Gods Country

It pierces my soul
This cold mountain air
It makes me feel whole
Like I can breathe again
Im high with the trees
They smoke and burn anew
The drops of morning air
They bring me to back to you

(Milk Motion) snow landscape 128*128 (25 pull reward) @ Arcade Dec 1st
(Milk Motion) the cabin -Rare (with snow add-on)
(Milk Motion) faux animal skin rug
(Milk Motion) The cabin – ladder
(Milk Motion) snowy bare tree
(Milk Motion) woodcutter stump 1
(Milk Motion) woodcutter stump 2
(Milk Motion) snowy low wall
(Milk Motion) snowman 1
(Milk Motion) snowman 2
36_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Fire Wood
05_8f8 – New Beginnings – The Gate
[Kres] Red Fife Ranch – Moose Antlers – 8
junk. sled seat. forest. ( closed)
HIDEKI – Sledge
Soy. Snow covered woods
Skye Rustic Roads
Schultz Bros. 14. Delivery Truck – RARE



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