The Thinker


Days  have  passed and  as  much  as  I  try to  keep myself  busy..I  can’t.  It is  not  boredom it  is  all these  thoughts going thru  my  head like  pages falling  off a  book. As  the  day  passes  by  I  find  myself  deeper  and  deeper  into  them, yet  they  are  hard  to  put to  words so hopefully  this  photo will  do.

{anc} in the rain drop lamp / float 2Li {gold} for Deco(c)rate
.random.Matter. – Book of Sorrows for Deco(c)rate
Kensington Gazebo by Ex Machina for Deco(c)rate

*ARGRACE* SHUN – Coppers
Action Inkubator Kore Bases (3D hairbase)
+Spellbound+ Monster Beard
PFC~Punk arms
[Deadwool] Lahood pants_mesh – brown
.:EMO-tions:. * TORUNN * belt l


Secret bedroom

Secret bedroom

It’s  not  over  yet  folks!  Enchantment  brought  so  many  goodies this  month  I  am  having a  hard time  keeping  up!. I  have  been  wanting to do something with the Zerkalo stuff but  kept  running  into  things  I  just  didn’t  like  about  the  set  up…it was  me..not the  stuffs  lol..but..finally  I dug  my  head  out  of  my…well ya  know..and  got  something  done. Truth  be told.. I asked a  woman..thank you Cinder  for  helping  me  along  the  way..and  for  being  my  Mer Puppet.

DRD- andolys Ariel’s cozy spot @ Enchantment
[ zerkalo ] Little Mermaid – Bed – PG (2nd bed edited and turned to make headboard ) @ Enchantment
[ zerkalo ] Little Mermaid – Couch – PG @ Enchantment
[ zerkalo ] Little Mermaid – Armchair – PG @ Enchantment
[ zerkalo ] Little Mermaid – Table @ Enchantment
[ zerkalo ] Little Mermaid – Pillows @ Enchantment
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Vanity – RARE
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Hatboxes
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Powder
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Make-up
[ zerkalo ] Precious Moments – Perfume
.random.Matter. – Fairy Lights Drapery – Black Wood
=Zenith=Vintage Leather Trunk (Rez) – RARE
{anc} bubbles . tight pole. field 1prim /MC

Worn on Cinder:
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Glam Affair – December skin – America 01 F
Poetic Colors – Rain Tree – Large Bright
Glam Affair – Sylvia – Basic lips 01
Birdy. Simple eyeliner
*BC* Eyelashes 1
MaitreyaV.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes
FDD Stories *Little Mermaid* Bra (modified) available at Enchantment
Yabusaka> Mermaid Tail (Betta) available at CCB
**CC** – Celestial Bubbles Aura available at Enchantment
Kibitz – Ariel necklace – copper available at Enchantment

Enchantment 512