Rainy Days and Fridays

“The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfilment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall.”
Helen Garner

NOMAD // Rainy Day Loft @ Fameshed
NOMAD // Deco Ceiling Decor // Silver for FLF
NOMAD // Deco Ceiling Decor // Brass
DaD “Vintage Paris Daybed” PG @ Deco(c)rate
DaD – Vintage Paris rug” @ Deco(c)rate
ionic – Tokyo Life RARE @ TCF
ionic : Rooftop Chimneys & Antennas
*booN-kura Japanese grandma A/C Unit
brocante. unfinished wallpaper / geometric
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Collection
O.M.E.N – Hanging Plant – Light Pot
::KKs:: Paint your life – Rack RARE
::KKs:: Paint your life – ladder RARE
::KKs:: Paint your life – canvas
::KKs:: Paint your life – easel + canvas
::KKs:: Paint your life – stool
::KKs:: Paint your life – palette and brushes
::KKs:: Paint your life – paint pots
PLAAKA DeadPlantsPlanter A,B
[ Organica ] Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter
HIDEKI – Pile of Stuff
{Haute House} Vintage Dress Form – Newspaper
Dutchie book with glasses
[ kunst ] – Detroit low table
[ kunst ] – Detroit clay jar
[anhelo] skittles and books
floorplan. book clutter
15.aisling. Water Plant
Apple Fall Arts & Crafts Books
Thistle Book Stack with Photos – 2017 FaMESHed Gift
.:Standby Inc. – Buncha Books
POST: Vintage Sensible Globe




DaD “Lovely Heart Swimming pool @ “FAMESHED
DaD “Lovely heart inflatable single, couple @ “FAMESHED”
DaD DESIGN “St. James Manor”
DaD DESIGN “The Pavillon”
DaD DESIGN “Green Clay Tennis Court”
LB_GiantBeech{Animated}4Seasonsb@ SENSE
NOMAD // Boho Daybed
NOMAD // Fan Palm Tree // Yellow
NOMAD // Banana Tree // Group
NOMAD // Banana Tree // Single
NOMAD // Beach Lounger B // Blue
NOMAD // Beach Parasol // White (Straight)
NOMAD // Garden Rose Urn Creme , Pink
NOMAD // Kids Backyard Pool
8f8 – Feeble old radio – Seraphim 5th Anniversary Party gift ( 2015)
[Kres] Paradise Beach – Cocnuts Drink (16)
[Kres] Paradise Beach – Harry The Hammerhead (1)
[Kres] Paradise Beach – Towel (20)
[Kres] Paradise Beach – Towel (19)
..::THOR::.. The Garden Life – Pot of Wild Spike [GOG]
..::THOR::.. The Garden Life – Big Potted Plant
..::THOR::.. The Garden Life –
..::THOR::.. The Garden Life –
Dutchie red agave
Dutchie Philodendron tall
Dutchie Schefflera tall
8, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- PLANT (Green)
9, [[RH]] -IZAYOI- PLANT (Red)
The Loft – Snake Plant
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Apple Fall Cafe Chair
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
Apple Fall Clawfoot Height-Adjusting Table
Apple Fall Propane Tank
Kei’s South Beach Clutter
Apple Fall Spring Parasol
ANHELO-F01FP-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere
–ANHELO-F01BL-159BI :: beach set (bonus item)
::KKs:: flying curtains – white lace
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Open Grill RARE
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Blueberry Cake
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Fruit Skewers 1
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Steak
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – White Table
Second Spaces Poolside beverage cart
floorplan. boho ivy planter / white, terracotta
16.aisling. Potted Plant 3
18.erratic / lsm – clothing clutter – woman
19.erratic / lsm – clothing clutter – male
David Heather-Condom Box
PILOT – Adult Toy Box [Valentine]
GOOSE – party lights string


Full Service


Full ServiceSo there  I was  minding  my  own  business and  saying   my  daily  prayers.. Listens  for  thunder. when  Roxi  called  and  said  she  needed  me. I,  being the  perfect  gentleman,  I  rushed  right  over to  the  address  she  gave  me. It was  on the  bad  side  of  town  full  of  seedy  motels  and  women  of  the  night  full of  seed. Much to  my  surprise I  found  her  in  one  of  the  seediest of  them  all, covered  in  seed!  As  you  can  tell  by  the  picture  I  was a  sad  puppy.  It  seemed  like  an  after party, the  crew  members were  clowning  around and  the  daym  director was  making  a  monkey  out  of  himself.    I thought  I was  about  to  get  us  both  out  of  there  when  suddenly  the  director   clanged  the  cymbals  together  and  yelled ”  ACTION!”…  whats  a  man  to  do…

DRD – The Glory hole – Grubby/green @ Romp 4/15
DRD-industrial lights – 4 lights combo – green @ Chapter4
DRD studios set directors chair
DRD studios lights
DRD studios Camera
DRD motel – trashcan
19. DRD SC Crack House
15. DRD SC Abandoned Store trash 1, 2
NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Cymbal Monkey
NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Maracas Clown
NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Drummer Clown MadPea “The Interview” Prizes.
_I7_art canvas + @ LTD
_I7_the man’s mirror @ LTD
_i7_ just a damn sink @ LTD
HIDEKI – “Feel Good” Neon Sign
floorplan. full service sign


The Road

The  Road

Hiya  peeps.  today I just wanted to  show  you  the  gorgeous bike  that Turlaccor just  released a  few  days  back.  its  amazing . it  comes  in  five  different  flavors and  a  ton  of  options!   make sure  you  hit  up   the  Facebook  page  for  specials almost everyday!
Also make  sure  you visit  LTD  and  pick  up  the Little Branch Sassafras tree!

