That 70’s House

That 70's house.2

This  post  will be  another  short  but sweet  one ( Roxi always steals  my  ideas!) Seriously  though I  have  been up  for  over a day and  rest  for  my  eyes  is  sorely  needed..but..I wanted to bring you the  goodies.
When  I was  passed the UnKindness Candy Retro Set I was  taken  back to the 70’s and all  the  memories (  ok what  I can  remember  of them) of those days . They were meant to be  the  time  of  my  life and  I suppose they were..I  mean  if  you  consider  a  constant  fog and  sex with  strangers  and  not  having a care  in the world a good  time.
Many  remember the  70’s  for  the  styles, the  bell bottoms, hip huggers, huge  hats, white  peeps  in afro’s ( remind  me to tell you that story  later)  and  the  over all freedom that the  decade  brought. But.. when I rezzed these  out  it was  instant I remembered  all the  funky  textures and   colors  of the  day..and  it wasn’t all in my  mind..I swear.  The  pieces are  very  well  done..and  very  retro..and  I am  glad..hell  I  event put  my  long  hippy hair  on!
I  had  blogged the NOMAD Offering  to an opening  event  happening at Flux Sur Mer and  decided  to  go  check  the  event  out myself. I  am  very  glad I  did.  I spent  five  years in the  late  80’s (  yes a  different  decade.i actually  made thru the 70’s) in a  small town  in the  hill country  of  Texas and  remember  a cactus  garden I  had there… was the  only  thing that  freakin grew  in all that  daym  heat. The Junk offerings for the  event  drew  me  in and I  had  to  have  them. After  a  bit  of  investigating to make sure  that  the  cacti were  indeed the  exclusive I  walked  out  with  all  three. ( Thank you anonymous donor!)

Trompe Loeil – Shotgun Shack Dauphine
uk – Candy Retro Set @ Cosmopolitan
uK – Candy Retro Chair
uK – Candy Retro Couch
uK – Candy Retro Side Table
uK – Candy Retro Coffee Table
uK – Candy Retro Lamp
uK – Candy Retro Rug
uK – Candy Retro Shelf
junk. cactus. saguaro. A FLUX SUR MER exclusive release!
junk. cactus. ball. A FLUX SUR MER exclusive release!
junk. cactus. pilosus. A  FLUX SUR MER exclusive release!
LISP – Girl Trio Print
LISP – Vinyl LP Seat 1, Vinyl LP Seat 2
MudHoney Leg Lamp gold
Life of Me – Granny’s Crapola Ashtray – Teal
[Commoner] Break-Up Survival Kit / Vinyl (21)
The Loft – Alderan Planter Orange
-tb- Bon Voyage – Vintage Camera
-tb- Spring Living – Radio (Green)
HIDEKI – 3 Pins
HIDEKI – “Feel Good” Neon Sign
07. [ kunst ] – Vinyl records pile
[Con.] Guitar – Sunburst – RARE (retired)
GachaYa prize #118 8/8 tv_1 BROWN ( store closed… but.. may be avaiable here )
ponitee:::Change URL – Record Player
Zaara [Goa party] : Cannabis plant

unkindiness square logo 512

The Loft

The Loft.1

Yes..another  post,,but,,but..dont  run away  yet.
Nomad has  released the  leather  Beanbag chairs for the  neighborhood . They  come  in two different  colors , with  or  without  blankets and are  very  well made! The  next  thing  is  the  Nomad  release  for the FLUX SUR MER event. It  is a cute  little  playable  Tic Tac Toe  board..with a twist…I am  not  telling  you the twist…go look for yourself.
*AF* has  released a  collection for  Enchantment and  it  also is  marvelous. very  well  made  and textured.
I  picked  up the junk arch lamp and  fan  light  recently. Another  creator  you just  can’t  go wrong  with.
The  know  the  old  saying ” if  Darth blogs  it…you  need  it”

Ps. Do you  really need to know  why the  goat  is  there?

Apple Fall: Portobello Corner Store
NOMAD // Leather Beanbag // Classic For The Neighbourhood
NOMAD // Leather Beanbag w. Blanket // Tobacco For The Neighbourhood
NOMAD // Tic Tac Toe… Tic? A FLUX SUR MER exclusive release!
*AF* Porthole Mermaid @ Enchantment
*AF* Porthole Table @ Enchantment
*AF* Shell Momento Box @ Enchantment
junk. arch lamp. tall.
junk. fan light. iron.
[AF] Japanese Rug
{af} Ralph’s Boat
DECO – Warehouse Fan
LISP – Mesh Blinds Narrow Long – Beech
Second Spaces messy bookshelf

Enchantment 512



Southern Exposer

Good Morning All!
Man Have  I got the goodies  for you  today. I am still catching  up from being  gone  for a few  months. Its amazing  how  many Designers  there are  in world  now I haven’t  seen and  today I am  bringing you one of them.
Cinphul  has  really  caught  my  eye, her things are  just  pure delight, Amazing mesh and  texture work  from shabby  to new age ( though I have shown  none here).
She has also designed a few  gifs for a relatively  new  sim called Flux Sur Mer. The  gifts are amazing and so is the  sim. You  really  owe  it  to yourself  to both go and  see this amazing  sim and  pick up the  gifts while  your there. ( you’ll have to walk around to  spot the gift  goes..but you should anyways!)
Apple Fall released his  Al Fresco Dining for the Shiny Shabby event   but  I wasn’t able to catch  it  before the event  ended for the  month, but  it  is  now  in store. I  love everything that man does. They  say its all in the details and  I can tell you  what  each of  his  creations  are  full of, details details  details.
I would also like to thank the  many  people  that  helped  my  with this  one. As  I  have  missed events due to some RL  issues they we’re each gracious  enough to rezz the things  I needed to make  this  happen. So thank you Cinder and  Natacha. Also Mya for  letting  me  set this  up on the sim. coastal times


cinphul // ASBMF [Washtub] ( mainstore: coming soon ) ( FaceBook ) ( Flickr )
cinphul // ASBMF [Garden Decor 1] ( mainstore: coming soon ) ( FaceBook )  ( Flickr )
cinphul // ASBMF [Garden Decor 3 ( mainstore: coming soon ) ( FaceBook )  (Flickr )
cinphul // ASBMF [Shower] ( mainstore: coming soon ) ( FaceBook )  ( Flickr )
cinphul // ASBMF [Milk Can 1] ( mainstore: coming soon ) ( FaceBook )  ( Flickr )
cinphul // Lavander ( mainstore: coming soon ) ( FaceBook )  ( Flickr )
cinphul // Gotrik Frame [Evolve] ( mainstore: coming soon ) ( FaceBook )  ( Flickr )
cinphul // Gitane Daff [Rabbits] ( mainstore: coming soon ) ( FaceBook )  ( Flickr )
FSMBurlapBasket1 ( Gift at Flux Sur Mer )
FSMBurlapBasket2 ( Gift at Flux Sur Mer )
FSMBabyBreathInaTin ( Gift at Flux Sur Mer )
FSMRidingBootsDeco2 ( Gift at Flux Sur Mer )
FSMHatonaChair1 ( Gift at Flux Sur Mer )
FSMHatonaChair2 ( Gift at Flux Sur Mer )
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
Apple Fall Handbag & Scarf
Apple FallLemonade Bucket ( group Gift)
dust bunny . daisy pier . RARE
Kalopsia flowers mirror
[we’re CLOSED] tree 02F summer
[we’re CLOSED] tree 1C summer
:Fanatik Architecture: Rocky Mountain 1 Summer