Junkyard Dogs


So once  again cuteness  has  taken  hold and  of  course  Stasey  is  involved! We  have  been talking  alot and one  of  the  subjects  was  how  even  the  person  who we perceive as  rough  around  the  edges actually  has more  story  to  tell…so  today  I am  telling the  story  of  Diesel. Life  hasn’t always  been  kind  to  her, (  yes  its  a  she..what females  can’t  be  tough?) it’s  not  easy  being  a  junkyard  dog  ya  know. It  was  all  going  fine  until  that  daym  Stephen  king  movie..bastid  ruined  it  for  the  rest  of  her kind.  She  was  the  rootinest tootinest bitinginest dog  ever  to  roam  these 10 acres rabbits and  squirrels trembled  at  her  name.  Then  about 2 months  ago  the neighbors  dog Hooch wandered  in ( you  would  think  Tom  Hanks would  have  better fences) and  swept her  off  her  feet.  here  we  have  the  end result. Now..don’t  get  the  wrong  impression and  try  to  pick  one  of  her pups  up…ok…go  ahead  daym  it. Her  life  will   never  be  the  same.

[Black Bantam] Newborn Bulldog Pup Male @ Shiny Shabby
LB_UmbrellaThorns.v2{4Seasons} @ Cosmopolitan
8f8 – New Beginning – Old Rusty RARE
RO – Junkyard Dogs – Diesels Dog House – Group Gift
RO – Junkyard Dogs – Corner Wall
RO – Junkyard Dogs – Wall01
CVR Old rusty car 1, 2



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