The Tinker

The Tinker

Hello  all! ..Time  for  more  whimsical. I recently  made the  blogger  list  for  none  other than DRD!… YUSH!.  I  was  given  a  plethora of  items  and  a  new  collection  that will be at retroville  August  15th. The Studio set  is  amazing!  I can  see  myself  using these as  backdrops  to photos. Each  one  is  really well done from the  textures  to the  build  itself. I decided I would shrink each  down and  do a  bit  of a diorama this way  you  can  see them  all (well save  one  that  wouldn’t). I am  loving  it! As soon as  I  know the details..or  get  a key  for the  items  I will update  and  let  you  peeps  know  in  the  group.
I also decided that  there was  no better  outfit than the  DRD steampunk outfit  from  her   recent  “looks in SL gacha”.  I will try  to feature  it  better..but  really wanted a close  up. For those  wanting a  no hassle  complete  outfit…ranging  anywhere  from a  hipster  to goth…this  is  the  machine  to hit ( think theme parties). I  had also received something  from NOMAD  A  few days  back..and..wala.. It works  very  well with the  picture, man  I love this  Pipe! I  had  also hit  up  the  new  junk sim and  picked  up the  free  gifts  that are there  right  now. I  will also give you  a  hint  and  tell you theres  even more  if  you join the  group..and an awesome  one  it  is! I  have  been  a  fan  of  hers  since  tatty  soup and  man sakes alive  look at  her now! you  owe  it to yourself  to go check out this  uniquely decorated  sim…really…ya  do.

G.O.D Atelier
DRD studios studio lot building RARE (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios set forest (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios set western (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios set street (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios set scifi (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios set Roman (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios set – casting couch +table Rare (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios lights (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios Filmrolls (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD studios Camera (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
DRD steampunk male Belt ( actually a worn piece..but rezzed out)
junk. tinned plant. tea. Gift
junk.  rusty button clock. Gift
junk.  rings candle holder. steel. Gift

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
DRD-Looks –  steampunk  FULL PACK
NOMAD // Stimstick // Monochrome 02  @ We Love Role-Play
RO – Talamasca Frames – Group Gift
Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
*Bolson / Tattoo Essential Pack – Sagmeister @ Shiny Shabby


The Dunes

The Dunes Today I do not  know where  to begin. I will say  it  has  been  hot and  muggy in the  great northwest ( so  much for the  lake effect). So Muggy that as soon as you step outside  the  air  almost chokes ya ( and  not  in a good Roxi always says). So  hot that  ya  wanna  step right  into this  picture and find yourself a  bit  of the shade. This  summer  reminds  me  of the summer  of… oh  no..that would  make  ya think I’m an old fart!
*AF* brought  it  on strong for The Secret Affair with the Stony Hollow Potter’s  Tent Collection, beautifully  done and  the  wheel even has a few  sits. I  just  love the texture work on this  piece. LB ( Little Branch) also added to the  picture. The  Pony palms are  fantastic,  man  he  just  keeps  getting  better. Then  we  have something  I have already  reviewed, that  being  both the Zerkalo  Persian Sit rugs from The Secret Affair and the Bedouin Tent ( In store  now.. I think) Both are wonderfully crafted and textured.
There  is a relatively  new  event The Wayward  Carnival , and  boy  am I glad I found  it. Thank  you Cinder! I couldn’t  pass up  grabbing a bit  more  of  what LB has to offer. I  know..I  know  the Banyan  tree  is  tropical..but I don’t  care..its gorgeous along with the HookThorn. Walking around the event  I also spotted some very  nice camel toe! ( omg  get your  mind  out  of the  gutter!) +Half-Deer+ has  released the Cool Socks Camel,  Oh My Good are they done well. you  can also buy a  plain version if your so inclined..but this  is  SL daym  it..I want  my Camel Toe  covered!
G.O.D Desert
*AF* Stony Hollow Potter’s Tent complete @ The Secret Affair
LB_PonyPalmv1.3 @ The Secret Affair
LB_OliveTree Little Branch MP  link..
LB_BanyanTree-v1.1 @ The Wayward Carnival
LB_HookThorn{Dark} @ The Wayward Carnival
+Half-Deer+ Cool Socks Camel – Look Left, Look Right , Grazing (Floral) @ The Wayward Carnival
[zerkalo ] Bedouin Tent – Sands
[ zerkalo ] Persian Sit – Reds, Sands @ The Secret Affair TSA Logo

