Just This Dance

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the beast

Roxi’s Version here at  On The Rox

[etnia] Fairytale Library @ Enchantment
Dahlia – Provence – Rose Cloche @ Enchantment
*HEXtraordinary* Enchanted Candelabra @ Enchantment
Dahlia – Provence – Chipped Teacup @ Enchantment
Dahlia – Provence – Hand Mirror @ Enchantment
Mushilu The Gaston Cup @ Enchantment
Mushilu The Gaston Shogun @ Enchantment
18.DRD MB Beast’s chair c/m
23.DRD MB wall tapestry c/m
3.DRD MB library globe c/m
17.DRD MB ballroom bench c/m
10.DRD MB librabry decorative table c/m
5.DRD MB rug round red c/m
21.DRD MB sidetable marble c/m
21.DRD MB sidetable dark wood c/m
29.DRD MB teaset c/m
25.DRD MB knight decor c/m
33.DRD MB wall chandelier small c/m
4.DRD MB ballroom chandelier c/m
5. DRD MB curtain c/m
6.DRD MB gargoyle scream tint 1 c/m
19.DRD MB metalframe broken art 1 c/m
Apple Fall Bushmead Railing Gate (White)
EoD Grand Piano Brown Open (no longer available)

pr!tty – Bellena Hair @ Enchantment
[ abrasive ] Romance Necklace @ Enchantment
Infinity_Bella Princess Dress<> @ Enchantment
Infinity_Bella Princess Gloves @ Enchantment
:::ChicChica::: Precious Rose Gold @ Enchantment
Catwa – Lona bento Mesh Head
Belleza – Verity applier for Catwa in Fair

[NC] – Beastie Jacket – Slink – Blue @ Enchantment
[Black Bantam] Heart Of A Lion Mask ( Available soon )
~Tableau Vivant~ Aidoru Series – Reita – FP
.aisling. Asen – Warrior Horns(WHITE)
PFC~General (Male)
PFC~Gauntlet (hand only)
[The Forge] Rose Chain, Rare Gold/Silver
.:EMO-tions:. * TORUNN * belt
JOMO Men’s leather armor Set pants A
.Eldritch. Orc Teeth – Gnashers (Male)



A Child’s Mind

“There are no Seven Wonders of the world in the eyes of a child.
There are seven million.”
Walt Streightiff

Kei’s Stargazer Tree
Kei’s Constellation Bench (Sagitarrius)
Kei’s Constellation Bench (Capricornus)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Aquarius)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Pisces)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Aries)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Taurus)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Gemini)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Cancer)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Leo)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Virgo)
Kei’s Stargazer Zodiac Bench (Libra)
Kei’s Constellation Bench (Scorpius)
Kei’s Stargazer Planetarium RARE v.2
Kei’s Stargazer Telescope RARE
Kei’s Fall Harvest Sunflowers
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 7 Flute
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 6 Opportuniste
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 8 Cat
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 4 Flamenco
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 10 Joker RARE
The Silas Gallery – Eerie Crew 2 Dompteuse
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Warrior metal
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Lamp
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Dagger
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Golden Flail
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Chalice
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Shield
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Helmet
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Candlestick
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Chest open
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Unlit candle on candlestick
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Skeletal warrior statue 2
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Skeletal warrior statue 1
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Vase – Silas Merlin
The Silas Gallery – Treasures from The Haze – Warrior cup
LB_YoungBradFord{Animated}*4Seasons Limit8
NOMAD // Changing Booth RARE
NOMAD // Space Rocket Carousel
NOMAD // The Moon
uK – Dreamer’s Sky Resting Cloud 2
uK – Dreamer’s Sky Dreamy Fog
uK – Dreamer’s Sky Resting Cloud 1
uK – Olympus Confetti Gold
17 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Starry Night
02_8f8 – New Beginnings – Windmill RARE
8f8 -Inside the Story – Boat
35 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Stairway to Knowledge
ionic : Well water
CURELESS+AMORE / Surrealisme / La Fontaine / GOLD
Primus.X Raid Horn 1.2 (male) (gold)
Air_Halo gold_Enchantment Hunt_
MetaTheodora Foundling Mask – LEMURIA – Gold (Common)
MetaTheodora FOUNDLING Armour – Right Shinguard – Gold
MetaTheodora FOUNDLING Armour – Right Bracer – Gold
.aisling. Feldream Hands Gold [R]
. a i s l i n g . Fangarth-Bracer- R /GOLD/
[The Forge] Gypsy Bangle, R (Gold)
{Reverie} Masquerade – Golden Fawkes [UNCOMMON]
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Tiara (gold) RARE
May Soul thor mace gold male RARE
HPMD* WildGrasses
*alirium* nanohana
[Black Bantam] Polar Bear Baby Boy 01 @ N21
{anc} story. /butterfly


