Something Evil This Way Comes

Haunted  Final

Its  arcade  time  once again  folks and  it  promises  to  be  a  great  event!
DRD  has  returned with  The  Mystery Mansion II and jesus  is  it  gorgeous. It  is said  to  be  a  sequel to  the  first mansion but  one  look at this  and  I can  say  that  it  can  hold  its  own. Make  sure  you check  out the  crawlspace!

28.DRD Mystery mansion RARE @ Arcade
22.DRD MM2 hanging dolls 1 @ Arcade
22.DRD MM2 hanging dolls 2 @ Arcade
29.DRD MM2 walking around Ghost REWARD @ Arcade
29.DRD MM2 Walking in straight line Ghost REWARD @ Arcade
Wall arches are modded from the DRD Dangamon set
Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful}
Skye Windswept Tree
Skye Stone Stairs Sample 5
Skye Stone Stairs Long Wall
[we’re CLOSED] garden gate
[ Organica ] The Hollow Tree
Rustica – Coniferus Gigantus – Burned
3D trees 3 dead trees with ivy
HPMD* Fog Particle
HPMD* Dirt Road – brown


Rehashing old memories

Rehashing Good Times

Hello all, The  Arcade  opens  in a  few  days, millions  of  Lindens  will  be  spent, thousands  of  pullers  elbow  will  be  reported that will  soon  be  forgotten forever. Those  memories will  soon be  forgotten…but  not  this  one.

Nomad  has  released some  fantastic items for this  round  of  the  Arcade.  that  brings  back  childhood memories like  it  was  yesterday…..for  some the memories are  still  road rash  or  carpet  burn,  like  changing  a  baby and  having  it pee  right  on ya.. like someone laughing while  your  getting  dragged by a  chain,  you  get my  point. So  on the  1st don’t  get dragged in  late. get  there  and  get  these  while they  are  hot..kinda  like  a  pissed  off  redhead.

Ps. No  Roxi’s  were  harmed  during  this  picture.

NOMAD // Retro Bumper Car // Red, Gold, Blue, Green @ The Arcade
NOMAD // Roller Coaster Car // White, Red @ The Arcade
NOMAD // Retro Carousel RARE @ The Arcade
DRD EL Ferriswheel static RARE
DRD studios studio lot building RARE ( Heavily Modded to make arena…don’t try this at home)
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Street Lamp ( used for building supports )
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Fence ( used for building railings )
RO – PumpkinHead – Jack O’ ( group gift.. modded as large as it go’s )
[Schultz Bros.] The Homestead Barn @ Cosmopolitian
HIDEKI – Circus Tent
HIDEKI – Ticket Booth



Not In kansas

Not  in Kansasa  anymore_003

The  end  of the month  is  near , which  means  Dorthy will  be  back  safely in Kansas, but  you  have  until then  to  go  and  get  all  your  OZ  goodness  from enchantment… hurry!
Also,  Don’t  forget  to  join  the  LB  group  as  there  are special  announcements coming   soon… pssst  we are finally going to   have  an  inworld  store to  shop  at.

*~ by Nacht ~ Prof Marvel’s Caravan @ Enchantment
[NC] – Dream Streetlamp @ Enchantment
*AF* Tornado Chandelier @ Enchantment
*AF* Row of Oil Lamps @ Enchantment
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Iron Garden Table Yellow Brick Road @ Enchantment
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Yellow Brick Road Garden Bench @ Enchantment
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Yellow Brick Road Iron Garden Chair @ Enchantment
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizard of Oz @ Enchantment
Aphrodite Wizard of Oz lighted balloon @ Enchantment
FDD Road v1 (Yellow *Oz*) @ Enchantment
E.V.E {M/C}Tornado B&W Nebula Fat @ Enchantment
E.V.E {M/C} Tornado B&W Nebula Slim @ Enchantment
LB_MysticOak{4Seasons} @ Enchantment
LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons} @ Cosmopolitain
Skye Rustic fence
{what next} Bicycle Decor (Girls)
.:revival:. garden hose – ADULT @ TMD
dust bunny . maple cottage
Nuville // Scarecrow Greeter (No longer available)


