Death Dealer

I am a bastard son I drift from town to town
I live for raising hell when the sun goes down
Some call me outlaw
But I’m known by many names
A dark desperado purveyor of pain

Don’t cross my path or face my wrath
Leave me alone
Wenches and whiskey all I need
To make my home
Death seems to follow me
No matter where I ride
My horse and my hat and my colt by my side

“Death Dealer Hollowed Ground”

uK – Old West Fenced Cemetery
uK – Old West Modest Chapel
uK – Pueblo Viejo Gallows
Sky’s Winter Tree one,two,three
DRD funeral hearse (old)
C L A Vv. The Death’s Horse -Rearing

[Deadwool] Pancho hat
RO – Paragon Nose Chain
ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Implanted Muzzle RARE (Available at Cureless [+] or %Anxiety
ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Eyepatch Black
ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Straitjacket / SIGNATURE (Combo Rare with trousers)
ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls / Long trousers / SIGNATURE
:Enigma: CHained Scarf Black
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. ZombieEars Necklace
[ContraptioN] Ministry Hunter Neckpiece *???* F1
E.V.E {Apocaliptica} Cyber Snake Chains [R/B]
E.V.E {Apocaliptica} Cyber Snake Chains B [R/B]
Oddfish Studios The Missionary
MW Boa Mesh_Combat Girl Leg Holster  ( modded Full perm Item)
DRD key necklace – rust (modded for hip)


Lets just stay Re: Lets just escape.

This  is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God ( is your hand suppose to burn when you say that?).
There I was, minding my own business and trying to recover from a recent hospital visit. When Roxi begged me to login because she wanted to show  me some new clothing she had bought at Uber.  So..I do as told, fighting my way to the computer barely able to breath and with just enough strength to type  on the keyboard.
When things finally start to rezz in I see Roxi  dressed in her new outfit surrounded by the boxes from her shopping spree and doing the well known ” Women’s I just went shopping twirl”.  She looked fantastic, sexy if  I must say.  After a few minutes she turns to me and says “uhm…. I’m looking all posh and your walking around like you just plowed a field. theres no way I am going  out in public with you like that” I swear thats what she said. (Ouch!! man i seriously got to figure this bible stuff  out)
She started looking thru Seraphim  and found the Gild outfit, forced  me to buy  it. I opened the box..and picked it up BTW and slapped it  on. Yes I said slapped because real men dont ” put an outfit on..they slap it  on and never worry  about wrinkles. I proceeded to slap the rest  on and was satisfied with the results.  Then Roxi did what all women do and redressed me. Wear this she said, put this on she said, well now those shoes dont match she said..put these on instead she said ( fellow men will know the struggle  is real).
When she finally got me dressed to her liking we went to one  of the houses on the sim and were sitting chatting. ( we all know this wasn’t going to last) Suddenly she said ” I am bored, you never take  me anywhere. I went out and bought all this new stuff and your just sitting there like Al Bundy while Peggy does all the work” She then stomped her foot and told me I had better take she somewhere to take a picture. (SOAB..I smell burning flesh now)
I told her I knew a place we could go as I had seen it a few days ago come up on my stream. I was still weak from the hospital and this  place was all backdrops, I could do a simple post and not  have to drag a ton of my things out..that place..Backdrop City ( fantastic btw..ya need to visit if you haven’t) I TP’d over and then sent her a taxi , it was like a kid in a candy store, like women when theres a %75 off sale at Adam&Eve, like Walmart shoppers on Black get the picture.
We jumped from platform to platform and posed  it what seemed thousands of backdrops..she wasn’t happy.  She then proceeded to tell me there was a really nice pose from Ana at Shiny Shabby and she really  liked  it. You can guess who had to go get it..still weak from his hospital visit I might add.
Finally  it was settled SHE had chosen the Pseudo Airport..finally. I took the pose  out and we both jumped was almost over and then i could go curl back in bed and get some  much needed rest (as I barley sleep nowadays…ok..this  is pissing me off..someone get a fire extinguisher ) I had  my camera angle ready and was about to take the shot and heard ” What angle do you have, because  in my view the walls look really blank..can you put some things  out” ( ya  notice how theres no bible reference…coughs)
And that my friends is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You can check out her well constructed web of lies on  her blog On the Rox .

Oh and Jarath is my hero,  he was having none of  it and just took a nap instead. Must be nice to go AFK and watch football and pornhub all day.

