Tallest House On The Block

NOMAD // Tall House for FLF
ANHELO-F01FP-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere
–ANHELO-F02SR-169GA :: vintage road bike (signal red)
–ANHELO-M46BI-182GA :: misty London morning (bike)
uK – Red Picket Fence Segment 2
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / cable
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of doves [caviar-black] 4Li
21. DRD SC Street Scene fire hydrant c/m
Botanical – Vintage Time Traveler’s Mailbox



I’m an Avocado

LB_AvocadoTree.v1{Animated}Seasons @ TMD
LB_FluffyGrass{Mesh} @ TMD
POST: Gnesen Farm Shed (aged timber)
POST: Askov Water Well Pump (bucket)
08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Wheelbarrow
08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Milk Containers
36 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
junk. old car door. blue. ( no longer inworld…or MP)
HPMD* Gravel Ground -green- straight
Botanical – Rustic Fishing Chair with Pole
oyasumi / ladder light (dark) / unplugged
Razor Bird Discarded doors
[Coastal Motors] – Prairie – Mineral ( heavily modded  in PS)
Skye Log Bridge (mossy)
Skye Bangalow Palm (1li linked twins)
Skye Twin Palm 1
Skye Twin Palm 3 Tall
Skye Triple Palm
Skye Tree Fern (1li linked twins)
Skye Banana Plant (1li linked twins)
Skye Bamboo Palm
Skye Alligator Apple Bush
JeanPierre Giordano The red Tractor mesh

Port of Call

“I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.”

Sea Fever: Selected Poems by John Masefield

NOMAD // “Mjolnir Kompaniet” Building @ 6 republic
NOMAD // “Steel Hardware” Warehouse
hive // trawler boat at sea
uK – Waterside Market Crate Closed
uK – Country Lane Pier
uK– Raven Creek Crate Full
02 – 8f8 – Green Grocers – Delivery Truck RARE
02_ 8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Delivery Tricycle RARE
03_ 8f8 – New Beginning – Old Rusty RARE
09_ 8f8 – New Beginnings – Ladder
8f8 – unexpected Journey – High Time CLOCK
21 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Ladder
TLC Seagull – Standing
TLC Seagull – Flying
DaD DESIGN “Victorian bridge single” ( used as sidewalk)
DaD DESIGN “Rustic wood Barrel” (Gift) @ FaMESHed
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / cable
PILOT – Brick Stack
PILOT – Brick Pile sm
PILOT – Plank Stack
PILOT – Planks
7 – Handtruck (Animated)
DRD DG platform 1a/ 1b (texture  modified in PS)
DRD DG Dock building
.:revival:. bollard rope
~JD~ MTF Vintage Truck
CVR Old truck /scripted)


His Ministry

“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. (quoting the Bhagavad-Gita after witnessing the first Nuclear explosion.)”

[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 1 RARE @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 2 RARE @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 3 @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 4 @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 11 @ Chapter Four
[sau]HAYA II[5.95][infected] @ TMD
anxiety %vibe @ The Coven
NOMAD // Barrel Fire Red
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / broken cable
R.E.C. Rothana Engineering Corporation (avatar but used for decor)

Bauhaus Movement– Deadpool 19 @ TLC

[ContraptioN] Ministry Hunter Helmet, Neck-piece @ The Dark Style Fair
E.V.E {APOCALIPTICA} Cyber Snakes Chains MB/MA RARE @ Momento Mori 
*katat0nik* (MALE / black) BENTO Iron Cage Hands @ SaNaRae
**UbS** Hidden darkness tattoo @ The Dark Style Fair
[LAB737] Beserker Pauldron
L&B Swear “Harness” Leather Pants Mens


The Barn Find

The  Arcade is still in full effected, me being  a man..well..I had  to  get some of the manly things and  set up a shot in a manly garage..theres nothing  more manly than  a garage..except Chuck Norris.. he  is  a mans manly man.
Now that  I  have  got that  out  of the way..do ya  see  the freakin awesome car? well..do ya?! If  you haven’t  been to Ultra yet..and  your a man..or a mans  woman..or a mans child..you need to  get this  for you man..man  I’ve used man  a lot.

