Winners, losers in the end Americans


I  have  been  sitting  here thinking  for  hours on what  to  say , as  much  as  I would  like  to  say nothing  seems  quite right.  I  am  glad  the election  process is over and  am  humbled  by  the  speeches  given  by  both Hillary  and   Trump.  As  much  as  they  fought in the  election cycle the  end its  upholding  our  traditions  and  coming  together  for the  benefit  of  all.  The  olive  branch  has  been  offered.. it’s  up  to  you  to  reach  out  and  accept  it.

Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Ring RARE (50L per play) @ 6 Republic
Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Chairs @ 6 Republic
Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Scoring Table @ 6 Republic
Kei’s Aussie Boxing Gym Bell @ 6 Republic
Kei’s Boxing Gloves @ 6 Republic

{NANTRA} Debate This Podium 1 @ Gacha Garden
{NANTRA} Debate This Podium 2 @ Gacha Garden
{NANTRA} Debate This Pose #8 RARE
[Fetch] Sippy Sippy Cup – Bitch @ Gacha Garden
[Fetch] Sippy Sippy Cup – Fuck Face @ Gacha Garden
[Fetch] Sippy Sippy Cup – Turkey @ Gacha Garden
[Since1975] BoomBox/P ( SOI ) @ Gacha Garden
Junk Food – Joyce’s Phone Clean @ Gacha Garden
Junk Food – Joyce’s Burned Phone @ Gacha Garden
Junk Food – Mike’s Walkie Talkie @ Gacha Garden
Junk Food – Dustin’s Stash @ Gacha Garden
Little Llama – Protest Signs #4 @ Gacha Garden
Little Llama – Protest Signs #9 @ Gacha Garden

NOMAD // Gymnasium RARE
Rowne.Singer – Paparazzi

rezology Couchlocker Hair
Vale Koer Essential Underwear Grey
Vale Koer TippyToe Chucks Original

A&A Donald Hair Ash Blonde (right!!?)
[Deadwool] Peak suit (wool) Blue
.:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” Wingtip
Zaara – Classic Suit Jacket and Pants


Extra Credit


Theres  other ways  to  make  the  grade.

Oh  to  relive  those  days with the  knowledge  I  have  now..high school would be  soon much  better. I played a lot  of  sports  in school, Football, basketball, baseball  and  track but  I wouldn’t have  called  myself  a  jock.  I  didn’t hang  out  that  much  with the  other players but.. I saw really  early  on what  being  in  sports  brought…Girls…lots  of  girls. Being  on the  team also  brought  other  benefits I was  in shape (  man  I wish  I  had  those  abs  again) and  traveled  across  the  state for  games so  I got to  see  a lot  of the  state  I lived  in.  But that wasn’t  all…remember  what  I  said  about  girls? well..even  at  the  tender  age  of  16 that wasn’t my thing…or  dream  rather. My  dream  was my  English  teacher. She  was a  redhead with  freckles going  into  places  I  could only  imagine ( though  on occasion when  she  wore  the  right  shirt I did  my  best  to  count  each  and  everyone  of  them). She  also  happened  to  be…. the  cheer coach. Did  I tell  you  that the  cheerleaders rode  the  same  bus back and  forth to  games with  us? Now you  get the  picture. So for  all  those  Ms Mcquays out  there..thank  you  for  giving  us  dreams.

Little Branch – HoneyMesquite.v3{Seasons} @ U L T R A Event 
NOMAD // Gymnasium RARE
NOMAD // “Steel Hardware” Warehouse
*ComeSoon* Cheers – Full scene with pose @ Whore Couture 
[Surplus Motors] Carrara
Virtual Decay– Busted wire fence
Goal Post, Bruins Signage and A+ paper made for scene

Worn on Roxi:
rezology Butterfly 128 – NEW!
[sYs] COURTISANE dress (Maitreya body) – black @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
MINIMAL – Virginia Earrings – Gold @ Whore Couture Fair 2016

Worn on Darth:
..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head – Darker Tone
no.match_ ~ NO_DIRECTION beard
+Spellbound+ Monster Stache
Meli Imako Mesh_American Football Uniform ( retextured)
kunst ] – Dayton Watch


Lollipop Gang

Lolipop gang

On second  thought…your  not  getting  my  daym  lollipop.
Enchantment  is  open and  the  theme  this  month is The  Wizard Of Oz and  as  you  would  guess  theres  all sorts of Oz’ly stuff!

FDD Stories *Stone Roads * Yellow *Oz* (modded some to Red) @ Enchantment
*6DOO* blue dwelling @ Enchantment
.AiShA. Munchkin Fairy Flower Rose, White, Blue @ Enchantment
.AiShA. Munchkin Water Flower White, Flower Rose @ Enchantment
LB_Mushrooms.v1, v2
Skye Rustic Fence
*HEXtraordinary* Ink Cap Mushroom –
Heart – WildFlowers – Foxgloves
dust bunny . maple cottage

Worn on Roxi:
rezology Sky 287 @ Enchantment
PuffSleeveDress(Blue)_for_COCOFashionDoll @ Enchantment
Fashiowl – Dorothy 3 pose and prop @ Enchantment
[MUSE] Dorthy Slippers @ Enchantment

Worn on Darth:
Entice – Munchkin Complete Avatar @ Enchantment
*NW* Lollipop – Rainbow Swirl @ Enchantment

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