Something evil this way comes


Something Evil edit

I heard a howling
in the woods,
freezing me
right where I stood.
That sound:
it turned my blood to ice
I knew he’d hunt me
this full moon night.

Great, big footsteps
pounding near;
Their deadly echo
resonating with fear.
His heavy breathing
reeked of blood and thirst.
I knew right then,
I was in for the worst.
Poem  by  Cheyenne 

DRD Gardenhouse Collection @ Shiny Shabby
LIttle Branch LB_Mushrooms.v1,v2  @ Shiny Shabby
*AF* Tulips in Log Planter @ Cosmopolitan
Skye Rocky Trail Fade End
Skye Scots Pine Forest

DRD gardenhouse promo 2


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