Hello, First  off  I want to thank you  for taking your  time to actually  read this! I will keep it  short  and sweet..I hope. if you  like the  blog, like  what i try  to do with each post always  feel free to poke  me  in world. Theres a  long story  about  my  display  name  there ( which  is Ropedick resident by the way, if  ya  search  for Darth Kline you will find a different  fella ).

I am  always  looking  for  new sponsors so  if  your a  creator don’t  be afraid to ask. My blog  varies from day to day as I try  to force  my  will upon the  residents  of  Second life…Muhahaha! ( sits and  rubs  his  hairless  cat).


3 thoughts on “About

  1. HI Darth, I am fan of your blog and was wondering if you were looking for a skin sponsor at all, if you are in any way interested please give me a shout back 🙂 and ty for your blog it really does make great reading.

    • Hello there! I am always looking for new sponsors and would be willing to talk about it. I tried to go to the wp blog listed and it’s empty, I also tried looking up your WP name and @ live name in world and can’t seem to find you. My in world name is Ropedick resident and if you would like to contact me there I would me willing to meet.

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