PS. I have  just  been  told that  the above remarks  are very sexist and  that  a woman  can  like this as well.. perhaps she  could even get a man  with  it.  Thanks Obama.

REMODEL: Old Wooden Garage –
–ANHELO-V01AM-173RC :: a cycle car @ Ultra Event
NOMAD // Scavenger Cart RARE @ The Arcade
NOMAD // Portable Power Generator @ The Arcade
NOMAD // Vandal Tools Shop (Modded , pieces taken off) @ The Arcade
PILOT WIP PILOT – Planks @ The Arcade
BUENO-Steel Stool Decay 2 @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – loose screws @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – socket set @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – vintage hand drill @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – screws & nails RARE @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – rack of screwdrivers @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – work bench @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – vise @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – bench grinder @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – industrial outlets @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – pegboard – wrench RARE @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – pegboard – measure @ The Arcade
Soy. Abandoned Memorys – Bicycle [Yellow] @ The Arcade
{vespertine} green means life -broken pots @ The Arcade
BUENO-Skull Ritual Deco @ The Arcade
16 – DRD – Vagabond – Jaimys Storage @ The Arcade
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Flamingo
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Gas Pump – Red
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Garage Sign
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 1.2,4
7 – Route 66 Sign
7 – Gasoline Can
oyasumi / ladder light (light) / unplugged
PILOT – Garden Tools
Dutchie life buoy on hook
junk. old car door. blue.
15.DRD MM2 Old rug 1 c/m
Neon Circus Sign – Glimmer Moon
-Virtual Decay- Metal Signs


A day at the beach


ChiMia – Beach Umbrella RARE @ The Gacha Garden
ChiMia:: Double Beach Lounger @ The Gacha Garden
ChiMia:: Navy Striped Towel @ The Gacha Garden
ChiMia – Lemonade Can Bucket @ The Gacha Garden
ChiMia – Beach Bag @ The Gacha Garden
ChiMia – Beach Sunglasses @ The Gacha Garden
*HEXtraordinary* Princess Bed Pekingese – White – @ The Gacha Garden
:CP: Scilly Boat Worn (Adult) @ FaMESHed
TA Travel Guide
HPMD* Bottle and sand
oyasumi / beach bucket / grey
ARIA Pillows
The Loft – Roxy Lumbar Vintage Sack
dust bunny . coconut drink
dust bunny. pineapple drink
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket
AF Seaside Candle
[we’re CLOSED] kerosine lantern 2 white

Click  the  sign  below  for a detailed shopping  guide!


Winter at the pond

winter on the lake

Just  when  you think  Winter  is  over ( I so  want  it  to  be..its  cold  here!) Wayward  opened  their  winter  event The Wayward Winter. Its  full  of  amazing things..but  you  know me  I had  to  do  the  houses  first…well at  least  2  of  them. Both  are  gorgeous and  relatively low  prim. I  am  so  privileged  to be  a  part  of this  team  of  bloggers  and  I want to thank  Jenica for  sticking  by  me  though  the  rough  spots  I  have  had  lately.  I seem to  be  healing  well, save  for  the  bouts  here and  there and  hopefully  will  continue  to  get  my  mojo  back.

{what next} Alpine Cabin @ The Wayward Winter
hive // cabin in the woods @ The Wayward Winter
[PM]Pixel Mode – Lake House Bench – Light Wood
36_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Fire Wood
Ravenghost Lenorian Rocking Chair
oyasumi / rowboat bench
The Willow Pond from Studio Skye
Sway’s Christmas tree (A) snowed
{anc} snow ground (mesh uneven ground) white 1Li

To find  out more  about  what  the event  has  to  off click  the  picture  above!

Cuz I’m A Man!