Dance like Nobody’s Watching


Last  night I was going thru  some  of the things I had gotten  from The Secret Affair and  I  plopped down the Zerkalo dance  pit,Man am I glad I did. The  Minute I sat  on  it my  whole  night  changed. They  say that dancing  is  good  for the soul, and  i sure  needed  it  last  night,  my  souls  has  been feeling  kinda  empty.  This  thing  is amazing, 12  dances and theres also some  adult  fun  for  those  adults  in the  group ( there’s also a  pg  version). also in the  collection  are  the Persian sit rugs, again  adult and  pg versions.  the  texture  work is  amazing as always.  I also thought  about the LB Pony palms  for the event  and thought  they would  look pretty  good  set  up around the  pit.. I think it  worked  out  ok.  The  trees are  nicely  textured and  highly  detailed..good work! Then we  have that  cute  little baby  elephant  that Pink Acid [Black Bantam]  has  released  as  part  of her collection at the Wayward  Carnival, I’m  usually  not  in  it  for  cutesy  stuff…but  man.  it’s  very well made and  textured and has  its  own  hold  animation  when ya wear  it, it  is  of course also rezzable.
On to the  clothing. I  opened  up the Zibska  items  and  immediately  knew that I had to wear them when I took a  shot  of the  zerkalo dance  pit. The Callus ( headdress)  and  Alerio, Alerio Cuff are  very  well done and  come   with a texture  hud  to  change  what  you want. everything  is  nice I was able to get them adjusted  very easily. My  luck  just  kept  on running  when  at right  about that  time  I also opened  the Enigma offering  for this  round. The Ragnar  kilt is  perfect!  Available  in 3  colors ( brown , black, white) and  2 belts ( brown. black) with   shadow  on/ off versions  of the  kilt. it seems that  it  moves well  and  I was even able  to take the  shot  dancing (and  many  more) without  much  stretching  of the texture. lastly.. of  course because  they re  on  my  feet, are the 22769 Homme Gladiator  sandals. Available in your choice  of four  colors ( Black, brown , red, used  leather). I was able  to just  unbox these and slip them on  my  slink feet, while I  see  no  obvious  marking   as such, which is always  nice.  for  years  I have  been  looking  for a decent  Gladiator sandal.. I have  now  found  it.

G.O.D Nightmare
[ zerkalo ] Dance Pit – @ The Secret Affair
[ zerkalo ] Persian Sit – Reds @ The Secret Affair
[ zerkalo ] Persian Sit – Sands @ The Secret Affair
LB_PonyPalmv1 @ The Secret Affair
LB_PonyPalmv1.2 @ The Secret Affair
[Black Bantam] – Pink Acid My Baby Elephant RARE  @ Wayward Carnival
Lightning Bubble! WEAR blue and purple

> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
Yasum*HB*CHESS 5
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
.:EMO-tions:. * SETH – beard * black, eyeliner
.ARISE. Hala Facepaint / Red @ The Secret Affair
.Things. – Ragnarok Faded Tattoo @ The Secret Affair
Zibska ~ Gallus @ The Secret Affair
Zibska ~ Alerio, Alerio Cuff @ The Secret Affair
:Enigma: Ragnar Kilt @ The Secret Affair
22769 ~ [accessories] Homme Gladiators Used Leather @ The Secret Affair

TSA Logo


Leave No Man

For Romans, there’s a saying “Eagle lost, honor lost; honor lost, all lost.” Are The eagles thinking the same of the soldier?
Leave No Man

