Rehashing old memories

Rehashing Good Times

Hello all, The  Arcade  opens  in a  few  days, millions  of  Lindens  will  be  spent, thousands  of  pullers  elbow  will  be  reported that will  soon  be  forgotten forever. Those  memories will  soon be  forgotten…but  not  this  one.

Nomad  has  released some  fantastic items for this  round  of  the  Arcade.  that  brings  back  childhood memories like  it  was  yesterday…..for  some the memories are  still  road rash  or  carpet  burn,  like  changing  a  baby and  having  it pee  right  on ya.. like someone laughing while  your  getting  dragged by a  chain,  you  get my  point. So  on the  1st don’t  get dragged in  late. get  there  and  get  these  while they  are  hot..kinda  like  a  pissed  off  redhead.

Ps. No  Roxi’s  were  harmed  during  this  picture.

NOMAD // Retro Bumper Car // Red, Gold, Blue, Green @ The Arcade
NOMAD // Roller Coaster Car // White, Red @ The Arcade
NOMAD // Retro Carousel RARE @ The Arcade
DRD EL Ferriswheel static RARE
DRD studios studio lot building RARE ( Heavily Modded to make arena…don’t try this at home)
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Street Lamp ( used for building supports )
8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Fence ( used for building railings )
RO – PumpkinHead – Jack O’ ( group gift.. modded as large as it go’s )
[Schultz Bros.] The Homestead Barn @ Cosmopolitian
HIDEKI – Circus Tent
HIDEKI – Ticket Booth




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