7 – The Filmore Factory Clock
xin. newspaper machine + green
xin. trash bin
xin. pay phone
xin. vending machine
Schultz Bros. 09. Damnit Ellie!
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Pseudo– Airport Scene RARE

Ana – Let’s Just Escape Pose (Roxi and Darth) (200L) @ Shiny Shabby
F*cking Ninja’s – Loving This Place Pose (Jarath)

Picture taken @ Backdrop City 


tram – G1204 hair (350L) @ Uber
COCO-Shaggy Coat (White) (275L)@ Uber
COCO-Cami Jumpsuit (Pale Grey) (250L) @ Uber
LAQ – Neve Bento Mesh Head – NEW!
* Bauhaus Movement – Mavi Necklace 1 GOLD
* Bauhaus Movement – Mavi Necklace 2 GOLD
Bauhaus Movement – Mavi Purse WHITE-GOLD
Maitreya Gold – Shanti Shoes (2018) Burgundy (was a group gift under the tree!)
{anc} longhairdog . white

Darth (aka Capt. Maximus):
Gild – Ribbon tie long suit (240L) @ Men Only Monthly
Deadwool – Bowler
ContraptioN – Classic Wire Spectacles
The Fallen – Thick Beard + mustache
L&B – Dress Shoe
David Heather – Satchel

Zaara – Classic Suit
Valiant – Bitumen Shoes
StarChild Designs – Fedora ??? (not a clue where to find this now)

Arriving Soon

Can’t you see what you have done?
Broken me down and beaten me to the bone.
“No” has become meaningless and pointless.
Your words echo around my brain
where shattered memories lay in waiting.
You’ve ripped my body completely in half.
Wake up, please wake up.
It’s just another dark day
living in the place commonly known as Hell.
The demons are real and they live inside of me.
…Taken  from.. Pain

anxiety %surveillance @ Chapter four
anxiety %el cactus de mi abuela Chapter four Gift
[Kres] 4 sign Chapter four  Gift
::no13:: 21vending machine(green @ TMD
::no13:: 02cigar store (close down RARE) @ TMD
{anc} Strange chair {rust}
7 – Neon Jesus Saves Sign RARE
xin. entrance turnstile
[HL] Skeleton Ghosts
[FA] Merlin, The White Raven (Shoulder Pet) @ We Love RP

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body ‘yves skin’
>> Aeros Hair Raul << Naturals ::
*Bolson / Tattoo – Borsche
[Deadwool] Worn out jeans – dark wash
:BAMSE: Tactical Pump – Outfitted RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Anachron – Round Frame Glasses Gacha – Plain Gold @ The Gacha Garden
[CX] Yule Lord Horns (Silver)

[Krescendo] LOGO

3 Blondes

3  blondes walk  into  a  bar…do  I  need  to  say  more?
As  soon as  I  got the  new NOMAD release for  FLF  I  knew  what  I was  going to  do..weird..but  I knew. Blogging  for  The  Gacha  Guardians I  had  some  womanly stuff  that  was  available..this  is the end  result..enjoy

NOMAD // Giraffe Taxidermy (Left)
NOMAD // Giraffe Taxidermy (Forward)
NOMAD // Giraffe Taxidermy (Right)
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Enya hair(Unrigged) @ The Gacha Guardians
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Enya Add-on1(Rigged) @ The Gacha Guardians
.AiShA. Elvina Top Hat Button (C) @ The Gacha Guardians
*~*HopScotch*~* Plastic Glasses Winged RARE T@ The Gacha Guardians
AD – hunny B – DARK BLONDES @ The Gacha Guardians
Contrax. – Nope Choker @ The Gacha Guardians
Contrax. – Edgy Choker @ The Gacha Guardians
Contrax. – AF Choker @ The Gacha Guardians
Mori. air duct @ The Gacha Guardians
Mori. industrial pipes @ The Gacha Guardians
[Black Bantam] Lil Puppy Chief Off Black RARE @ Ch4
[Kres] Vintage Vegas – (6) Anchor @ Ch4
[Kres] Vintage Vegas – (2) Meat @ Ch4
Kauna – XIV BowTie: Fish Maroon (M)
[Deadwool] Fedora hat – red ( Gift)
FATEwear Coat – Dante Tie – Volcano
..::THOR::.. Draft Beer Serving
[Con.] Stepside Pick-up – RARE rust
7 – Cold Beer
7 – Cigarette Machine
42_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Cigarettes SECRET
:CP: Catherine Piano Duckegg (PG)
[[RH]] Wooden chair (Postcard) Natural
DRD wood sign – beerhere
1.DRD SC Bar
22. DRD SCstreet straight piece
13. DRD SC Gas Station
22. DRD SC platform/alley
19. DRD SC Crack House
16. DRD SC Abandoned Store c/m

The Lady and the Tramp


The minute  I saw Black Bantams’s Old dog I  fell in  love! I  had  been  begging  her  for  months  to  release something  like  this  and  finally got my wish! I  went looking  for  inspiration..and  think I  found  the right  one.  No matter how old you matter how rough  you look…love will always find a way.

