The Imperial

Pillars of carrara, winters permanence
Architect of Acumen
Under a black & silver stratus stands
By day, the’ attendance
Night, the sentiment of wait.
Concierge of moment
The infinite jewel
So is preserved by the silent restorer
Of past, present, and tomorrow.
-Cody Gartner

NOMAD // Museum // RARE (x3) @ ARCADE
NOMAD // Aquae Spadanae // RARE @ ARCADE
:Fanatik Architecture: NEW YORK Winter Road
:Fanatik Architecture: Snow
::no13::utility poles
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal
Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse
Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store
Sway’s Christmas tree
[Schultz Bros.] NY 1904 Subway Entrance w/ Snow
Soy. Snow covered woods



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