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Gore,gore gore… oh… look a puppy!
I  usually don’t  get  all  giddy like  a  school boy about to  get his  first  kiss ..but..this  daym  puppy  is  freaking  cute!….  the  french  bull dog  comes  in a  close   second lol.
You  really  really  need  to  get  this.why  you  say?.. because  its  a puppy! so  grab  your  wallet and  head  on  over  to  the  arcade.
I am  also  wearing a  hair, that  I admit I  over  looked but  i was  so  tired  of  looking  like every other  guy  in  sl so  I went  shopping and  found  this  amazing  hair.The  hair base i would  recommend  to  anyone  who  has a   mesh  head.  it  fits  most  mesh boys  and  is  mod so  you  can  adjust  it  to  your  shape..did  I  mention  its  3D..yes.. 3D.The  beard  is  by  Spellbound and  is  also mod. While  it  only comes  in  the  basic  colors ( light  brown, brown,  dark  brown  and  black) it  too  is  mod  so  I was able  to  match  the  hair. Now.. I  know  this  may  seem  crazy ..but  the  fellows  out there  will  understand.   SL  beards, while  mod  never  seem  to  fit  your  face.  things  are  all  good  and  dandy  when your  not  wearing  a  mesh  head because  you  can  adjust  the  beard  to  near  perfect then  adjust  the  fullness  of  your  cheeks to  match the  shape of  your  beard. With  a  mesh  head theres no I’m  wearing  2  beards  yes..2 the  beard  by  Vika  I found  a  long  time  ago,  it  was actually  one  of the  first  beards  I  purchased. by  wearing  it  under  the  spellbound  I  was  able  to  adjust  it to  fit  my  heads  shape and  ” fill  in”  the   cheeks.  if  you  have   beard.. or  know  someone  that  has a  beard..tell them  to  go  get  this they  won’t  be  sorry.

[Black Bantam] Napping French Bulldog RARE @ The Arcade
{anc} happyendpark. lawn carpet
{and} Garden by anc slight wildgrass {pastels FAT} / WIND
{and} Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful)
Le Poppycock *Small Blessings* Infinitesimally (Butterfly)

Action Inkubator 3D Base [SAMURAI]
.::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head 1.0 Darker
.ARISE. Dor Eyes / Olive MESH
+Spellbound+ Monster Beard
Beard by Vika
[Deadwool] Peak suit (wool) – jacket – brown / club add on



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