And the wind keeps roaring
And the sky keeps turning gray
And the sun is set
The sun will rise another day…
We all walk the long road. Cannot stay..
Read more:  Eddie Vedder – The Long Road Lyrics | MetroLyrics

TC HeavyLover – Army – EVO
LB_Sassafras.v1{4Seasons} @ LTD
[Con.] Bluebird Cuddle Van
[Con.] Backyard Drive-In – Truck
[Con.] Boneyard Barn
[Con.].&floorplan. Windmill Hideout
Trompe Loeil – Shotgun Shack Orleans
The Hive – Old Water Tower
[ zerkalo ] Chair Swing – blue
[ zerkalo ] Chair Swing – yellow
7 – Ranch Guide Sign
Skye Rustic Fence
[Black Bantam] Roman Soldier Eagle ( sorry  can’t  find the  LM)
=EliBaily= Ivy
[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush
Botanical – Dirt Road


The After Party

after party.1

Hiya  peeps! guess what today  is?! It’s that time  of  year  where all my  friends gather  around and  wish  me…. Happy Rezz Day! I  have  forgotten  it  every year..but..this  year I finally  remembered it. In preparation for today I  setup the  Epia collection for this round  of the  arcade along with  a  couple of the Con cars from the same event. I  had  also thought  of  my  guests  and added  few  pieces of  the  :CP: offerings  from both TFC and UBER. One can  never  have  enough  seating so I dug a bit  deeper  and found the Con  chairs from a while back. Everything was  perfect so  I  left it   and logged out. I woke  up this  morning and logged in to.. yeah..thats  right….these daym Mutresse raccoons everywhere!

(epia) – Party Garage RARE  @ Arcade
(epia) – Outdoor Pool RARE @ Arcade
(epia) – Beer Keg @ Arcade
(epia) – BBQ Grill @ Arcade
(epia) – Party Sign @ Arcade
[Con.] Wax On/Wax Off Convertible – Ratrod RARE @ Arcade
[Con.] Wax On/Wax Off Convertible – White @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Begging @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Cheering @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Clapping @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Dancing  @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Digging @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Diving @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Drinking @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Gasping @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Greeting @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Peekaboo @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Peeking @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Plotting @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Rolling @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Sleeping @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Stealing @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Twerking @ Arcade
Mutresse-Cheeky Raccoons-Waving @ Arcade
floorplan. neon II / palm pink @ Arcade
floorplan. neon II / palm green @ Arcade
floorplan. neon II / palm blue @ Arcade
NOMAD // Palm Tree Bar for MOH
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Flamingo
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Lawn Chair – Yellow
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Lawn Chair – purple
:CP: Lanai Wicker Chair Cloud Vibrant (Adult) @ TFC
:CP: Lanai Wicker Chair Cloud Soft (Adult)  @ TFC
:CP: Lanai Candle Jar  @ TFC
:CP: Duncan American Flag @ UBER
:CP: Duncan Blue Pennant @ UBER
:CP: Duncan Green Pennant @ UBER
:CP: Duncan Purple Pennant @ UBER
:CP: Duncan String Lights @ UBER
LB_ShingleOak{Seasons} @ Cosmopolation
Second Spaces – Tailgating party
8f8 – Bali – PIER
kopi surfboard_long (yellow)
Botanical – Lattice Fence


Coming up Brocante Couture


Arcade, Arcade, Arcade! The event  is  roaring and the  lindens are  flowing. They should  be  flowing  into the  NOMAD  machine. The Brocante  collection is another one that can’t  be  missed, from the  dull yet amazingly textured collection to the  level of detail in the  mesh. One  never  go’s  wrong with contraption and this  is  my  favorite  collection  of  his..and..I  hear theres a  hidden  tune. I also threw  down another  piece  of the  8f8 collection to add a  bit  of  pop of  color..amazing as always.  I was  given an inside  track  onan  up and  coming creator..that being the  Knick Knack,  I just  love  books and these are  well made. I  did  make a  mess  of them..but..hey.. I am a man.

