The Club House


We pulled into town
Broke glass at the Mink,
What words do they say
These fellas like to drink.
With fire in our eyes
Smiley served up another,
Tomorrow I’ll remember
Jack Daniels ain’t my brother.

..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Biker Club ULTRARARE* @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool “L” table RARE @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Couch @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Motors Magazines @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Hanged Jacket @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Trash Can @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Moto Clutch @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Motorbike Frame Black @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Screwdriver @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Peggy S. Beer Spilled @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Projects @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Radio @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Caliper @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Bike Fuel Tank @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Cafe Racers Stool @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Metal Fire Extinguisher @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Motorbike Frame Red @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Vintage Evil Bottle @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Lift-up Stool @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Helmet Shelf @ The Mancave
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool – Ceiling Lamp Fan @ The Mancave
20. DRD SC Crack House beer on table
NOMAD // Stage Prop – Head
NOMAD // Barrel Fire Green
[Con.] Wax On/Wax Off Convertible – Ratrod RARE
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Rat Rod Bike Rare
[Con.] Motorcycle attachable – Gold
Mesh Work on Bike
10t&co Knucklehead Digger v10000-Couple-LOW-LI
RA YA Design Drunk Girl 6
RA YA Design Drunk Boy 1
[sau]Kuazi[lite][TMD][Matt Black]
{kokoia} :: Atrezzo :: Bikers Workshop :: (full set)
{kokoia} tires
Zaara [Goa party] : Cannabis plant
[19MC] AUTO-DRUG Table 1.01
[19MC] Arm Chair 1.02
JD Mechanical Jenney Mand’dson “1915” Scrambler noscript
BUR motorcycles Pipe Chief no scipts!
ionic : A pile of cardboard boxes
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – industrial outlets
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – pegboard – wrench RARE
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – pegboard – measure
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – vise
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – bench grinder
Second Spaces – You Better Work Bench – socket set



Winter Haven

DaD DESIGN “Woodpecker Cottage” @ District 20 starting on the 21st
DaD DESIGN “Old Memory Bicycle Winter Ed.” @ Fameshed
Botanical – *Edged Brick Park
Botanical – Dirt Road Straight
Botanical – Groundcover Snowy
37_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Icicle Long
37_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Icicle Short
04_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Bench
35_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Picket Fence
36_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Fire Wood
38_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Sledge
09 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Street Lamp
NOMAD // Baubles Wreath
Zigana . grandpapa`s ski`s
Sway’s [Sled] Bench / Adult
Sway’s Christmas tree (A) snowed
Sway’s Christmas tree (B) snowed
Raven Wood : Charmed Welcome Archway // Frosted
hive // snowman pail
:CP: Huisje Pinecone Lighted Wreath
HIDEKI – Mail Box
[sau]YUKI2 snowmobile[Lite][red]
[sau]YUKI2 snowmobile[Lite][wind]


His Ministry

“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. (quoting the Bhagavad-Gita after witnessing the first Nuclear explosion.)”

[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 1 RARE @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 2 RARE @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 3 @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 4 @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 11 @ Chapter Four
[sau]HAYA II[5.95][infected] @ TMD
anxiety %vibe @ The Coven
NOMAD // Barrel Fire Red
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / broken cable
R.E.C. Rothana Engineering Corporation (avatar but used for decor)

Bauhaus Movement– Deadpool 19 @ TLC

[ContraptioN] Ministry Hunter Helmet, Neck-piece @ The Dark Style Fair
E.V.E {APOCALIPTICA} Cyber Snakes Chains MB/MA RARE @ Momento Mori 
*katat0nik* (MALE / black) BENTO Iron Cage Hands @ SaNaRae
**UbS** Hidden darkness tattoo @ The Dark Style Fair
[LAB737] Beserker Pauldron
L&B Swear “Harness” Leather Pants Mens


Easy Living

Hello all, I rarely take a  photo on  other  sims but  I  can  not  say  enough Hot Bodies.The  parcel size  is  around  1/4 sim.. think  and its  amazing there is  so much  to look at…this  guy  is my hero. I recently received the NOMAD Auto repair  shop and  was  setting  up a scene. I  took a break and  was looking  through my flickr feed and  saw an  amazing  photo of it in use.. I had  to  see it  for myself and  wasn’t disappointed.I looked at my scene..then  his..and well..ya know the rest of the story. Do yourself a favor if  you haven’t been  …go.

Scene: ( taken at Hot Bodies)
NOMAD // Auto Repair Shop @ Draftsman
NOMAD // Old blue broken chair
NOMAD// Portable Power Generator
ANHELO-F01BL-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere
ANHELO-M26E1-16CGA :: building installations 1
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Gas Pump – Red
[Con.]The Garage Collection – Garage Sign
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Air Inflator – Mint
06 *YS&YS* Industrial Wall Lamp Red
..::THOR::.. Aged Car Setee
..::THOR::.. Recycled “Willy” Table
DRD – AE – Post Apocalyptic Holiday – Table
{anc} NO LIMITS.old electric pole[wash]
7 – Help Box
.02 [ kunst ] – Pegboard RARE
.9 [ kunst ] – Fasteners list
C.H.C The Dirty “F” (truck in garage)
AS-Car Scrap2
AS Old Car S.P
Botanical – Dirt Road Straight
[PM]Pixel Mode – Dune Fence – Straight Warp

The Long Ride


We all  have  roads  to follow, rides  to  take.
Some are short with simple days  ahead.
Most are long  with  twists  and  turns  along  the  way.
Never  give  up  on the  long  rides,
those are  the ones  that  lead  to  home.

