Just This Dance

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the beast

Roxi’s Version here at  On The Rox

[etnia] Fairytale Library @ Enchantment
Dahlia – Provence – Rose Cloche @ Enchantment
*HEXtraordinary* Enchanted Candelabra @ Enchantment
Dahlia – Provence – Chipped Teacup @ Enchantment
Dahlia – Provence – Hand Mirror @ Enchantment
Mushilu The Gaston Cup @ Enchantment
Mushilu The Gaston Shogun @ Enchantment
18.DRD MB Beast’s chair c/m
23.DRD MB wall tapestry c/m
3.DRD MB library globe c/m
17.DRD MB ballroom bench c/m
10.DRD MB librabry decorative table c/m
5.DRD MB rug round red c/m
21.DRD MB sidetable marble c/m
21.DRD MB sidetable dark wood c/m
29.DRD MB teaset c/m
25.DRD MB knight decor c/m
33.DRD MB wall chandelier small c/m
4.DRD MB ballroom chandelier c/m
5. DRD MB curtain c/m
6.DRD MB gargoyle scream tint 1 c/m
19.DRD MB metalframe broken art 1 c/m
Apple Fall Bushmead Railing Gate (White)
EoD Grand Piano Brown Open (no longer available)

pr!tty – Bellena Hair @ Enchantment
[ abrasive ] Romance Necklace @ Enchantment
Infinity_Bella Princess Dress<> @ Enchantment
Infinity_Bella Princess Gloves @ Enchantment
:::ChicChica::: Precious Rose Gold @ Enchantment
Catwa – Lona bento Mesh Head
Belleza – Verity applier for Catwa in Fair

[NC] – Beastie Jacket – Slink – Blue @ Enchantment
[Black Bantam] Heart Of A Lion Mask ( Available soon )
~Tableau Vivant~ Aidoru Series – Reita – FP
.aisling. Asen – Warrior Horns(WHITE)
PFC~General (Male)
PFC~Gauntlet (hand only)
[The Forge] Rose Chain, Rare Gold/Silver
.:EMO-tions:. * TORUNN * belt
JOMO Men’s leather armor Set pants A
.Eldritch. Orc Teeth – Gnashers (Male)


Rainy Days and Fridays

“The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfilment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall.”
Helen Garner

NOMAD // Rainy Day Loft @ Fameshed
NOMAD // Deco Ceiling Decor // Silver for FLF
NOMAD // Deco Ceiling Decor // Brass
DaD “Vintage Paris Daybed” PG @ Deco(c)rate
DaD – Vintage Paris rug” @ Deco(c)rate
ionic – Tokyo Life RARE @ TCF
ionic : Rooftop Chimneys & Antennas
*booN-kura Japanese grandma A/C Unit
brocante. unfinished wallpaper / geometric
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Collection
O.M.E.N – Hanging Plant – Light Pot
::KKs:: Paint your life – Rack RARE
::KKs:: Paint your life – ladder RARE
::KKs:: Paint your life – canvas
::KKs:: Paint your life – easel + canvas
::KKs:: Paint your life – stool
::KKs:: Paint your life – palette and brushes
::KKs:: Paint your life – paint pots
PLAAKA DeadPlantsPlanter A,B
[ Organica ] Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter
HIDEKI – Pile of Stuff
{Haute House} Vintage Dress Form – Newspaper
Dutchie book with glasses
[ kunst ] – Detroit low table
[ kunst ] – Detroit clay jar
[anhelo] skittles and books
floorplan. book clutter
15.aisling. Water Plant
Apple Fall Arts & Crafts Books
Thistle Book Stack with Photos – 2017 FaMESHed Gift
.:Standby Inc. – Buncha Books
POST: Vintage Sensible Globe


A Child’s Mind

“There are no Seven Wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.
There are seven million.”
Walt Streightiff