The Return

Certain  things catch  your  eye,
Pursue only those that  capture  your heart
PFC~Altar – complete scene
PFC~Woods’ camp – hut 1
PFC~Woods’ camp – hut 2
PFC~Woods’ camp – door of hides
PFC~Woods’ camp – teepee
PFC~Woods’ camp – shelter
PFC~Woods’ camp – platform
PFC~Woods’ camp – corner
PFC~Woods’ camp – auxiliar poles
PFC~Woods’ camp – shoring 1
PFC~Woods’ camp – shoring 2
LB_OakGrass_Fall*Summer{Mesh} @ Shiny Shabby
LB_OakIslandGround{Seasons} @ Shiny Shabby

Worn on Roxi:
eXxEsS : ASHA Hair NEW!
[AK] Mesh Head Asya Vers. 2.6 Bento
PFC~Lina – Necklace
PFC~Lina – Armlet
PFC~Lina – bracer
PFC~Lina – top
PFC~Lina – skirt

Worn on Darth:
Slink Physique Male Mesh Body
Slink Hands – Dynamic
..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head – Darker Tone
PFC~Rebellion @ Signature Event
PFC~Rag ‘n wrap @ Signature Event
PFC~Pan Pants
PFC~Bones – chest
PFC~Black Sorrow (Bow & Quiver)


The Thinker


Days  have  passed and  as  much  as  I  try to  keep myself  busy..I  can’t.  It is  not  boredom it  is  all these  thoughts going thru  my  head like  pages falling  off a  book. As  the  day  passes  by  I  find  myself  deeper  and  deeper  into  them, yet  they  are  hard  to  put to  words so hopefully  this  photo will  do.

{anc} in the rain drop lamp / float 2Li {gold} for Deco(c)rate
.random.Matter. – Book of Sorrows for Deco(c)rate
Kensington Gazebo by Ex Machina for Deco(c)rate

*ARGRACE* SHUN – Coppers
Action Inkubator Kore Bases (3D hairbase)
+Spellbound+ Monster Beard
PFC~Punk arms
[Deadwool] Lahood pants_mesh – brown
.:EMO-tions:. * TORUNN * belt l


SL Gods


Someday soon a fallen God looks at what has come
Mournful of the darkness swarms, over the rising sun
What has come? Oh what will be?
Does this world have still time to breath?

The fallen God looks, and swims for the sky
Looking for pardons, the saviors do fly
For freedom to fall, and the darkness to clear
And the world to be freed from this too long ago fear.

E.V.E Dancing Stars Galaxy Blue & Gold

Roxi pose:
Roquai – Pamakhala Girl – Fall pose on the Echtra Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Worn On Roxi:
The Plastik – Constella Jupityr Skin on the Serenity Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016
mangomoon – Ophelia Crown on the @ Fantasy Faire 2016
/Wasabi Pills/ – Cleo Mesh Hair on the Golden Delta Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016

Darth pose:
Roquai – Pamakhala couple – Breeze pose

Worn On Darth.
:[P]:- Constus Skin:// Jupityr skin on the Serenity Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016
:[P]:- Demon Eyes:// Noir eye’s on the Serenity Sim @ Fantasy Faire 2016
+Spellbound+ Monster Beard V3 // All Colours
PFC~General (Male)
PFC~Hercules greave
PFC~Kraken greave
PFC~Cerberus thigh
PFC~Iron Helm (gold) – winged (Modded)
PFC~Aphrodite bracer
PFC~Medusa bracer
**JOMO** MAN’S Golden Feast T-back 03




DRD has  released another  fantastic  product!. The amazon headdress  looks  fantastic.  While I have  it  basically  on without  hair  it works  just as well with. It  comes in seven  different  color  combo’s  so I am  sure  you will find  one that  suits  your  needs…but  hurry.. its  on sale  todays  until 8pm slt  for  $75L!

