Mountain high


DaD Winter Break . Cabin RARE
DaD Winter Break . Ski lift Station Full Set
37_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Icicle Long
36_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Fire Wood
6 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Growing Up Japanese Maple
2 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Vacant RARE
brocante. ski lodge signs
[Con.] Wanderlust Station Bench
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Propane Tank
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign:Husky
GOOSE – wooden BAR sign
7 – Cold Beer
7 – Good Food
Soy. Cocoa stand Signboard
Soy. Snow covered woods
Mori. industrial pipes
(Milk Motion) snowy bare tree
(Milk Motion) snow landscape
NOMAD // Broken Cable Car
08 Action Used Cars – Dish Rust
[tmk] V.S.M – ride (yellow)
[tmk] V.S.M – ride (T.madness) RARE
Lil’Bug /GOOSE – Snowboard Rare
hive // rick’s truck [white]
hive // camp cabin RARE
Small antenna taken from another build not part of DaD cabin


A moment in time

” Photography’s vaunted capture of a
moment in time is the seizure and freezing
of Presence. It is the image of simultaneity,
of the way that everything within a given
space at a given moment is present to
everything else; it  is the declaration of the
seamless integrity of the real.”
— Rosalind E. Krauss
Skye Rustic Road Straight
Skye Enchanted Woods v2 – 3 (trees)
ANHELO-T04BL-17CGA :: christmas 2017 (blue)
Soy. Snow covered woods

Worn on Roxi:
[monso] My Hair – Somin @ Collabor88
(AMD) Broken Nerd Glasses – Red
*Just BECAUSE* Abby Necklace @ Pay It Forward
*Just Because* Silvia Dress – Pay It Forward Group Gift
[Black Bantam] Lay in Your Arms Reindeer Pup @ Chapter 4
Catwa – Lona Bento Mesh Head vs.3.0
Glam Affair – Miriam winter applier in Europa tone

Worn on Darth:
(AMD) Holidays Snow Hat – SnowFlake ( 1L Holiday Gift )
(AMD) Broken Nerd Glasses – Blue
FATEwear Scarf – Harry – Ocean (SWF)(M+)
TonkTastic & HERMONY – Crewneck Sweater -Knit /Beige- @ The Man Cave


One mans Junk

–ANHELO-G04-01-17BGA :: van ( Rare) @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-03-17BGA :: roof carrier @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-02-17BGA :: complete engine ( RARE) @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-04-17BGA :: transmission @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-05-17BGA :: engine @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-06-17BGA :: cooling fan shroud @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-10-17BGA :: cylinder/piston @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-13-17BGA :: reduction box @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-13-17BGA :: reduction gear @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-14-17BGA :: handles @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-07-17BGA :: cylinder head @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-11-17BGA :: meters @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-09-17BGA :: muffler @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G04-08-17BGA :: carburetor @ Arcade
–ANHELO-G01A3-168GA :: SUZUKI Fittings
–ANHELO-H02RN-15AGA :: old garage
–ANHELO-M11RN-15AGA :: garnish A
–ANHELO-M11RN-15AGA :: garnish B
–ANHELO-M09RN-15AGA :: workbench
–ANHELO-M10RN-15AGA :: hose
–ANHELO-G01B2-168GA :: gas tank
–ANHELO-G01B5-168GA :: recycling
–ANHELO-F02SR-169GA :: vintage road bike (signal red)
–ANHELO-F01FP-159GA :: la voiture de grand-pere
hive // worn dolly . blue
hive // pile of boxes A
hive // pile of boxes B
hive // for sale sign ( modded)
hive // dark string lights
Mikunch Broken bicycle 9
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 1
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 2
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 3
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Wood Poster 4
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Americana poster
[Con.] The Garage Collection – Gas Pump – Mint
[Con.] Peewee bicycle – army
[Kres] Super Signs – Fast Service
NOMAD // Portable Power Generator
NOMAD // Mechanical Toy // Cymbal Monkey
NOMAD // Scavenger Cart RARE
NOMAD // Broken Boy
NOMAD // My First Atomic Reactor
NOMAD // Geiger Counter // Silver
NOMAD // Stage Prop – Head ( inside mouth not included)
NOMAD // Floor Microphone
NOMAD // “Mjolnir Kompaniet” Building
7 – Gasoline Can
16 – DRD – Vagabond – Jaimys Storage c/m
DRD – GG – Junk Yard Signs – Fix It Jesus
DRD post apoc camp raincatcher
[19MC] Air Compressor 2.03
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign: surfing
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign:texaco
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign: News ot World
=Cloud 9.1= Metal Sign:Moxie
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign:Chesterfield
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign:Green spot
CARGO Pegasus Sign
CARGO Sinclair Sign
08 Action Used Cars – Dish Rust
14 Action Used Cars – Dealership REWARD
Psinanna, Inc. – Rocket Toy @ we Love RP
Soy. Abandoned Memorys – Head