Deliciously salacious

All My Girls

Air_Lost Heart stand(gold) @ Enchantment
Air_Lost Brain stand(gold)  @ Enchantment
Boudoir – Fetish chair @ the Fetish Fair
{anc} flottante puppy. milk .
[Vandelo]Old Mississippi skybox

Worn on Roxi:
NO.MATCH_NO.FURTHER. Hair @ The Liaison Collaborative
Boudoir – Bird Mask Gold (150L) @ the Fetish Fair
[White-Widow] Allied Tattoo, Henna  @ the Fetish Fair
Storybook – Leverage  @ Whimsical
~Tantalum~ Lorena Necklace  @ The LoveCraft Festival
~Tantalum~ Haskett Ring  @ The LoveCraft Festival
Bauhaus Movement – Kynne (arms slightly modified)

Worn on Darth:
Air_Lost Bravery head(gold) @ Enchantment
::Gabriel::Vintage Suit / Black
FATEwear Gloves – Dexter – Void

An unexpected ride


Hello  peeps, Today I  am Mr Badass..or  rather I am blogging  about  two  very badass bikes, some  badass  jeans  and  a leather vest (  cut ). I  got the  message  a  few days  ago  about  deco’s  new ” Outlaw Collection” and  had  to  go  try  the  demo…and it’s fantastic,you  can even  Mod the  patches and  make  the  vest  your very  own. Now  I am  no biker by  a  long  shot, but  I do  like  to  ride  every  now  and  then. Its  mostly  at the Sau sim but  being that  I  live  right  on route 8  on the mainland  I  take  a  cruz down that every  now  and  then.

I  already  had a  few  sau bikes but  I had  been  drooling  over  the Faust since Nir  released it. Its a beautiful bike perfectly detailed  down  to  well..the last detail. Unfortunately I am  strapped so  thats  all  I was able  to  do. I was so  impressed  with  it I had  to find  a way  to  blog  it…there in lies the  problem.  I asked  in the say group  if  anyone  had  the Faust that  I could  ” borrow” to  finish  off  a scene  that  I had setup already with the Gilgamesh, Mouse and  a  few  more of  her  bikes  that  I own.  At  first there was  silence..then a  few  smart ass  replies. I was  ready  to   say  fuck  it  when Bluntforce Sol popped into  my inbox. He said  he  saw the  group  convo and  decided to  go look at the bike  one  more  time. like  me  he  had  also  been  salivating  over  it and..well…that  one  last test ride  after I  mentioned  it sealed the  deal. within 20  minutes he was  on  my  platform and  rezzing the  bike  for  me.. within another  2  he  had  friended  me  and  given  me  his  perms..amazing.  Blunt  is  the  leader of the  pack of Iron Angels, a strictly male club and  looks like a total badass, but unlike  a lot  of the  other biker presidents  I  have  ran  into,  isn’t  full  of  himself and  is  a  very  likable  guy..almost  friendly. Don’t  tell  him I told  you  that  or  he  will  have  me  scrubbing  floors  in a thong  over  at  the  clubs female charter  Eternal Soulz which  is  ran  by candycane Amulet. (  she had already suggested  it! ) The  club  is  on a  private  sim but  if  your  interested or  even  a  bit  curious give  either  one  of them  a  ring and  I am  sure  they  will show  you  around.

7 – Cold Beer
7 – Neon Legs
Apple Fall Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust)
[Tampon Inside] Urban Road Straight ( Store closed )

..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head & Slink body applier
.:CHEVEUX:.F079 Hair Silver
*Reign.– Studded Headband- Black
**DECO – Outlaw Vest**
**DECO– Outlaw Jeans (stained)**
[Deadwool] Patmos boots – black

biker sim _007 biker sim _006 biker sim _005 biker sim _004 biker sim _003 biker sim _002 biker sim _001


Lollipop Gang

Lolipop gang

On second  thought…your  not  getting  my  daym  lollipop.
Enchantment  is  open and  the  theme  this  month is The  Wizard Of Oz and  as  you  would  guess  theres  all sorts of Oz’ly stuff!