Kei’s Stargazer Tree
Kei’s Constellation Bench (Sagitarrius)
Kei’s Constellation Bench (Capricornus)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Aquarius)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Pisces)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Aries)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Taurus)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Gemini)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Cancer)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Leo)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Virgo)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Libra)
Kei’s Constellation Bench (Scorpius)
Kei’s Stargazer Planetarium RARE v.2
Kei’s Stargazer Telescope RARE
Kei’s Fall Harvest Sunflowers
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 7 Flute
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 6 Opportuniste
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 8 Cat
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 4 Flamenco
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 10 Joker RARE
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 2 Dompteuse
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Warrior metal
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Lamp
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Dagger
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Golden Flail
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Chalice
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Shield
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Helmet
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Candlestick
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Chest open
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Unlit candle on candlestick
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Skeletal warrior statue 2
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Skeletal warrior statue 1
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Vase – Silas Merlin
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Warrior cup
LB_YoungBradFord{Animated}*4Seasons Limit8
NOMAD // Changing Booth RARE
NOMAD // Space Rocket Carousel
NOMAD // The Moon
uK – Dreamer’s Sky Resting Cloud 2
uK – Dreamer’s Sky Dreamy Fog
uK – Dreamer’s Sky Resting Cloud 1
uK – Olympus Confetti Gold
17 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Starry Night
02_8f8 – New Beginnings – Windmill RARE
8f8 -Inside the Story – Boat
35 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Stairway to Knowledge
ionic : Well water
CURELESS+AMORE / Surrealisme / La Fontaine / GOLD
Primus.X Raid Horn 1.2 (male) (gold)
Air_Halo gold_Enchantment Hunt_
MetaTheodora Foundling Mask – LEMURIA – Gold (Common)
MetaTheodora FOUNDLING Armour – Right Shinguard – Gold
MetaTheodora FOUNDLING Armour – Right Bracer – Gold
.aisling. Feldream Hands Gold [R]
. a i s l i n g . Fangarth-Bracer- R /GOLD/
[The Forge] Gypsy Bangle, R (Gold)
{Reverie} Masquerade – Golden Fawkes [UNCOMMON]
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Tiara (gold) RARE
May Soul thor mace gold male RARE
HPMD* WildGrasses
*alirium* nanohana
[Black Bantam] Polar Bear Baby Boy 01 @ N21
{anc} story. /butterfly



DaD “Lovely Heart Swimming pool @ “FAMESHED
DaD “Lovely heart inflatable single, couple @ “FAMESHED”
DaD DESIGN “St. James Manor”
DaD DESIGN “The Pavillon”
DaD DESIGN “Green Clay Tennis Court”
LB_GiantBeech{Animated}4Seasonsb@ SENSE
NOMAD // Boho Daybed
NOMAD // Fan Palm Tree // Yellow
NOMAD // Banana Tree // Group
NOMAD // Banana Tree // Single
NOMAD // Beach Lounger B // Blue
NOMAD // Beach Parasol // White (Straight)
NOMAD // Garden Rose Urn Creme , Pink
NOMAD // Kids Backyard Pool
8f8 – Feeble old radio – Seraphim 5th Anniversary Party gift ( 2015)
[Kres] Paradise Beach – Cocnuts Drink (16)
[Kres] Paradise Beach – Harry The Hammerhead (1)
[Kres] Paradise Beach – Towel (20)
[Kres] Paradise Beach – Towel (19)
..::THOR::.. The Garden Life – Pot of Wild Spike [GOG]
..::THOR::.. The Garden Life – Big Potted Plant
..::THOR::.. The Garden Life –
..::THOR::.. The Garden Life –
Dutchie red agave
Dutchie Philodendron tall
Dutchie Schefflera tall
8, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- PLANT (Green)
9, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- PLANT (Red)
The Loft – Snake Plant
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Apple Fall Cafe Chair
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
Apple Fall Clawfoot Height-Adjusting Table
Apple Fall Propane Tank
Kei’s South Beach Clutter
Apple Fall Spring Parasol
ANHELO-F01FP-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere
–ANHELO-F01BL-159BI :: beach set (bonus item)
::KKs:: flying curtains – white lace
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Open Grill RARE
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Blueberry Cake
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Fruit Skewers 1
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Steak
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – White Table
Second Spaces Poolside beverage cart
floorplan. boho ivy planter / white, terracotta
16.aisling. Potted Plant 3
18.erratic / lsm – clothing clutter – woman
19.erratic / lsm – clothing clutter – male
David Heather-Condom Box
PILOT – Adult Toy Box [Valentine]
GOOSE – party lights string


