @ The Secret Affair
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Cathbad Armguard @ The Secret Affair
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Cathbad Wristband @ The Secret Affair
:[The Plastik]:- Veyliane Heels[ Maitreya-Matched]:// Cameo @ Shiny Shabby
[White-Widow] Invictus Black tattoo
-Belleza- Paige, sunkissed # 4 skin
Bauhaus Movement – Juliesse Pose

Worn on Darth:
AZOURY – Nameless Jewels Earrings, Necklace @ The Secret Affair
.::Cubic Cherry::. {Fade} staff shadow @ The Secret Affair



2 thoughts on “It all Floats Here

  1. This is so freaking amazing…you take disturbing to a whole new level….the only thing missing is a goat…wasn’t there a gaot there when you were taking the picture??

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