Cuz  I'm A Man! .2 edit

The  title says  it  all no  other words  needed..well..maybe  these.
_________________The Man Song______

.1 [ kunst ] – Welder bench RARE
.2 [ kunst ] – Vintage table clock
.3 [ kunst ] – Nuts jar
.4 [ kunst ] – Bolts jar
.5 [ kunst ] – Vintage oiler
.6 [ kunst ] – Industrial bench lamp
.7 [ kunst ] – Mallet
.8 [ kunst ] – Bolts & nuts
.9 [ kunst ] – Fasteners list
–ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage
–ANHELO-F01FP-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere
–ANHELO-M11RN-15AGA :: garnish A
–ANHELO-M11RN-15AGA :: garnish B
–ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: workbench
Botanical – Dirt Road Short Curve
Sari-Sari – Upcycled Brass Bucket Lamp
Sari-Sari– Upcycled Metal Bucket Lamp
Sari-Sari – Upcycled Funnel Lamp
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Route 66
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Garage Sign
[Con.]The Garage Collection – Rat Rod Bike RARE
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Tool Chest
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Oil Bottles
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 2
[Con.]The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 1
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 3
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 4
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Tire Stack
[ kunst ] – Venetian window (right)
[ kunst ] – Shabby door – RARE
[ kunst ]– Hector’s penny-farthing
The Junk Hole – Discarded doors
oyasumi / windows & doors set / white
oyasumi / ladder light (light) / unplugged
PILOT – Garden Tools
Apple Fall Old Windsor Chair
.Olive. the Grandpa’s Toolbox Gacha – ( Box )
[19MC] Air Compressor 2.03
[19MC]  Blue Barrel 1.0.1
[HANDverk]Lawn Mower.display
{vespertine} – never stop dreaming glass jar./rez me
Q&V Motor – motor oil cans
!! Large Ground Clutter
::TeddyJr:: Jerrycan [Mesh] Full Perm
7 – Gasoline Can
Sylia’s can 3 and can 4




The welcoming committee

the welcoming

Hello  everyone! I took  to decorating a  bit  on the  outside  of  the  new  manor  and  of  course wanted to share.I  could  clammer on  about  each  item but  I think  I  have  pretty  much  covered  how  I  feel  about each  of the  designers  I  have  featured in the  picture which  is… Fantastic.
I  had  put  it all together  and  then  decided  I  needed a  break. I  don’t  shop for  clothes  that  much  these  days  as  every  linden I spend is  precious  since I  no longer  have a  viable  income. On a recent  trip out I  discovered *Just BECAUSE* also  made mens  clothing..who  knew?!..well I’m sure  plenty  did..but  daym it.. I  didn’t . I got the  Demo’s and  tried them  on…wow.  they  are  very  nicely  done  and  fit  really  well. I wish  I had  found them  sooner.  I  have  been  looking  for  some  casual/ sportswear for  a bit  and  never  found  ones  that  quite  fit the  bill for  me beyond FATEwear, now  I  have. I  chose the Jordan Shirt and Tailored Sweats , they seem to work well together and  it  looks  like  I am  either  going  on a  jog  or  just  coming  back  from  one. they both have a  very  relaxed  feel  and  look to them..and  I  love  it. For footwear  I  chose FATEstep  of  course and  it  doesn’t  get  much  better that  the ziggy  chucks. I will tell you  that  I am  actually  wearing the  female  version  of them..it  is a  personal choice as I  m not a  fan of  wearing  my  pants  tucked  into my  shoes…really…who does that  in RL?