Country Living

Country Living
Hurray!  More  stuffs  from  The  Gacha Garden.  Didn’t  I tell you  there was some  fantastic Stuff  there this  round.I  am  trying to  show  you  all that  I  can Theres  just  sooooo much  of  it.
I  grew up  in a  “Country  Home”  well on the  weekends, my parents  were  separated  when  I was  very  young.  The  weekend  was  my  favorite  time  by  far.  While  during the  week  I  lived  in town  amongst  the  cement and  noise, the  weekends  were  spent  at my  Fathers.  He  owned  an  “Island” in the  middle  of the  Mississippi River. I  say ” island” because..well it was,  we were completely surrounded  by  water but  a  bridge  spanning the  river  was there  to  connect the  two  sides  of  the  outer  limits  of  town.   The  Army  Core  of  Engineers  built  up  the  natural  island   during  WWII and  used  it  for  a  training  ground giving  themselves access to  the island . The  base  was  one  side  of  the  river, the  city on the  other.  The  base  and  Island  were   decommissioned  in  the  early  60’s and  the land  sat abandoned for  years. My  father  and  his four  brothers  bought  the  island  in the 70’s and  they  used  it   for  a  weekend  getaway, After  my  parents were  divorced my  father  built  a  home  home there,  then  my  uncle.. it  was  heaven. You  could  not  see thru  the  tree’s and  brush and  as  far  as  my  little eyes  could see  was home.  The  island   was slowly  turned  into  that  dreamland  for  around 50  other  family’s as my  father  and  his  brothers  brought  in mobile  homes to rent  out..I  then  had  weekend  playmates to  share  my  woods  with.  I  could  go  on  and  on..but then  this  post would never  end.. for now I will  end  it  here.
Perhaps another day.

uK – CountryLivin Victorian Skybox RARE @ The  Gacha Garden
uK – CountryLivin Windmill Clock SOI @ The  Gacha Garden
uK – CountryLivin Rolling Pin Rack @ The  Gacha Garden
uK – CountryLivin Kitchen Chalk 1,2,3,4 @ The  Gacha Garden
uK – CountryLivin Wagon Wheel Ladleier @ The  Gacha Garden
uK – CountryLivin Water Trough Table @ The  Gacha Garden
uK – CountryLivin R ,L Blue Tasseled Linens @ The  Gacha Garden
uK – CountryLivin Chair His,Hers @ The  Gacha Garden
lassitude & ennui 20. Mittens cat with tablet rez me – RARE @ The  Gacha Garden
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Whale Pot Blue – COMMON @ The  Gacha Garden
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Succulentosaurus SOI @ The  Gacha Garden
La Biche: Storybook Fish – Red Unicorn RARE @ The  Gacha Garden
*AF* Herbals – Step Ladder Weathered
*YS&YS* Riciclo Set Hanging Plant
*YS&YS* Riciclo Set Live,Love,Laugh
uK – May Flowers Fence Seg 1 Colors
36 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
42_ 8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cigarettes SECRET
Soy. Old hand wash bowl stand
HIDEKI – Morning Coffee
15.aisling. Water Plant
[Con.] Mill Collection – Rug (Rust)
Apple Fall Pembleton Cooker
Apple Fall Pan Rack

Click  the  sign  below  for a detailed shopping  guide!

Breaking out


Breaking Out.1Scene:
uK – Modern Bleak Slate Art (used for wall and floor)
uK – Modern Bleak Perspective Art
uK – Modern Bleak Abstract Sm v1, v2
uK – Modern Bleak Chair v1,v2
uK – Modern Bleak Chandelier
Kei’s Peacock Garden Chair (teal)
30.DRD MB globe bar
16.aisling. Potted Plant
DA : Nothing is random I (noir)
DA : Nothing is random III

+Spellbound+ Monster Beards
[Deadwool] Bowler – black RARE
[Deadwool] Ernst sweater – black
[Deadwool] Corduroy pants – mustard
[Deadwool] Ulrich boots – brown (with socks)