The Imperial

Pillars of carrara, winters permanence
Architect of Acumen
Under a black & silver stratus stands
By day, the’ attendance
Night, the sentiment of wait.
Concierge of moment
The infinite jewel
So is preserved by the silent restorer
Of past, present, and tomorrow.
-Cody Gartner

NOMAD // Museum // RARE (x3) @ ARCADE
NOMAD // Aquae Spadanae // RARE @ ARCADE
:Fanatik Architecture: NEW YORK Winter Road
:Fanatik Architecture: Snow
::no13::utility poles
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal
Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse
Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store
Sway’s Christmas tree
[Schultz Bros.] NY 1904 Subway Entrance w/ Snow
Soy. Snow covered woods


Gods Country

It pierces my soul
This cold mountain air
It makes me feel whole
Like I can breathe again
Im high with the trees
They smoke and burn anew
The drops of morning air
They bring me to back to you

(Milk Motion) snow landscape 128*128 (25 pull reward) @ Arcade Dec 1st
(Milk Motion) the cabin -Rare (with snow add-on)
(Milk Motion) faux animal skin rug
(Milk Motion) The cabin – ladder
(Milk Motion) snowy bare tree
(Milk Motion) woodcutter stump 1
(Milk Motion) woodcutter stump 2
(Milk Motion) snowy low wall
(Milk Motion) snowman 1
(Milk Motion) snowman 2
36_8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Fire Wood
05_8f8 – New Beginnings – The Gate
[Kres] Red Fife Ranch – Moose Antlers – 8
junk. sled seat. forest. ( closed)
HIDEKI – Sledge
Soy. Snow covered woods
Skye Rustic Roads
Schultz Bros. 14. Delivery Truck – RARE


Exclusion Zone

Dying so the world would survive
They did not flinch in duty to humanity
And we weep for lives cut short
Grieving for those yet to be born.
Cities, towns, villages evacuated
Millions moved from radiation pollution
Fallout covering half the planet
Nowhere safe from deadly fallout rain.
Sacrifice of the Liquidators
Dying to cap Reactor Four
Supreme effort of human endeavour
Giving lives saving millions.
Still they die the children of Chernobyl
Born broken, deformed, cancer ridden
Dead and buried before teenage years
With exclusion zone to last three thousand years.

Colin Ian Jeffery
Poet’s Note about the Poem

At 1.23am, April 26,1986, two explosions destroyed reactor Four at the nuclear plant in Chernobyl, Russia. Huge clouds of radioactive gases and debris rose five miles into the atmosphere depositing hazardous material across the globe. Hundreds of people, known as Liquidators, gave their lives to clean up the damage.

NOMAD // Pripyat Indoor Pool @ Remnant. Dark Days ( roof trusses made from various other builds )
NOMAD // Geiger Counter // Red @ Remnant. Dark Days
NOMAD // Geiger Counter // Silver @ Remnant. Dark Days
NOMAD // Broken Cable Car
NOMAD // Broken Boy
DRD EL Ferriswheel static RARE
DRD zombie hideout
DRD scaffold
20.DRD MM2 Pile of chairs 2
22.DRD MM2 Pile of dolls
elev8~Jasmine Bush @ 6° Republic
3D TREES fallen leaves
uK– In the Bayou Junk Pile 1,2,3
7 – Chair Pile! – DU
Soy. Scattered papers Group gift
FATEplay Prop – Gas Mask (HD)(clean)
[Schultz Bros.] Old Rusty Tricycle
Skye Enchanted Woods v2

Ropes Tokyo Republic

Hello all,
You might be thinking to yourself at this  point ” is this guy nuts!” I cannot confirm nor deny that fact on the grounds it might incriminate me. I was  planning on doing a big shot for the 6° Republic event and use a fair bit of  it…but then..I saw this  on FB ” Impossible? Kiana Jarman Mikaela Carpaccio //I propose a challenge🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 to all 6R BLOGGERS & DECORATORS 6º Republic Event, is it possible to take a picture, with all the items of the event? (At least 1 item from each store?)” on Jay T Murs feed. Challenge accepted and this  is the result!

