It’s peanut butter jelly time!

Roxi wins!

I am  finally  able  to post  again..yush!
So, the  other  day  The  O’lady wanted  to  go  out  and  do  something  fun, we  went  down  to  the  senior center  at  first  but  all  they were  doing  was  playing  bingo and  getting  community toenail  clippings. We  decided  to  go  bowling  instead. Now  if  your  not  married  you  wouldn’t  understand  this..but theres  a  little  trick  to  actually  having  a  great  time.  The  trick  is… letting  the  woman  win. I  had  called  ahead  and  made  sure ” our favorite lane”  was  open ( the  one that the  front end  can  control  the pins on) . I  go  bowling  every  Wednesday  while  the  O’lady  is  out  stuffing  her  face…err  I  mean  eating truffles and  having  afternoon tea with  her  O’lady  friends. I am  usually  there  for  3  or  4  hrs  and  average around  250.. but  not  when  I  go  out with the  wifey. Ya  see.. I  have  tried  that before and  while  she  said she was  happy, kept  up  her  smile I could  tell things  weren’t  right. We  would  play a few  games then  go  home. Usually  it  would  be ” to  late”  for  her  to  cook anything or  she  would  be  ” to  tired, have  a  headache”  that sort  of  thing. But  not  tonight when  we  got  home  she  was  grinning  ear  to  ear and  made  her  poor  little loser  husband a 4  course  meal, then  came  the  massage.  She  even  helped  me  get  into  my  favorite  chair and  poured  me  my  favorite  drink.  After  about  an  hour  she  comes  down  in ” something more  comfortable”   Grabs  me  and  then  carry  me  upstairs throwing  me  on the  bed. We  all  know  what  happened  next ( and  so  do  the  neighbors).  So while  Roxi  may  have  “won”  bowling.. I think  I was  the  over all  winner.
Here  is  a  link  to Her  side  of  the  story.
Once an athlete, always an athlete!

The Gacha Guardians
Kei’s Home Bowling Alley Gacha Collection (Including GOTG) from Gacha Guardians
DRD SC Bowling Alley

Worn on Roxi
The Secret Store – Little Granny
{NanTra} Roller Disco 9 Pose

Worn on Darth:
!* WS *! Grandpa AVATAR (MP)
{NanTra} The Birds 6M Pose

Kei's Home Bowling Gacha

Kei's Home Bowling Alley GOTG



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