NOMAD // Brocante // Wrought Iron Daybed RARE @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Swan Taxidermy RARE @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Chaise longue @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Lace Table @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Flower Urn @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Top Hat @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Cloche A @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Cloche B @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Candelabra @ Arcade
NOMAD // Brocante // Crystal Chandelier @ Arcade
NOMAD // Amore Ottoman
NOMAD // Cello // .03
[ContraptioN] Grandfather Clock: Cycle of Sorrow RARE @ Arcade
34 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Old Rugs @ Arcade
Con.&floorplan. framed poster / aeronautique @ UBER
*pm* Grand Cupped Curtains: Rococo
Knick Knacks – The French books Collection @ Cosmopolitan
Knick Knacks – My grandma’s pillow 1, Pillow 2 @ Cosmopolitan
Apple Fall Hardwick Manor


After The Storm

after the storm.2  edit


Yet more  goodies from The Shiny Shabby event. I still have a ton  more to bring you each of them very well done, as they should be for an event hosted by Neva.
I decided to use  we’re CLOSED once again for the background..why?..because I just  love their things! If you haven’t been to the sim yet you really  owe  it  to yourself to go. ( both  places mind you, The event sim and the we’re CLOSED store  sim) I have also included some unedited shots that are a bit closer so you can see the items  in all their glory.

storm close_001 storm close_002 storm close_003 storm close_004

[we’re CLOSED] ruined cottage
[we’re CLOSED] broken windmill
[we’re CLOSED] tree 02F bare
[Breno] Old Gardening Shed (cm) @ Shiny Shabby
{Reverie} Honey Pie Windows and Wood Planks @ Shiny Shabby
{Reverie} Honey Pie Bamboo and Wooden Roses Decor [RARE] @ Shiny Shabby
junk. pillow chair. floral. @ Shiny Shabby
junk. plant stand. @ Shiny Shabby
junk. walking sticks. rose. @ Shiny Shabby
junk. window frame lights. @ Shiny Shabby
tarte. apothecary cabinet @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Venetian window (left) @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Shabby frames @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Venetian window (right) @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Shabby door – RARE @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Soup can / chicken noodles @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Biscuit tin box / orange @ Shiny Shabby
[ kunst ] – Old iron – RARE @ Shiny Shabby
floorplan. writer’s desk / navy @ Shiny Shabby
[PM]Pixel Mode – Victoria Hutch @ Shiny Shabby
[PM] Pixel Mode – Victoria Chandlier @ Shiny Shabby
:CP: Nile Bench Worn (PG) @ Shiny Shabby

We’re closed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hazardous%20Inc/30/210/902
Shiny Shabby http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Lighthouse/235/11/3001

Barn Find


Today marks the second day of faMESHed, I think lol. Man do I have some goodies  for you, not only 8f8’s offering  for faMESHed, but an upcoming event that Ravenghost is taking part of. If ya haven’t heard of him..shame on you! get off your butt and take a trip down to his humble shop..its very much worth it!.
First..8f8 ( sighs) I just cannot express how much joy I get getting the bounty of his creations and this round..oh my its a bounty! The  Indoor DIY Spring sets in NATURAL and COLORS is beyond impressive not only do ya get some of the best made mesh in all of sl..ya get this. 289 possible texture combinations on the pillows, mattress and blankets…yes..two hundred and freakin eighty nine glorious combo options. I don’t  think I need to say more..but  I will…. 289 freakin combos..wth!
Now for the second little treat. ( no..im not getting bare assed) in the form of  tada! The Ravenghost wishing tree..freakin amazing..and while primarily made to be an indoor decoration I get the feeling it would do wonderful perched against an exterior  wall or cliff formation and again …theres a surprise..the Hud is amazing…not only can you change the texture of the bark and leaves  it also allows you to have falling leaves  and I here that it also strips the flesh from your enemies!..ok..I might have made the last part up. There are so many options…well..I kinda forgot them all ( Bad Darth!)
Then there’s Dust bunny and her Old Fashion Winter collection..and while it may be to late to get it at the event you can now go straight to the main store and get them ( God I hope I am not lying)  I can not speak for anyone else…but this man loves junk..yes..me ..and also repurposed items. I think its the hillbilly  in me..or  I’m just a cheap bastid! Either way ya owe it to yourself to go  pull a couple times. Very well crafted with attention to detail..so sayith the Darth man.
Last is..or was a surprise the Floorplan coat rack..I have no idea how I missed this at the last Arcade..but  I did. I am glad I found  it second hand..cuz…daym..its nicely done. Again..ya owe it to yourself to go trey your  luck and hopefully pull this.. The whole collection is nice but the coat rack floats my boat!

[DDD] Country Stable
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring BED – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring CANS Set – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring BOXES Set – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring LAMPS Set – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
8f8 – Indoor DIY Spring PICTURE CLIPS Set – NATURAL @ faMESHed 
Ravenghost Wishing Tree *3D Wall Decor* For Info please go to his Mainstore
dust bunny . vintage frames
dust bunny. traveler’s table
dust bunny . lumberjack’s axe
dust bunny . engineer’s lamp
dust bunny . braided rug
dust bunny . researcher’s chair
floorplan. coat rack