[Black Bantam] My Old Doggy & Collar Dingy Brown (Modded with added tongue) @ Chapter 4
Old dog wears.:
[Deadwool] Flat cap – brown
::BB:: Wizarding Frog Bowtie ( Part oft he rare frog avatar)
[Black Bantam] Westie Tongue Collar Female
babochka 2
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Iron Garden Table Yellow Brick Road ( modded with table cloth)
14 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Gourmet Set
FLECHA sculpted and mesh spaghetti MESH
22. DRD SC alley ( floor, dumpster, trash)
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall


The Thinker


Days  have  passed and  as  much  as  I  try to  keep myself  busy..I  can’t.  It is  not  boredom it  is  all these  thoughts going thru  my  head like  pages falling  off a  book. As  the  day  passes  by  I  find  myself  deeper  and  deeper  into  them, yet  they  are  hard  to  put to  words so hopefully  this  photo will  do.

{anc} in the rain drop lamp / float 2Li {gold} for Deco(c)rate
.random.Matter. – Book of Sorrows for Deco(c)rate
Kensington Gazebo by Ex Machina for Deco(c)rate

*ARGRACE* SHUN – Coppers
Action Inkubator Kore Bases (3D hairbase)
+Spellbound+ Monster Beard
PFC~Punk arms
[Deadwool] Lahood pants_mesh – brown
.:EMO-tions:. * TORUNN * belt l


Winners, losers in the end Americans


I  have  been  sitting  here thinking  for  hours on what  to  say , as  much  as  I would  like  to  say nothing  seems  quite right.  I  am  glad  the election  process is over and  am  humbled  by  the  speeches  given  by  both Hillary  and   Trump.  As  much  as  they  fought in the  election cycle the  end its  upholding  our  traditions  and  coming  together  for the  benefit  of  all.  The  olive  branch  has  been  offered.. it’s  up  to  you  to  reach  out  and  accept  it.

Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Ring RARE (50L per play) @ 6 Republic
Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Chairs @ 6 Republic
Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Scoring Table @ 6 Republic
Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Bell @ 6 Republic
Kei’s Boxing Gloves @ 6 Republic

{NANTRA} Debate This Podium 1 @ Gacha Garden
{NANTRA} Debate This Podium 2 @ Gacha Garden
{NANTRA} Debate This Pose #8 RARE
[Fetch] Sippy Sippy Cup – Bitch @ Gacha Garden
[Fetch] Sippy Sippy Cup – Fuck Face @ Gacha Garden
[Fetch] Sippy Sippy Cup – Turkey @ Gacha Garden
[Since1975] BoomBox/P ( SOI ) @ Gacha Garden
Junk Food – Joyce’s Phone Clean @ Gacha Garden
Junk Food – Joyce’s Burned Phone @ Gacha Garden
Junk Food – Mike’s Walkie Talkie @ Gacha Garden
Junk Food – Dustin’s Stash @ Gacha Garden
Little Llama – Protest Signs #4 @ Gacha Garden
Little Llama – Protest Signs #9 @ Gacha Garden

NOMAD // Gymnasium RARE
Rowne.Singer – Paparazzi

rezology Couchlocker Hair
Vale Koer Essential Underwear Grey
Vale Koer TippyToe Chucks Original

A&A Donald Hair Ash Blonde (right!!?)
[Deadwool] Peak suit (wool) Blue
.:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” Wingtip
Zaara – Classic Suit Jacket and Pants


I know a cat


We all  know  someone  that  knows  someone  that  can  get things  done..and Stasey from Black Bantam  just  revised  her  sphynx cat  and  for  me it represents  just  that. Again doing  something  out  of  the  box..because..well…I  know  a  cat.

[Black Bantam] Sphynx Halloween Edition Dual Male N21
[Deadwool] Bowler hat – black RARE
[ kunst ] – Cigar RARE
Caboodle – Bowtie – Male Free  group  gift


Werewolves of the trailer park


It’s a hard knock life  even  for  a werewolf. I  have  no  idea  why she signed  up  to  be on a  daym TV show.  Hell  we  just  had  2  pups and  thats  hard enough, now  I got to  watch  my  every  more  bringing  victims  home…erm  I  mean  friends  from  work, theres  camera’s  filming  my  every move so  I am  stuck  here  playing  video games  from  the  80’s..daym  it.  And…and  to  top  it  off she  bitches   over  a  few  beers now..really.. I  can’t  go  do  what  werewolves  normally  do so  the beer  is  my only  choice.  speaking  of  which.. ya  think  she  would  have  those  daym  rollers out  of  her  hair  by  now..jesus  like  look is  going to  make  me  RAWR.  check  out  Roxi’s  view  here  as soon as  its  posted…I’m sure  the  story will be  a lot different.