Skye Enchanted Woods 2 (path)
Skye Enchanted Woods v2 – 6 (slope)
Skye The Falls of Ollach
Skye Enchanted Pond
Skye creeper cylinder even top ( in package with cuesta rocks )
Skye Bamboo Palm
Skye Tree Fern
Skye Zingiberaceae Alt Leaf
Skye Banana Plant
:Fanatik Architecture: Rocky Mountain 2 Summer
MiChIGaN’s ShAcK Wreked Plane decor

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
DRD amazon headdress – colorburst NEW!
Yasum*MESH*Cyber Dreads*EPIC*MALE*
EMORTAL CONCEPTS Black Scruffy Mutton Chops combo
PFC~Raven Pauldron
PFC~Forest’s scourge

DRD amazon headress




There  I was  minding  my  own  business when  once again Roxi  Im’s  me and  sends a  gyazo..then asks ”  what  does  this  picture  need” I said ” hmm don’t  know” and  she  said ” well the  Kilt and PFC  helmet  are the  only  things  I didn’t  blog.”  I  told  her “thats  because  it was a  mens  item and  that  I had  blogged  it”…then I waited. Well  as  you  can  see the  puppy  face  worked  once again..but I had  one  stipulation… I was  bringing  my  goat!( She  never  lets  me bring  him)  Theres  so  many  pictures  that  ya  just  need a  goat!  Just  look at this  one, a  goat would  have  been  perfect. The Secret Affair Ends  tonight at midnight SLT so  make  sure to go  if  you  haven’t  been there to get what ya  need… oh…and  bring a freakin goat.

DRD Roman chariot (Battlefield) PG @ The Secret Affair

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
.Reckless. – Hex
Slink AvEnhance Hands, Feet Male – Relax
PFC~Hydra @ The Secret Affair
:Enigma: Ragnar Kilt/ belt @ The Secret Affair
22769 ~ [accessories] Homme Gladiators Used Leather @ The Secret Affair

[INK] Hair___WHO1 ::Roots
Ariskea [Field] Pansy Headband [Cashemire] @ Shiny Shabby
Cellar Door Roman Tunic @ The Secret Affair
Cellar Door leg coverings @ The Secret Affair
Cellar Door Roman Cuffs Gold @ The Secret Affair
White Widow Kundun tattoo
Del May Kiss My Hand pose (slightly modified for pointing :))

TSA Logo

Leave No Man

For Romans, there’s a saying “Eagle lost, honor lost; honor lost, all lost.” Are The eagles thinking the same of the soldier?
Leave No Man

The Secret affair  has  kicked  off  with a bang. Every  woman running  around  like a chicken with its  head chopped  off…and  for  good  reason! the  creators  knocked it  out  of the  park this  time (or  rather arena).
I  cannot say  enough  about DRD’s Roman  themed items..wow not  only  do the chariots make great scenery the are  also packed  with  sits available  in  both  pg and adult…( psst..get the adult). Black Bantam  has  also came  out  of  left  field and..well..amazed  me  with her Roman Soldier Eagles 3  in all  2  static with  poses and  a wearable..freakin awesome. Now we all know  how I  feel about PFC and  she  continues her  journey this  round  by  bringing us an  updated  version  of  her Hydra and Fundoshi. Don’t  say to yourself that ya  don’t  need  them..ya  do..when I say  updated I  mean almost  completely  redone in  mesh..better  forms..better  textures..still  PFC. Can  you  believe she  is  redoing  every  item  in  her store..yes..every freakin item will soon be  Mesh..cant wait. I  have  also managed to wear the ” female”  items that FDD  made, it wasn’t  much work at all ( hint  hint  fella’s) they  look great and  are  well made. :[P]: has  done a  good  job with the Tehgrius Bracers, Available  in  both  male and  female  versions,  they come with a hud  that  allows you  to change the steal studs  that adorn  the rim  of the  leather. Last  but  not  least  is  May’s Soul  for this round the Minerva set comes complete with  2  options, the  one  I  am wearing  and the  other  the  spear and  ribbon stay  attached to the  back  and  you  hold the shield. Love the effect the  ribbon gives   so  I  am happy  to leave  it  combined.
G.O.D feild
DRD Roman chariot (Battlefield) @ The Secret Affair
DRD roman dagger holder @ The Secret Affair
DRD roman spearholder @ The Secret Affair
[Black Bantam] Roman Soldier Eagle (with poses..I just rezzed them) @ The Secret Affair

