[ VENDETTA ] for Skin Fair 2018

Hello peeps!
I  know  this is a bit different for  me..but  here go’s

Blog Skin Fair they said, it will be fun they said..they  lied lol.
I am so  use to..well  filling up a photo and putting everything  i can  possibly  imagine in a shot, blogging skin is a bit different to say the  least. I always harass Roxi for not having enough ” background ”  in the  picture..I  now  know  why, not  only do you have to blog all tones..but..if theres things  in the background..ya  got to make sure they are not anywhere near the body..or else  editing  gets a bit tricky. It was actually ” killing me  having nothing else  in the photo”..I am quoting Roxi here.
Needless to say I got  my first  post  done and can’t wait to do another..perhaps this time  with a few things snuck  in while Roxi is  offline.
Make sure  you check the Skin Fair web site for everything from vendor  pictures to maps and  locations ..so  ya  don’t get  lost..cuz it’s huge.

Shopping Guide

Sim Guide and SLURLS

Modulus – Johnny Hair – Monochromes
IDTTY Faces – Hunky Eyebrows [UNI]
K_gs Morgan 1.00
[ VENDETTA ] – SAMUEL Skin for Catwa – @ Skin Fair 2018
DEMON TATTOO for Omega applier @ Skin Fair 2018



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