Everything in the photo is from the  6° Republic Event..yes..everything
Left side front to back

1st building area
{iD} DetectivE OfficE (TOKYO)
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Motto COMMON
elev8~Water Garden Planter
CONVAIR Kabon Tokyo
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Neon Grid#3
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure – Hot piece
[Kres] Red Fife Ranch – Cow Rug White –
NOMAD // Boxing Bell
[ keke ] tokyo sign . blue
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Standing Sable
Maven Homes Marin Bowls and Vase
CMYK// 2. Here come the regrets ( rug)
CMYK// 7. Here come the regrets ( Axe and wood pile)

2nd building area
*bbqq*-In Autumn ( building)
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Tokyo Subway RARE
Sphere.001 ( taken off ) Ariskea [Canada] Mountain Cabin
[Kres] Red Fife Ranch – Bucket Shelves –
Window and shutters ( Taken off ) GOOSE – Caledon Barn
MudHoney Wooden Mountain Art
{BE} Gofuku Shop Sign
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Llying Brown
[Kres] Red Fife Ranch – Sink –
CMYK// 1. Here come the regrets
CMYK// 5. Here come the regrets
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Corkboard
–ANHELO-G03-13-17AGA :: bench A
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Llying Grey

3rd building area
{BE} :Buildings of the Meiji Period
[Merak] – TeaHouse
*bbqq*-Sign-01-Li Jin Hotel RARE
CONSTRUCT – Phalaeonopsis Orchid –
BJK – Tokyo Gacha – Phone booth

4th building area
MINIMAL – Tokyo Store #Signs Version
//Naberius// Midnight Alley
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Electric Room
BIGBULLY Hayashi Loft
*bbqq*-Sign-02-Yu Hua Restaurant RARE
*bbqq*-Sign-04-Fen Lan Sauna
*bbqq*-Sign-03-Xi Xi Barber Shop

Middle area back to front
Background, Roof Timbers ( Taken off ) hive // snowed in skybox . scenic
Background ( Taken off )Toro. Void Apartment skybox RARE
[Bad Unicorn] Tower 6
taikou / batting center neon light
taikou / batting center building complex (RARE)
10T&Co. TokyoMotors-NeonSign+ALL
Heating Duct ( Taken off KraftWork Le Plateau Loft )
{iD} TokyO RoutE MaP [MetalliC]
NOMAD // Workout Tires (Seat)
BJK – Tokyo Gacha – Umbrella machine red
[ keke ] this is it neon sign . blue
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Counter ULTRARARE
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Noren Gazebo
uK – Tokyo Grill Metal Divider
[ zerkalo ] High Pressure – Safe line
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Grey
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Ginger
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Sable
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Standing Grey
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Albino
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Couple
Kei’s Tokyo House Potted Tree 1
MadPea Haida Gwaii Adventure – Camping Lantern
kosmii :: Ginza Street Sign
7 – Pocket Television
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets Backpack (wear) RARE
SAYO – Prefecture Passport Sign – Tokyo
+ILO+ Chapel Chair
+ILO+ Bible
MadPea Haida Gwaii Adventure – Hiking Backpack

Right side front to back

1st building area
–ANHELO-G03-01-17AGA :: yatai
–ANHELO-G03-13-17AGA :: bench B
–ANHELO-G03-10-17AGA :: boiled egg
–ANHELO-G03-12-17AGA :: stools
–ANHELO-G03-11-17AGA :: menu board
–ANHELO-G03-09-17AGA :: disposable chops B
–ANHELO-G03-09-17AGA :: disposable chops A
–ANHELO-G03-08-17AGA :: egg shell
–ANHELO-G03-04-17AGA :: tsukimi tanuki soba
–ANHELO-G03-14-17AGA :: tebo
–ANHELO-G03-07-17AGA :: inari
–ANHELO-G03-02-17AGA :: ebiten soba
–ANHELO-G03-05-17AGA :: kitsune soba
–ANHELO-G03-14-17AGA :: tebo x2
C L A Vv. Hotpot Party – Portable Stove Gold
C L A Vv. Hotpot Party – Rice Set
C L A Vv. Hotpot Party – Nabe RARE
C L A Vv. Hotpot Party – Sake Set
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Fortune COMMON
uK – Tokyo Grill Chopsticks Centerpiece
uK – Tokyo Grill Bamboo Planter
CONSTRUCT – Calendar 2018
Toro. Stacked Television {White Noise}
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Naughty RARE
7 – Speaker 201A – right channel
7 – Speaker 201A -left channel
7 – Transistor Radio TR-2A
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Burger COMMON
MadPea Haida Gwaii Adventure – Camping Flashlight
Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Standing Ginger
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Eggs COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Mangaka Seikatsu ~ Lockers COMMON

2nd building area
booN-kura SHOUKA kokaze front “assembly B”
[ keke ] bar neon sign
uK – Tokyo Grill Resturant Sign
~isil~ *Muskoka* Log Cabin (Autumn)
BALACLAVA!! Canada Eh? Marquee(large)
Mavin Homes Marin Wall Lamp
..::THOR::.. Rising Sun Wall Post – Lamp
BJK * Tokyo Restaurant
BJK * Tokyo Gacha – Restaurant Wall Signal
BJK – Tokyo Gacha – Drinks Vending machine
*bbqq*-Sign-06-Hao Qing Hotel