Mother _002
I  am  also  wearing  a necklace  that  not  only  means  a lot  to  me but  helps  a  friend  that  is  going  thru  something  no  human  should  ever  need  to.  The Eternity Mother&Son necklace is  available  at the  enchantment  sim. I  have  included  the  LM..but  if you  want  to  learn  more please go to http://threadsandtuneage.com/eternity/

Apple Fall Hardwick Manor FaMESHed and The Main sim
Apple Fall Farrow Garden Wall
Apple Fall Spring Parasol
Apple Fall Propane Tank
Apple Fall Monogram Suitcases
Apple Fall Propane Tank
junk. salvaged tractor table.
junk. salvaged tractor seat.
junk. industrial plant stand. blue.
8f8 – Green Grocers – Wall Lamp
8f8 – unexpected Journey – The Middle of Nowhere SIGN
8f8 – unexpected Journey – All My Stuff Luggage TROLLEY – His
8f8 – Green Grocers – Trash Bin
{anc} flottante puppy. cream @ C88
Lark – Bike (M) RARE
=EliBaily= Ivy
Botanical – Mesh Mediterranean Cypress
Botanical – Vintage Time Traveler’s Mailbox
:Fanatik Architecture: walls, street
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / cable
[Knight Performance}Karmann Ghia Cream v7.3

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
*ARGRACE* RYO – Ash Black
Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
*Bolson / Tattoo Essential Pack – Sagmeister
Eternity Mother&Son necklace ( special  gift for Roxi Available at Enchantment)
*Just BECAUSE* Jordan Shirt – Blue
*Just BECAUSE* Tailored Sweats (mens) – Black/WhiteStripe
FATEstep – Ziggy Chucks

Exposeur Beloved 4





Ok folks, today  it’s  all about the  cars. [SURPLUS MOTORS] recently  put the 1960 Impala Red on her MM board and  I  knew  I  had to have  it, blog  it. Now I got there a  bit  late, saw the  notice  yet  didn’t go  for  the first  week… big  mistake!  I took  me  3  days, shouting  out  in groups I am  in and  a  bit  of  social media  to finally  get  it…but  man  is  it  worth  it. The  car is simply  gorgeous and  even  has  backseat poses  so you  can  fit your  entire  family ( and a  trunk big  enough  for the  mother in-law ). It  is  also for  sale  for a  pittance..so ya  have  no excuse. Now  I  needed cars  to go along with it and  remembered a couple that I  had, so out they  came wings and  all. The ICONIC [Palonic] is another  fabulous machine. I  love the  paint job and as  an extra  bonus..this  one  is  riding  on airbags and  comes with a hud  so you  can  lower  your  ride  accordingly..woots!  The BZ MotorsEldorado Biarritz convertible 1959 I have  already featured  here and  is also  pretty  daym  fantastic.

Now I  had to make the  rest  of the scene and that was a  no brainer I drug  out  my ~Dirty Rat~Diner and Gas Station. I  know these are  older  items..but  they are still  amazing and  fit  my  motif very well. Remember  in yesterdays  posts  when  I said I was dying to use the Oyasumi Telephone  poles..well I used them again because  daym they are  good.  Also in the  picture  is  my  new  favorite  landscape creator Little branch.

I  was trying to get this  post  done  before  The Secret Affair  closed  but  Roxi   needed  my ass.. literally, you  can see what  I  am  talking  about  by  visiting  her  blog. Man  she  sucks  me  into doing everything  for  her!

Now the scene  was set I  wasn’t  going to pose  in it..but thought  it would be nice  to  show  some  interaction with the car beings  how  I Fapped  over  it. Now  my  plan was to have  myself and  Sorchiee ( thank you  for  being  my  meat  puppet) leaning  against  it having a chat. But there  was  no way I  was  putting  my  dirty ass on the  car  ruining the  new  paint..and there was  no way  Sorchiee was  leaning  on the  dirty  car and   ruining  her  new  ass..erm.. I  mean  pants.

~Dirty Rat~Diner
~Dirty Rat~Gas Station
The Hive – Old Water Tower
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / cable
LB_PonyPalmv1 ( store coming soon)
LB_PonyPalmv1.2 ( store coming soon)
LB_PonyPalmv1.3 ( store coming soon)
[SURPLUS MOTORS] 1960 Impala Red v7.1 ( Midnight Madness )
ICONIC [Palonic] V1.1
BZ MotorsEldorado Biarritz convertible 1959 White