In Shadows We Live

in shadows we  live_002

It’s  very  rare that  I  take  a  photo in world  and  don’t  do  some  sort  of  editing..theres always  something  I can  make  better. Thats  not the  case  with  this  picture. Everything  here  is  such good  quality  that  it  just  looks amazing  unedited. I  honestly  cannot  believe  how  good  the  *AF* collection for  romp is..the scroll work  is  one  of he  best  I  have seen  in sl..and.. its  low  prim!  Con  has also  created something  pretty  fantastic.  I  love this  chair. I chose white because  i wanted the  contrast. each  chair  comes with  a  texture  change  hud  that  lets  you  chose what you  want  for  a seat  and  the  blanket…go get  both  of these.
[Toiz] 8. nui wood skybox
[Con.] The Cave – Tub Chair – PG – White @ C88
*AF* Capturado Crop @ Romp
*AF* Capturado Utility Shelf @ Romp
*AF* Capturado Scrollwork @ Romp ( animated  as well but  used  for  decor)
*AF* Capturado Wall Mount – Adult @ Romp
*AF* Capturado Floor Mount – Adult @ Romp
*AF* Capturado Cross Blk 2 @ Romp
NOMAD // Classical Bust // .08
NOMAD // Brocante // Swan Taxidermy RARE ( modded for stand only)
16.aisling. Potted Plant 1
hive // good night bed
3. Apple Fall Heritage Woodburner
15 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Firewood
15 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Pokers
12 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Grand Cabinet
Apt B // Farm Living Rug
Dutchie side table
O.M.E.N – Whiskey & Cigar set
Fancy Decor: Gears Bookend


A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words

The Love  is in the Air event opened with a bang today.and  by bang  I mean I was banging  on the sim trying to get  in! Theres so much stuff there, all of  it great quality.
But First thing  I am going to bring you  is the Gizza Pierre Valentine’s Outfit. Its very well thought out and the textures are beautiful. The shirt comes with a hud that gives you 3 choices of plain shirts and 3 shirts with designs  on them. I chose the Written shirt. ( we all know I have a thing for written words). The Pants come complete with the belt  already  on..so no need for another attachment piece. They too are well textured and move well. The  last  piece  of the outfit  is a pair  of  loafers for the slink mesh  feet…woots..men do not  get a lot  of those  so I am glad  to see it.
The second  little  bit  from the event  is the ^^Swallow^^ StreamPunk Necklace…freakin love  it! all the  little cogs  add all the detail needed..I can see  myself wearing this a lot!

As far as the scene go’s there’s the last  piece from the event and  its the Build Works : L8ve Frames Black ( it comes  in white as well) its resizable so you should  be able  to place  it anywhere you can think of and  it is also very well done. The [Con.] FLF Playbills were last fridays  item for..well Fifty Linden Friday. You can still get them at the store..but at a slightly higher  price.

A Thousand Words close

Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store
Build Works : L8ve Frames Black @ Love is in the Air
[Con.] FLF Playbills
.:Standby Inc. – Huckleberry Desk (linked)
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -News-
oyasumi / ladder light (dark) / unplugged
PILOT – Old Safe Table, Wicker Ball Decor
Second Spaces 8mm open cases
_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cane Stand

>> Aeros Avatar Theo << 2012c
*ARGRACE* RYO – Blacks
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
Slink Mens Natural Barefeet
GizzA – Pierre Valentine’s Outfit , Trenchcoat, Jeans, Loafer @ Love is in the Air
^^Swallow^^ StreamPunk Necklace (Men) @ Love is in the Air


Dandy Days

Dandy Day

Hello all!  Finally I am a big  boy! This marks my 100th post and I would  like  to thank each and everyone  of you for supporting me.
Its been a journey for sure. I think in celebration you all should give me linden!..What!?..I have  been keeping you entertained for 100 posts..that shit aint free ya  know! ( ok.maybe  it is free..grins)
I would  like to thank each and everyone  of  my sponsors as well, Had I actually  known this was going to be my 100th I would  have gotten out the fireworks and made a  miss mash of you all.

Dandy Day.2

But..but..I do bring you something thats..well..amazing. Ok..ya sitting down?.. I kid you not  when I say I have found the best suit I have ever seen in SL.
I was talking to Roxi when I found  it and told her the exact same thing..Her response ” thems big words” I will admit, with good reason I am totally enamored with FATEwear/ FATEplay and  hold every designer up to his par, Therefore I rarely..very rarely wear anything else, much less buy..well..today, my friends, Deadwool has earned its place as an option. The cut and shadowing, the textures, the wrinkles  in all the right places.  Theres even stretching on the back at the shoulders. Not  only  Does  it  look and feel real..it also comes with a hud that has 17 textures for the Tie, 12 for the Shirt and 11 for the Pochette..all glorious.
So If your a man and haven’t bought this..or a woman with a  man that hasn’t..well..what the hell are you waiting for.

