Beach Bar

Beach Bar

The  Gacha  Garden  is still  going  on. It  closes  the  ya  only  got 2  more  days to  get  these couple  of  great collections  offered  there.
I am  blaming this  on  Roxi.  I  have  had  this  picture  taken  for  at  least  a week, she  just  keeps  distracting  me.. I  mean who  can  pass  up    multiple photobombing  opportunities!.. kinda  like  this.
Just  Hanging edit

GOOSE – Garden bar collection @ The Gacha Garden
Lil’Bug Rare 1 @ The Gacha Garden
Lil’Bug SOI ( my Pose ) @ The Gacha Garden
Lil’Bug Barrel 6 @ The Gacha Garden

Action Inkubator HAIR Louis
[Deadwool] Full beard – black
[Deadwool] Henley shirt – black
* Guarded Cross * GC501 Vintage Indigo



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