Serenade  Second Crop Final

Happy  New Year everyone. I  hope  each  of  you  made  it  home  safe and  sound. I  had meant to  do this as a series but  this will  be  my  last  for  a  bit until I get things  figured  out  on Darth. I will still  be  blogging  but  you’ll be seeing  a lot  more  of  kevin.

Now a Serenade photo wouldn’t   be  complete  with  a  song…this  ones  for  you  Roxi.
_________________Death Cab for Cutie, I Will Follow You Into the Dark__________________

Stone Bench not for sale
DaD DESIGN “13 Stone Statue” c/m @ Lost & Found
{Sleepy Eddy} Adventure Hat (Multi A)
[ht] mesh – book – The Second Garden (flat)
[ht] mesh – book – Growing Herbs (flat)
* SORGO – Old Books / C
Standby World Tour Ukulele

-.label motion.- Scene#1 Pose 4 both Avi’s ( modded to fit) @ Shiny Shabby

Worn on Darth:
[Deadwool] Undercut – coal
[Deadwool]  Full beard base
FATEstep – Hogan Wingtips –
JD – Male Socks
[Deadwool]  Hugo shirt – (dandy jacket add-on) – white –
[Deadwool]  The Dandy – formal jacket – black –
[Deadwool]  The Dandy – formal trousers – beige –

Worn on Roxi (and lets face it, this is what matters):
Lamb. Miss Mabel V2
*LpD* – *Allie* Top Green (Mesh-S) @ Shiny Shabby
*LpD* – *Allie* Skirt Green (Mesh-M) @ Shiny Shabby
[PXL] Shara skin @ Wayward Market






September is  coming  to an end and  with  Autumn officially here we  will start seeing the  leaves turn and  our  little  world  change. This  picture  is  two-fold for myself. Not  only  are the seasons  changing  outside,but inside  myself as well. I am  trying  to  be  positive and  look on the  bright  side  of  things,recently…it  has  been  hard. What was  suppose to be a  routine CT Scan before  a surgery I  have   needed  for  over a year ,turned  into something I am totally unprepared for. The scan found a  growth my  bladder and  given my  history of  cancer…well we are all adults  here. I  apologize once  more  to my  sponsors if  I fall behind  yet again. I will still be  posting and will  be inworld. But for  now I am spending time with friends. And  to those I  hold near and  dear “I LOVE YOU”. My  head  is  spinning  in a thousand  different  directions  right  now as the time  draws nearer for me to hear the  results  and  my  dr appt. I am trying  not  to be  withdrawn, asshole ( amazingly  sometimes  I am) just know….that I will never forget how much each  one  of  you mean to me.

I thought  of this  song when  I was taking this  photo  and  thought I would  share  it.
The Byrds  – Turn! Turn! Turn! 

To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

To everything – turn, turn, turn
There is a season – turn, turn, turn
And a time to every purpose under heaven

Slink Physique Male Mesh Body
Slink AvEnhance Hands
[Deadwool] Undercut hair
[Deadwool] Full beard – black
1992 // The Glasses @ Arcade
7 Deadly s{K}ins – Eliijah Caramel HB group gift
7 Deadly s{K}ins – SLINK male BODY caramel
Daniel Grant Quint Chino Pants  MP only
{COLD-ASH} Mens MESH Westbrook Shirt
FATEstep – Wilson Moccasins


