The High Life


Hello all!  Just  a  quick  shout  out  for  FLF..well  specifically NOMADS Snakeskin  chairs..these  things  are  fantastic! I was  passed  the  chairs and then  frantically started  looking  in  my  inventory for  a  few  things  to  setup  with  them  to take a  shot…well  one  thing  lead  to  another  and ( ok  one  thing  lead  to Kunst’s  new  Gacha  at  Shiny  shabby) 2k  later…this  is  the  result. Oh, do  ya  see  the  hanging  plants? those are  *AF*’s offering  at  shiny  shabby..fantastic..and  if  ya  don’t  like  the  ivy..well  theres  one you  can  put  you  own  plant  in…great!

NOMAD // Green Snakeskin Armchair For FLF
NOMAD // Brown Snakeskin Armchair For FLF
[ kunst ] – Industrial Loft skybox RARE @ Shiny Shabby ( Steel support beams and wooden trusses are not part of the build they were added by me)
[ kunst ] – Air duct @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Industrial large table @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Industrial stool (a) @ Shiny Shabby
*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos @ Shiny Shabby
Apple Fall Masculine Bar
[ a i s l i n g ] Animal rug DarkBrown (Store Gift)
=Mirage= Djembe Side Table
=Mirage= Potted Palm 8
=Mirage=Round Mosaic Candle – 2Greens
=Mirage= Giraffe – Deco 1LI
=Mirage= Croton Plant – Mosaic Set
=Mirage= Scroll Wall Hanging – African Pelts




I have a secret garden,
Where I can laugh and play.
I have a secret garden,
Often it’s there I stay.
I have a secret garden,
No one else knows its location,
I have a secret garden,
That’s gone through a transformation.
My secret garden used to be
An average unkempt garden,
It wasn’t the place for me,
With all bonfire wood chard and,
No where I could sit,
Or admire the imaginary view.
( poem  by  Bella)

NOMAD // Changing Booth RARE @ Shiny Shabby
NOMAD // Garden Rose Urn Creme @ Shiny Shabby
NOMAD // Garden Rose Urn Pink @ Shiny Shabby
NOMAD // Garden Recliner A @ Shiny Shabby
NOMAD // Garden Recliner B @ Shiny Shabby
NOMAD // Crown Decor @ Shiny Shabby
NOMAD // Round Scalloped Garden Table @ Shiny Shabby
LB_WildGrass*1Li{Green} @ Lost and Found
LB_SpringBrise_v2{With Flowers Menu} @ Lost and Found
LB_HoneyTree{Seasons} @ Lost and Found
LB_WhiteCherryBlossoms @ LTD
LB_Bouton d’or Lavender{Rounded-Field}
LB_Bouton d’or Yellow{Rounded-Field}
The Rot Garden walls & gate – broken
[Tia] Spring Birdhouse – Colour
Ravenghost Gothic Chapel
.a i s l i n g. Stone Floor
*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold]


Lost Garden

The Lost  garden

Here  is another  post I  have  been dying  to do. As soon as I got the  Bistro set from Ravenghost I  knew  exactly what I wanted to do with it.  he  just  keeps surprising  me, getting  better and  better all the  time! The detail and  texture  work are  fantastic. Seriously this  is the  guy to watch< he  puts  his heart  and soul into every  piece  he  makes..Kinda  reminds  me  of another  creator..In all due  time sir, in all due time. The tray of champagne  is scripted and  gives a  wonderful glass  of  wine even.
Now I’m continuing to bring you  more  of LB that I found at The Wayward  Carnival, why…because it’s  fantastic. I can not wait  to see what  he  comes  up with  next. I also thru in another  one  of  my  latest finds and thats  the  [Black Bantam] Wheelbarrow And Shrubs from another brand new  event The Epiphany it’s  part  of a  bigger  collection  that  i  plan  on blogging  soon. But  today  it  just a  little  taste of another  wonderful collection. for the rest  of  it  I  went  into my  inventory and  brought  out  all the creators  I  know  and  love. If you like what  you see  be  sure  to  click the  link and  go get  it  for yourself!

*ionic* The Secret Ruins
*ionic* Arch of roses (alpha)
Ravenghost Bistro Table (Chipped Paint)
Ravenghost Bistro Arm Chair (Chipped Paint)
Ravenghost Tray of champagne
LB_Bilbo{Potted}*Birch Group Gift @ The Wayward Carnival
LB_Lombardy{Spring} @ The Wayward Carnival
[Black Bantam] Wheelbarrow And Shrubs RARE @ The Epiphany
junk. paris street sign.
junk. flower bucket. small.
 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Wall Grapevine Left
AF Reading Pile
Apple Fall Banana Tree
Dutchie bread and cheese
[we’re CLOSED] butterfly 1 white, Orange, Blue
Botanical – Wooden Arbor with Ivy [Mod Copy]
[LJ] Bronze Pantheon – Dionysus Creates Wine
JA Deer
.a i s l i n g. Stone Floor


Rural living

Country editfarm  inside editfarm  back edit

AF Rural Farmhouse Collection, Farmhouse RARE, Apple Fall & An Lar Ladder, Apple Fall Potting Shelf, Apple Fall Privacy Fencing, Apple Fall & An Lar Toile Chair (Blue), (Cream), Apple Fall Butlers’ Tray Table, Apple Fall Daffodils Jug, Apple Fall Retro Radio,Apple Fall Botanical Prints @ Chapter Four
Apple Fall Banana Tree
HIDEKI – Hallway Rug
{vespertine} – my little gardening corner brown}
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Garden Sink @ The Arcade
8f8 – primavera in Toscana Clay Pots @ The Arcade
Soy. OLD 3wheeler truck (rusty brown) @ The Arcade
The Hive – Old Water Tower
Skye Rustic fence
.a i s l i n g. Stone Floor
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
Skye Zingiberaceae Alt Leaf
Botanical – Mesh Mediterranean Cypress
Botanical – Wooden Arbor with Ivy
HPMD* Dirt Road
Trident Vineyard [Summer,10Mt]


Tuscany 2

4 villa_001

With the arcade still going strong I bring you the second set of the Tucany photo’s. The whole collection is glorious and I hope I have convinced you its well worth it to go and get it! I will keep this short, as there are a lot of pictures…just..well..ya need this set. I also included some things from the Shinny Shabby event and we all know how  marvelous that one is as well,you really owe  it to yourself for visit that one!

3 villa_0014 villa_0035 villa_0017 villa_00110 villa_00113 villa_0018 villa15 villa_00215 villa_005

16 villa_003

8f8 primavera in Toscana complete collection @ the Arcade
[ zerkalo ] Rug @ Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Draughts @ Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Pillow 2 @ Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Pillow 3 @ Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 1 @ Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 2 @ Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 3 @ Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE @ Shiny Shabby
[ zerkalo ] Globe @ Shiny Shabby
N4RS Siena Landscape @ Shiny Shabby
Apt B // Shabby Chic Chair -PG- @ Shiny Shabby
ARIA Vesna Vintage Desk @ Shiny Shabby
ARIA Vesna chair @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Shabby frames @ 
Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Soup can / @ 
Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Biscuit tin box / @ 
Shiny Shabby
Dutchie Schefflera tall
. a i s l i n g . Old Fountain, Stone floor