[sau]8Ball Breaker
hive // forgotten old car
Schultz Bros. [Abandoned] Old Shack
DECO – WeatherVane (iron)
Skye Cliffs

..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head – Darker Tone
[ FAKESSI ] Ozzy Sunglasses – Solid – Stoner
[sau]Indian feather necklace
::GB::Fringe Vest (Slink) Black
::GB::Chino Boots in pants (Slink) Black
::GB::Leather Wind Bracelet ( slink) Black
::GB::Feather Chain Necklace(Slink) Black


An unexpected ride


Hello  peeps, Today I  am Mr Badass..or  rather I am blogging  about  two  very badass bikes, some  badass  jeans  and  a leather vest (  cut ). I  got the  message  a  few days  ago  about  deco’s  new ” Outlaw Collection” and  had  to  go  try  the  demo…and it’s fantastic,you  can even  Mod the  patches and  make  the  vest  your very  own. Now  I am  no biker by  a  long  shot, but  I do  like  to  ride  every  now  and  then. Its  mostly  at the Sau sim but  being that  I  live  right  on route 8  on the mainland  I  take  a  cruz down that every  now  and  then.

I  already  had a  few  sau bikes but  I had  been  drooling  over  the Faust since Nir  released it. Its a beautiful bike perfectly detailed  down  to  well..the last detail. Unfortunately I am  strapped so  thats  all  I was able  to  do. I was so  impressed  with  it I had  to find  a way  to  blog  it…there in lies the  problem.  I asked  in the say group  if  anyone  had  the Faust that  I could  ” borrow” to  finish  off  a scene  that  I had setup already with the Gilgamesh, Mouse and  a  few  more of  her  bikes  that  I own.  At  first there was  silence..then a  few  smart ass  replies. I was  ready  to   say  fuck  it  when Bluntforce Sol popped into  my inbox. He said  he  saw the  group  convo and  decided to  go look at the bike  one  more  time. like  me  he  had  also  been  salivating  over  it and..well…that  one  last test ride  after I  mentioned  it sealed the  deal. within 20  minutes he was  on  my  platform and  rezzing the  bike  for  me.. within another  2  he  had  friended  me  and  given  me  his  perms..amazing.  Blunt  is  the  leader of the  pack of Iron Angels, a strictly male club and  looks like a total badass, but unlike  a lot  of the  other biker presidents  I  have  ran  into,  isn’t  full  of  himself and  is  a  very  likable  guy..almost  friendly. Don’t  tell  him I told  you  that  or  he  will  have  me  scrubbing  floors  in a thong  over  at  the  clubs female charter  Eternal Soulz which  is  ran  by candycane Amulet. (  she had already suggested  it! ) The  club  is  on a  private  sim but  if  your  interested or  even  a  bit  curious give  either  one  of them  a  ring and  I am  sure  they  will show  you  around.

7 – Cold Beer
7 – Neon Legs
Apple Fall Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust)
[Tampon Inside] Urban Road Straight ( Store closed )

..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head & Slink body applier
.:CHEVEUX:.F079 Hair Silver
*Reign.– Studded Headband- Black
**DECO – Outlaw Vest**
**DECO– Outlaw Jeans (stained)**
[Deadwool] Patmos boots – black

biker sim _007 biker sim _006 biker sim _005 biker sim _004 biker sim _003 biker sim _002 biker sim _001


Don’t Wreck It!

Dont Break It!

Hello folks!
I  need  to  know  something…why  is  it  when  a  couple  gets a  new  vehicle the  woman gets  it  and  the  man gets to  drive  the  old  ratty  one?! Hell if  they  don’t  have  a  ratty one..the  man  is  stuck  watching  and  waiting  until  the woman  gets  done! Thats  what  happened  when  i  managed  to get  the Sau  rare  from  The  Mens  dept… Cinder  hopped  her  ass  right  on  it  and  claimed  it!.she  even  sprayed perfume  all over  it  and  hung  an  air  freshener. … and  to  be  honest… the  seat  now  has  her  ass  print  on  it.

uK – Country Lane Segment Fence @ TLC
uK – Country Lane Broken Fence @ TLC
LB_Bradford.Cluster{4Seasons} @LTD
LB_Grass1l{Winter} @LTD
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Winter Cottage (Snowtop) @ Wayward Market
[PM]Pixel Mode – Landscape Lights – Spiral, Taper @LTD
Sway’s Christmas tree (A), (B) snowed
:CP: Wedding Bridge Winter (PG)
[sau]YUKI2 snowmobile[Lite][Xmas]RARE @ TMD

Worn on Cinder:
pr!tty – Christmas Kitty – [Candy Cane] (Wayward Gift)
[EF]_’Bootyful #1’_Glasses No longer available
B.C.C Winter Story female-Coat version Chocolate Plaid XXS RARE
Blueberry / Tink / Knee High Sizes – Maitreya

Worn on Darth:
Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body
[Deadwool] Full beard base
FATEwear Scarf – Weasley – Snowflakes (SWF)(M)
RO – The Beanie – Cake @ TMD
Apple May Designs Through the Rain Boots *Mens* @ Wayward Market
[ContraptioN] Martin’s Margins Lens *???* nose @ Wayward Market
[CX] CandyMuff (Gray) @ Wayward Market
[Deadwool] Corduroy pants – S (BC) – navy
[Deadwool] Ernst sweater – fitted turtleneck – black
[Deadwool] Full beard – black –
[SWaGGa] Leather Glove Black (TMP) Jacket Cut @ Wayward Market