The welcoming committee

the welcoming

Hello  everyone! I took  to decorating a  bit  on the  outside  of  the  new  manor  and  of  course wanted to share.I  could  clammer on  about  each  item but  I think  I  have  pretty  much  covered  how  I  feel  about each  of the  designers  I  have  featured in the  picture which  is… Fantastic.
I  had  put  it all together  and  then  decided  I  needed a  break. I  don’t  shop for  clothes  that  much  these  days  as  every  linden I spend is  precious  since I  no longer  have a  viable  income. On a recent  trip out I  discovered *Just BECAUSE* also  made mens  clothing..who  knew?!..well I’m sure  plenty  did..but  daym it.. I  didn’t . I got the  Demo’s and  tried them  on…wow.  they  are  very  nicely  done  and  fit  really  well. I wish  I had  found them  sooner.  I  have  been  looking  for  some  casual/ sportswear for  a bit  and  never  found  ones  that  quite  fit the  bill for  me beyond FATEwear, now  I  have. I  chose the Jordan Shirt and Tailored Sweats , they seem to work well together and  it  looks  like  I am  either  going  on a  jog  or  just  coming  back  from  one. they both have a  very  relaxed  feel  and  look to them..and  I  love  it. For footwear  I  chose FATEstep  of  course and  it  doesn’t  get  much  better that  the ziggy  chucks. I will tell you  that  I am  actually  wearing the  female  version  of  is a  personal choice as I  m not a  fan of  wearing  my  pants  tucked  into my  shoes…really…who does that  in RL?

Mother _002
I  am  also  wearing  a necklace  that  not  only  means  a lot  to  me but  helps  a  friend  that  is  going  thru  something  no  human  should  ever  need  to.  The Eternity Mother&Son necklace is  available  at the  enchantment  sim. I  have  included  the  LM..but  if you  want  to  learn  more please go to

Apple Fall Hardwick Manor FaMESHed and The Main sim
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall
Apple Fall Spring Parasol
Apple Fall Propane Tank
Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases
Apple Fall Propane Tank
junk. salvaged tractor table.
junk. salvaged tractor seat.
junk. industrial plant stand. blue.
8f8 – Green Grocers – Wall Lamp
8f8 – unexpected Journey – The Middle of Nowhere SIGN
8f8 – unexpected Journey – All My Stuff Luggage TROLLEY – His
8f8 – Green Grocers – Trash Bin
{anc} flottante puppy. cream @ C88
Lark – Bike (M) RARE
=EliBaily= Ivy
Botanical – Mesh Mediterranean Cypress
Botanical – Vintage Time Traveler’s Mailbox
:Fanatik Architecture: walls, street
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / cable
[Knight Performance}Karmann Ghia Cream v7.3

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
*ARGRACE* RYO – Ash Black
Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
*Bolson / Tattoo Essential Pack – Sagmeister
Eternity Mother&Son necklace ( special  gift for Roxi Available at Enchantment)
*Just BECAUSE* Jordan Shirt – Blue
*Just BECAUSE* Tailored Sweats (mens) – Black/WhiteStripe
FATEstep – Ziggy Chucks

Exposeur Beloved 4



So many shoes!

shoes final

FATE stepped into the shoe world..Literally.  He came out swinging! With a release of 18 total pairs, 7 males, 7 females with 2  Uni-sex pairs and 2 pairs of sox to match.
The HUD’s..oh the HUD’s are glorious, with all the options you can basically make your  own pair unlike anyone else. I tried to show every male pair with a few custom pairs I made up, hopefully you can see what a very well done  collection this is! And really need to go check out the female pairs.

shoes 6  finalshoes 3  finalshoes 4 finalshoes 5 final

FATEstep – Hogan Wingtip NEW!
FATEstep – Ben Shoes NEW!
FATEstep – Nylon Chucks NEW!
FATEstep – Stiller Shoes NEW!
FATEstep – Paul Wingtips NEW!
FATEstep – Matthew Boots NEW!
FATEstep – Owen Moccasins NEW!
FATEstep – Anthony Boots NEW!
FATEstep – Wilson Moccasins NEW!
FATEstep – Ziggy Chucks NEW!
HIDEKI – Attic
oyasumi / industrial shoe rack
Apple Fall Masculine Bar
Apple Fall Antique Art
Apple Fall Banana Tree
AF Tolix Inspired Industrial Chair RARE
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Nailtray
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Foot Measure
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room HeelPlates
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Anvil
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Shine Chair RARE
:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room Shoe Last

*ARGRACE* RYO – Blacks
FATEwear Shirt – Cooper NEW!
FATEwear Pants – Peter
FATEstep – Retro Socks NEW!
FATEstep– Owen Moccasins NEW!