REMODEL – Large Mobile Home V.1
[Black Bantam] Basic White Candle Large @ Salem
[Black Bantam] Basic White Candle Small @ Salem
Second Spaces – Life’s a Mess – Old Takeout Containers RARE
Second Spaces – Life’s a Mess – Spilled Cereal
Second Spaces – Life’s a Mess – All the Dishes
[Tia] Little Paris Kitchen – Stove
[Lost Junction] Witchin’ Knick-Knacks #03 – Knife Rack
[USB] – Retro Clock (DONATION ITEM)
[USB] – Retro TV
[USB]  – Retro TV Table
DRD motel – airconditioning c/m
20. DRD SC Crack House beer on table c/m
NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Cymbal Monkey
NOMAD // My First Atomic Reactor
NOMAD // Space Rocket Carousel
[Schultz Bros.] Old Rusty Tricycle
:Cheeky Pea: Playing Games Console
12_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Horsey Toy
26 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Sofa
27 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Old armchair
20 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Curtain
RE Stag Oil Painting

Worn on Roxi:
[Black Bantam] Werewolf Pup Black Male RARE @ Salem
[Black Bantam] Werewolf Pup Brown Male RARE @ Salem
[Black Bantam] A Witches Gem Choker Night Sky @ Salem
[Black Bantam] A Witches Gem Ring Night Sky @ Salem
[Black Bantam] Monster Eyeball Cupcake Decor Black @ Salem
*Milk* Hair~Speed Dial *pink rollers* (retired)
LAQ – Trinity 1.5 mesh head w/ LAQ Kate applier
Blueberry – Piper *Mesh* Tank Top S Beige
*Just Because* Rena Sweatpants @ FaMESHed

Worn on Darth:
Wolfman Hugo LL starter avi
[Deadwool] Hugo shirt – bloody –


This Place


Gore,gore gore… oh… look a puppy!
I  usually don’t  get  all  giddy like  a  school boy about to  get his  first  kiss ..but..this  daym  puppy  is  freaking  cute!….  the  french  bull dog  comes  in a  close   second lol.
You  really  really  need  to  get  this.why  you  say?.. because  its  a puppy! so  grab  your  wallet and  head  on  over  to  the  arcade.
I am  also  wearing a  hair, that  I admit I  over  looked but  i was  so  tired  of  looking  like every other  guy  in  sl so  I went  shopping and  found  this  amazing  hair.The  hair base i would  recommend  to  anyone  who  has a   mesh  head.  it  fits  most  mesh boys  and  is  mod so  you  can  adjust  it  to  your  shape..did  I  mention  its  3D..yes.. 3D.The  beard  is  by  Spellbound and  is  also mod. While  it  only comes  in  the  basic  colors ( light  brown, brown,  dark  brown  and  black) it  too  is  mod  so  I was able  to  match  the  hair. Now.. I  know  this  may  seem  crazy ..but  the  fellows  out there  will  understand.   SL  beards, while  mod  never  seem  to  fit  your  face.  things  are  all  good  and  dandy  when your  not  wearing  a  mesh  head because  you  can  adjust  the  beard  to  near  perfect then  adjust  the  fullness  of  your  cheeks to  match the  shape of  your  beard. With  a  mesh  head theres no I’m  wearing  2  beards  yes..2 the  beard  by  Vika  I found  a  long  time  ago,  it  was actually  one  of the  first  beards  I  purchased. by  wearing  it  under  the  spellbound  I  was  able  to  adjust  it to  fit  my  heads  shape and  ” fill  in”  the   cheeks.  if  you  have   beard.. or  know  someone  that  has a  beard..tell them  to  go  get  this they  won’t  be  sorry.

[Black Bantam] Napping French Bulldog RARE @ The Arcade
{anc} happyendpark. lawn carpet
{and} Garden by anc slight wildgrass {pastels FAT} / WIND
{and} Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful)
Le Poppycock *Small Blessings* Infinitesimally (Butterfly)

Action Inkubator 3D Base [SAMURAI]
.::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head 1.0 Darker
.ARISE. Dor Eyes / Olive MESH
+Spellbound+ Monster Beard
Beard by Vika
[Deadwool] Peak suit (wool) – jacket – brown / club add on