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Hello all.. it’s  been  a while..again.
I just  can not  seem to  shake some  sort  of  physical problems  for  very  long. I was  just  starting to  feel  better, able  to  sit  at  my  computer  for  hours without  the  hernia  or nerothropy forcing  me  to  give  up when  my  sister (  who  just  bought  a  house) wanted  me  to  come  over  and take  a  look at  her  deck. Needless  to  say  it  was a  mess.  The  thing was  so  bad  it  wobbled  in  the  wind.  There were  parts  of  the  framing  that wasn’t connected  to..well..anything. It  also  looked  like  this was  done on one  of those ”  come  on over  lets  drink a  keg and  build a  deck  weekends”  At  some  point  someone  thought  it  would  be  ok to  use… a waterbed frame  as  joists to  hold  the  thing  up.   It  was  decided that  the  thing  should  be  torn  down and  a  new  one  built. Now, I was a  carpenter  for 12  yrs and  know  my  way  around a  saw, building a  simple  deck, but with  my  physical limitations my  job  was  to  draw  up the  plans, get the  cost  of  it  and  then  supervise. My brother and  both  brother  in-laws were  to  do  the  actual  building..with  me  there  doing  what  I could  and  making  sure things were  done  right. All  of  them  good  guys, they just  don’t know  how  to  build. My second  day  there, July 2nd I  had set  a  ladder  up to get  up  on the  deck, as  I got to the  last  ring  on the  ladder it  gave  way sending  me  falling  thru the  joists and  to  the  cement 4ft  below. Which  in  my  youth  probably  wouldn’t  have  hurt  a  bit, but  being..hmm” a  gentleman of  the  older  persuasion” it  hurt..alot. I  took about  30 mins  to  pull  myself together and then finished  the  day.  I got  home, took a  shower  and  went  to  bed, fully  prepared  to do  it  all  over  again the  next  day.  Apparently while  my  brain was  prepared my  right  knee wasn’t.  I woke  up  the  next  day and  couldn’t  even  get  out  of bed. I called  my  brother and  he  helped  me  get  up  and  dressed then  took  me  to  the  ER.  The  pain  is…well..not  good.I  can’t  sit. lay or  sleep  without  being  reminded  that  I  have  a  knee. I have  been waiting  to  say  anything until today because  I  had  to  see  an orthopedic  surgeon . It  seems  I  busted  my  knee  up  pretty  good  and  tore  some  ligaments  and  damaged  some  of the  cartilage..hurray  another  surgery!

LB_BeachSand-v1{Low Li} @ TMD
LB_WildGrass*1Li{Dry} @ TMD
LB_Palmetto.v1{Mesh} @ TMD
LB_Boat @ TMD
LB_BeachPalm{Quad} @ FaMESHeD
LB_BeachPalm{Double} @ FaMESHeD
LB_Bananas{Mesh} @ TLC
LB_GreenBamboo{Cluster} MP
-DRD- vintage tikibar @ ROMP

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