FDD Stories *Stone Roads * Yellow *Oz* (modded some to Red) @ Enchantment
*6DOO* blue dwelling @ Enchantment
.AiShA. Munchkin Fairy Flower Rose, White, Blue @ Enchantment
.AiShA. Munchkin Water Flower White, Flower Rose @ Enchantment
LB_Mushrooms.v1, v2
Skye Rustic Fence
*HEXtraordinary* Ink Cap Mushroom –
Heart – WildFlowers – Foxgloves
dust bunny . maple cottage

Worn on Roxi:
rezology Sky 287 @ Enchantment
PuffSleeveDress(Blue)_for_COCOFashionDoll @ Enchantment
Fashiowl – Dorothy 3 pose and prop @ Enchantment
[MUSE] Dorthy Slippers @ Enchantment

Worn on Darth:
Entice – Munchkin Complete Avatar @ Enchantment
*NW* Lollipop – Rainbow Swirl @ Enchantment

Enchantment Logo

Splish Splash


As  most of  you know… I  never  miss  an  opportunity and  well…Roxi  gives  a lot of  them. There  she was  being all  smexy  and  posing  for  a  shot when  I realized  she  was probably way  to  hot.  It was like  72 degrees  out  and  people  get  heat stroke  ya  know!

MadPea – The Flying Creature Squad – Octopus Balloon SOI @ The Gacha Garden
Spash Float Ski *Man* CHEZ MOI @ The Gacha Garden
DRD summer dock w/ canoe @ TLC
XENO hammock II @ TLC
MeadowWorks – Yoga Frog 12 ~ Tree Pose
Little Branch_BeachPalm{Double}
Little Branch_BeachPalm{Quad}
Skye Twin Palms Tall
Skye Triple Palms Tall

Worn on Roxi:
Empire – Minikini – Maitreya – silver – RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Birth – Opal Skin Tone 3 RARE (Omega/LAQ Applier) @ The Gacha Garden
nanika – Drops of water mesh body applier @ TLC
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0
EverGlow – Endless Pose #2 @ TLC

Worn on Darth:
Action Inkubator Hair Louis
Slink Physique Male Mesh Body, Hands, Feet
..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged slink applier
[Gos] Custom Eyewear – GOSCAN
*HEXtraordinary* White Onesie Sloth – Hanging @ The Gacha Garden
Apple May Designs Swim Trunks (Physique) – Silver


All you Need

I am always here
Tomorrow marks the 1st anniversary of someone that I love, losing her son.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I would need a thousand pictures to say what I am feeling…so I will leave it at one picture…and a song.
And by the way, Jeffrey can have this dance babe….I Love You.
May I Have This Dance
Make  sure  ya  click  on  back  here  and  then enlarge the image  by clicking  on that as well.

Oh and  the  Wings, Ring  I  modded  into  a  bracelet can  be  found  at
The Gacha Garden….sshh they are  dancing.

Darn  I want a  dance. One  more  time.

Is it September yet?

Oktoberfest 2016  crop

The  shit  I  do  for  Roxi….I  mean starting  Oktoberfest  in August!

Doe: April (solid) (99L per play) @ TGG
S&P OF blouse maitreya cream (75L per play) @ TGG
S&P OF Lederhosen maitreya sand @ TGG
S&P OF stockings maitreya cream @ TGG
S&P Clogs maitreya sand @ TGG
S&P OF Trachten hat @ TGG
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0

[n.i] letictocchoc RARE gears (50L per play) @ TGG
JIAN Curious Kitties :: Snail Plant RARE (50L per play) @ TGG
JIAN Curious Kitties :: Wanderer Calico @ TGG
Little Branch_LeSacTopiary2{Spring} @ Cosmopolitan
Rowne.Cafe de Rowne. Paris RARE
Lil’Bug Barrel 5 from the previous GG compete with pose
Lil’Bug Barrel 1 from the previous GG compete with pose
Lil’Bug SOI Barrels from the previous GG compete with pose
..::THOR::..Thor Pilsener Mugs
09_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Street Lamp
Sari-Sari – Brezel&Wurst Cart
Drunk Boy 1 and Drunk Girl 6 ::RA YA Design::

Darth and Jarath:
erratic / oktoberfest – haferl shoes
erratic / oktoberfest – trachten hat
erratic / oktoberfest – lederhosen set RARE
JD – Male Socks

Gacha Garden is open for business folks!!

Gacha Garden Square Logo for Websites __November 2015