*Kc*T 8  Orenger

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
~Tableau Vivant~ Baron Hair
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
.Things. – Ragnarok Faded Tattoo @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Hydra @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Fundoshi @ The Secret Affair
FDD Stories *Maureen* pauldron @ The Secret Affair
FDD Stories *Maureen* guardbrace @ The Secret Affair
FDD- Tehgrius Bracer @ The Secret Affair
DRD Roman sandals male M/L black @ The Secret Affair
*May’s Soul* Minerva set shield and spear @ The Secret Affair ( ribbon Modded from white  to red)



Time for another post from the Apocalypse!

Roadie edit
When I heard that this round of The Secret Affair was going to be based on that..I knew right where to go for the things I was going to need. That place is Crimarizon, everything from almost complete scenes, to all the little detail places..ya just can’t go wrong there she has it down pat.
Swagga has released 2 masks for this round the first one I am wearing is the RoadWarrior Mask..Love it! It’s pure evil I tell ya..evil! It doesn’t hurt that its also done very very well done.
!g0! has released their amy 12 outfit in male and female..I tried wearing the female and it made my hips look way to big..grins. I love the little detail in this out fit,,it actually has ” Human” written across the front and back!. Ya wouldn’t want folks getting confused!

Crimarizon The Apocalypse

RO – Goblin Helmet RARE
[The Forge] Operator’s Headset, White. (modded)
[SWaGGa] RoadWarrior Mask @ The Secret Affair opening  March 15th
[The Forge] Arden Chest Strap, Brown/Steel
[The Forge] Ammo Belt, Male
PFC~Iron arms, Full Sleve R, Pauldrons left and right
PFC~Gauntlet (stretchable) – R
RO – Azrael (Left) – Wrought
!gO!– army –12 Human Male shirt, pants @ The Secret Affair opening  March 15th

TSA Logo

Not my home

Time for another awesome outfit from The Secret Affair. This round is full of good stuffs even a few for the guys. PFC is rereleasing some of her earlier work and man..its quite the improvement!..Not only is it mesh ..it also now comes with a texture changing hud. She is starting with the Acolyte outfit and the Iron Arms, I can’t wait until she releases more..I know my inventory will explode!.. I also dug out some other Items from the shop, being her Gauntlets, Edge of Despair and the Shi no Hana. Baam it all flows! Not my home.1
I am also wearing one of the masks from [ContraptioN]. The Mata Ketiga fits perfect under the hood and looks awesome!..there are two masks in the collection I am wearing the Mata without the headpiece attached. Ya really need to go check these out as all of them are perfectly done.. the one without the headpiece just works well for what I did here.
Last but not least is the RO Horns of Zolah – Dusk and again RO never disappoints. Each set comes with an optional ear guard but it wouldn’t work with my outfit. You have your choice of 2 different colors, Dusk ( what I am wearing) and a white set…go grab them!

>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
PFC~Acolyte Hood, Kilt, Dye @ TSA
PFC~Iron arms Full sleeve, Pauldron @ TSA
PFC~Gauntlet (hand only)
PFC~Shi no Hana – sheath alternative
PFC~Edge of Despair [ContraptioN] Masks: Mata Ketiga *default B* @ TSA
RO – Horns of Zolah – Dusk @ TSA Screenshot 2015-01-22 16.30.40