Lollipop Gang

Lolipop gang

On second  thought…your  not  getting  my  daym  lollipop.
Enchantment  is  open and  the  theme  this  month is The  Wizard Of Oz and  as  you  would  guess  theres  all sorts of Oz’ly stuff!

FDD Stories *Stone Roads * Yellow *Oz* (modded some to Red) @ Enchantment
*6DOO* blue dwelling @ Enchantment
.AiShA. Munchkin Fairy Flower Rose, White, Blue @ Enchantment
.AiShA. Munchkin Water Flower White, Flower Rose @ Enchantment
LB_Mushrooms.v1, v2
Skye Rustic Fence
*HEXtraordinary* Ink Cap Mushroom –
Heart – WildFlowers – Foxgloves
dust bunny . maple cottage

Worn on Roxi:
rezology Sky 287 @ Enchantment
PuffSleeveDress(Blue)_for_COCOFashionDoll @ Enchantment
Fashiowl – Dorothy 3 pose and prop @ Enchantment
[MUSE] Dorthy Slippers @ Enchantment

Worn on Darth:
Entice – Munchkin Complete Avatar @ Enchantment
*NW* Lollipop – Rainbow Swirl @ Enchantment

Enchantment Logo

King Crab

King crabb.4

I woke  up  feeling a bit  crabby today..and what do ya  know !dM made  just the  thing  for  my  mood. The  “Little Miss Lobster” was  of  course  made  for  females..but..after  a little  convincing I was able  to  make  it  work..sorry..I didn’t wear the  boots..walking  in heels  is a  bitch! Behold the  beauty  of  my kingness!
Enchantment  just  keeps  giving and  giving theres so  much fabulous stuff this  round. From Merpeeps to  furniture its all  pretty  amazing  so far.
What also is  amazing  is  what  the owners  of the event  are  doing..ya see that  little  necklace  falling  down into  the sea?..well..its a special  one  made  for a  very  special  person. If  you  want to  know the  details  about  it please  go to

DRD- andolys Ariel’s cozy spot @ Enchantment
{L} Dry Kelp; Large @ Enchantment
!dM Seepferdchen “Jewel of the Sea” **OCEAN PEARL** (wear) RARE @ Enchantment
Botanical – Drifting Kelp Tall 4 w/ Canopy – Yellow
[we’re CLOSED] sunbeam
{anc} bubbles . ground field

ROQUAI Little mer 1 @ Enchantment

:[P]:– Valari Skin-Homme:// Vasnaeus
Clemmm – Unkin Mermaid Eyes @ Enchantment
.:Soul:. Syreni – HeadFins @ Enchantment
.:Soul:. Syreni – Gills @ Enchantment
Eternity Mother&Son necklace for Roxi Firanelli Donations @ Enchantment
Kibitz – Ariel necklace – copper @ Enchantment
[MUSE] Royale Perpetua Crown in Blackened Iron @ Enchantment
!dM deviousMind “Little Miss Lobster” **RED** @ Enchantment
Spines are my own.

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