[Con.] The Garage Collection – Garage RARE
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Workbench
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 2
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 1
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Tool Chest
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Rat Rod Bike RARE
Pro Street Cars – 2300 v3
/ XIAJ x ZZANG / Wagon Bike + mustard + RARE
Botanical – Posed Wooden Cart (Tuscany) [Mod Copy]
Botanical  – Lattice Fence w/ Gate
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
.a i s l i n g. Stone Floor

>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
IKON Spectral Eyes (right) – Denim, (left) – Industrial
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
REDGRAVE Hairstyle CRUZ – Greying – edited for flatcap
[Deadwool] Flat cap – grey RARE
[Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket – taupe @ TMD
[Deadwool] The Dandy – trousers – taupe @  TMD
.:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” Wingtip
Karacter l Executive Glasses l GIFT


The ladies In Waiting

Ladies in Waiting.1
The Secret Affair is in full swing and blogging for the event has been a blast. I have made a few new friends and have learned a bit from each.
I have also been fortunate enough to pick up a ton of things I thought I would never blog,but…I was chosen for a reason so I have a duty. Not only to the event, but to the creators as well.
I had to think of something to do. I had blogged a dress on a dress form before with the help of Duchess and it turned out well. (after all the logistics where in place) So I turned once again to the RO and the dress form.
I had also shared a picture of what I was setting up with a friend and shorty after doing so was passed another dress to add to the picture!
The Cosette Florence was her offering and is as equally beautiful as the offerings from The Secret Affair and the Faida dress I  was given.
If you haven’t been you owe it to yourself to go and check these out for yourself.

Dress form:
RO – Dress Form – Materials ( group gift )

Dress form 1:
.Luminary. Demeter – Blurple @ The Secret Affair
.Luminary. Demeter Shoulder Gold/Light @ The Secret Affair
.Luminary. Demeter Crown – Gold @ The Secret Affair
.Luminary. Demeter Face Veil – Gold/Light @ The Secret Affair

Dress form 2:
The Annex – Flirty Dress – Creme @ The Secret Affair
The Annex – Floral Headband – Creme @ The Secret Affair
!dM Satine – choker (unrigged) **PEARL** @ The Secret Affair
!dM Satine – pearlStrings chest/FIT **PEARL** @ The Secret Affair

Dress form 3:
Cosette – Florence @ L’amitié Summer Market
22769 ~ [accessories] Leafes Necklace Gold @ The Secret Affair
Miamai_TheFairyCourt_Mask Rare 03 @ The Secret Affair

Dress form 4:
!gO! Cameo smoke @ The Secret Affair
Alchemy – Dreams – Filigree Mask – Pink @ The Secret Affair
Alchemy – Dreams – Choker – Pink @ The Secret Affair

Dress form 5:
Faida – Tasty b&s @ The Countdown Room
Miamai_The Dreaming Faun – headpiece – Gold @ The Secret Affair

Dress form 6:
Peqe – Rose @ The Secret Affair
DRD Brynhild breast @ The Secret Affair
DRD Brynhild shoulders @ The Secret Affair
Luas Hamlet Mask @ The Secret Affair
[BP] War Fans Ultra Rare @ The Upcoming FGC

Dress form 7:
.aisling. Dress -LACE Exclusive- @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. Collar @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Night Queen @ The Secret Affair

Dress form 8:
-Pixicat- Royal.Dress Purple? @ The Secret Affair
*OAL* Sidney’s Gem Lace Collar @ The Secret Affair
RO – CogsWorth Horns @ The Secret Affair
Miamai_TheFairyCourt_Mask Rare 01 @ The Secret Affair

Dress form 9:
Luas Ophelia Skirt White @ The Secret Affair
Luas Ophelia Top @ The Secret Affair
Luas Ophelia Collar @ The Secret Affair
Luas Ophelia Pauldron @ The Secret Affair
[ContraptioN] Masks: Bottom Curse *default* short mouth @ The Secret Affair

Dress form with mask only:
Alchemy – Dreams – Unicorn Mask – Pink @ The Secret Affair

Dressing table and contents:
Ravenghost Victorian Dressing Table (Walnut) @ The Secret Affair
Ravenghost Victorian Dressing Table Stool (Walnut @ The Secret Affair
-Pixicat- Royal.Shoe @ The Secret Affair
-Fox.Poison- Woody Earrings @ The Secret Affair
[Tia] Masquerade Jewel @ The Secret Affair
.aisling. Scales Bracer @ The Secret Affair
Luas Ophelia Bracelet @ The Secret Affair
May’s Soul magic crown gold RARE @ The Secret Affair
Kuro – Vintage sewing machine (can you find it?)
Ravenghost Midsummer Night’s Chandelier (Silver) @ The Secret Affair