The Secret affair  has  kicked  off  with a bang. Every  woman running  around  like a chicken with its  head chopped  off…and  for  good  reason! the  creators  knocked it  out  of the  park this  time (or  rather arena).
I  cannot say  enough  about DRD’s Roman  themed not  only  do the chariots make great scenery the are  also packed  with  sits available  in  both  pg and adult…( psst..get the adult). Black Bantam  has  also came  out  of  left  field and..well..amazed  me  with her Roman Soldier Eagles 3  in all  2  static with  poses and  a wearable..freakin awesome. Now we all know  how I  feel about PFC and  she  continues her  journey this  round  by  bringing us an  updated  version  of  her Hydra and Fundoshi. Don’t  say to yourself that ya  don’t  need  them..ya  do..when I say  updated I  mean almost  completely  redone in  mesh..better  forms..better  textures..still  PFC. Can  you  believe she  is  redoing  every  item  in  her store..yes..every freakin item will soon be  Mesh..cant wait. I  have  also managed to wear the ” female”  items that FDD  made, it wasn’t  much work at all ( hint  hint  fella’s) they  look great and  are  well made. :[P]: has  done a  good  job with the Tehgrius Bracers, Available  in  both  male and  female  versions,  they come with a hud  that  allows you  to change the steal studs  that adorn  the rim  of the  leather. Last  but  not  least  is  May’s Soul  for this round the Minerva set comes complete with  2  options, the  one  I  am wearing  and the  other  the  spear and  ribbon stay  attached to the  back  and  you  hold the shield. Love the effect the  ribbon gives   so  I  am happy  to leave  it  combined.
G.O.D feild
DRD Roman chariot (Battlefield) @ The Secret Affair
DRD roman dagger holder @ The Secret Affair
DRD roman spearholder @ The Secret Affair
[Black Bantam] Roman Soldier Eagle (with poses..I just rezzed them) @ The Secret Affair

*Kc*T 8  Orenger

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
~Tableau Vivant~ Baron Hair
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
.Things. – Ragnarok Faded Tattoo @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Hydra @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Fundoshi @ The Secret Affair
FDD Stories *Maureen* pauldron @ The Secret Affair
FDD Stories *Maureen* guardbrace @ The Secret Affair
FDD- Tehgrius Bracer @ The Secret Affair
DRD Roman sandals male M/L black @ The Secret Affair
*May’s Soul* Minerva set shield and spear @ The Secret Affair ( ribbon Modded from white  to red)


Mischief at Managed Mischief

So, There I was at the Wizarding Faire looking around at what they have to offer. As its been a year since the last time the faire came to town I was in desperate need of vital items needed in my daily life( chocolate frogs, earwax flavored jelly beans and all sorts of potions). When out of the corner of my eye I saw FATEplay’s Ad for his new Swiftwind broom. I wasn’t necessarily looking for one but I had heard about this one and seen it in action at the Quidditch field. I was perfectly content with my broom. Yes it was a bit old and worn out, had duct tape holding it together in spots..but it was mine free and clear after years of paying on it. There was just something about the Swiftwind, the gentle curve of it, the increased speed and agility. I had to give it a test drive.

Now before I get to the rest of the story about the broom I need to mention a bit of Mischief I was about to get myself into. It seems that a pro player had been there during the day showing off the capabilities of the Swiftwind and in his hurry to get back to the playing field he had forgotten his field bag with his extra Badger uniform in it. I swear I was only going to try it on for a minute so I could take a selfie in it and use it as my new profile picture…I swear! The second I got the uniform on who walks in…the girl of my dreams, the one I had been admiring for years but knew she only dated pro Quidditch players. She walked in and was then, right then, that moment when it all went down hill. Walking over she asked if I could show her what the Swiftwind would do. you know the old saying ” could’a would’a should’a”? well..that applies here. Needless to say it was a bad idea…i don’t think I impressed her much. I will say no more..the picture tells the rest of the story.

Way  off

Mischief Managed is hosting another Wizarding Faire and FATEplay is very excited to be taking part. FATEplay has created a Quidditch player outfit with animated cape and broom attachment for that authentic high flying experience.
The Swiftwind Broom comes free with the Wright outfit, which comes in a total of 11 sizes for males, females and children. The outfit comes in all the expected house colours and the broom can also be purchased separately.
Damien has graced us once again with something amazing. you can always count on him for great textures and a fabulous fit. so do yourself a favor and go try a demo on ( I know you’ll buy it shorty after).

G.O.D Space Scene
Retropolis – retro future spaceship rework ( Freebie on MP)

>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
*ARGRACE* RYO – Blacks
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
FATEplay – Swiftwind – Original (M) @ Wizarding Faire
FATEplay – Wright Cape – Badger (M) @ Wizarding Faire
FATEplay – Wright Pants (M) @ Wizarding Faire
FATEplay – Wright Shinpads (M) @ Wizarding Faire
FATEplay – Wright Shoes (M) @ Wizarding Faire