3rd building area
Soy. Apartment [Jyoukyo-House]
Soy. Apartment [Jyoukyo-House] Skybox type
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Neon Grid#2
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Neon Hangar
elev8~Water Garden Planter
[Schultz Bros.] Canoe Storage
*bbqq*-Sign-05-Chung King Hotel
*bbqq*-Sign-07-Phone Screen Protector
*bbqq*-Sign-09-HK Fish Ball Noodle

To get a gander at what the event holds click on the picture below


DaD DESIGN “Riverside Cottage” @ Ultra
DaD DESIGN “Bush double Hydrangea ” mesh -(gift) @ Ultra
TLC Mangrove Snake linked to tree @ Ultra
TLC Monitor Lizard A moving head @ Ultra
:CP: Garden Parlour Plant @ FaMESHed
[Kres] Alpine Pool – PG
uK – Yoga Mat w/ Pillow [Color Change]
Soy. Tree Hut
Soy. Garden Shed with Lblue Bricks
Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Raw Boat [Blue Painted]
Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Ship Wall Lamp
Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Float ring [Red]
Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – [Player Rewards] Pipe Shelf
Soy. UTD – Wall dacoration tile sheet [blue]
Soy. Wall art [Sea Echo] (group gift)
Soy. Water-Mashroom w/Water bowl
Soy. Water-Mashroom w/ Moss ball
Soy. My Trailer Life – laundry
*AF* Hanging Plant – Pothos
8f8 – Feeble old radio – Seraphim 5th Anniversary Party gift
8f8 – Bali – BAMBOO
8f8 – Bali – PARASOL
8f8 – Bali – OFFERINGS Basket
28_8f8 – New Beginnings – Kerosene Lamp
12_8f8 – New Beginnings – Hibiscus Red – Yellow
Kalopsia – Cloudy Frithia – Yellow
Kalopsia – Tainted Palm – Pink RARE
Kalopsia – Tainted Palm – Blue RARE
..::THOR::.. Big Potted Plant
True North Designs Potted Canopy Palm Plant
*YS&YS* Riciclo Set Hanging Plant
[we’re CLOSED] wood lounger blue
::Static:: Dragonfly – 18 RARE
::Static:: Dragonfly – 19 RARE
::Static:: Dragonfly – 20 RARE
::Static:: Dragonfly – 02
::Static:: Dragonfly – 03
::Static:: Dragonfly – 04
LISP – Mesh Blinds Narrow Long – Beech
Skye Zingiberaceae
Skye Zingiberaceae Alt Leaf
Skye Tree Fern (1li linked twins)
Skye Bangalow Palm (1li linked twins)
Skye Banana Plant (1li linked twins)
Skye Alligator Apple Bush (small leaf)
Skye Twin Palm 1
Skye Twin Palm 2
Skye Twin Palm 3 Tall
Skye Triple Palm
Skye creeper rope (in Cuesta pack)



DaD design “Coastal Retreat House” @ FaMESHed
DaD DESIGN “Sweet Dreams Boathouse” with lamp c/m
LB_OakIsland{Seasons}*Big,Small @ Shiny Shabby
LB_OakGrass_Spring{Mesh} @ Shiny Shabby
[Con.] Stepside Pick-up – DISPLAY red
[Con.] Starboard speed boat – Brown
[PM]Pixel Mode – Dune Fence – Straight Warp
ChiMia – Beach Umbrella RARE
7 – Seven Scientific Telescope
Botanical – Rustic Fishing Chair with Pole
>> HeadHunter’s Island << Buoy C – damaged (red)
Kei’s Fall Harvest Sunflowers
DECO – Sunflower
Yaquina Lighthouse [4.1] (38m) [AUGYR DESIGN]
{what next} Bicycle Decor (Girls)
DRD summer dock canoe
14DRD SC Gas Station work bench
Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Fishing Rod for Decor
fri.home – oar decor
fri.home – crew oars
fri.home – corner oars
Dutchie life buoy on hook
.:revival:. bollard rope A
+CONVAIR+ Outboard Motor teal RARE

Oh Jerry…….

So.. there I was minding  my own  business. I had  decided ( actually Roxi had  decided ) that  there  wasn’t enough  room  in the  car  for me and  i would have  to take  the trip  traveling  in the  camper with  Jerry..thats  the  one  in  the  camper.. his  brother Jerry is the one  riding  in the  back  seat with  Roxi. Their   other  brother Jerry couldn’t  make  the  trip. Apparently I  should not have  eaten my  hardy  road  breakfast of  beans  and  eggs  that  morning…Jerry doesn’t  like  the  smell of the  aftermath.

Here  is  Roxi’s version

The Gacha Guardians will open on the 1st….be ready to get your gacha on!

Granny Roxi:
The Secret Store – Little Granny
Grandpa Darth:
!* WS *! Grandpa AVATAR

-Culco- Bubble Scooter -Canopy Two-Tone -Guardian Gift @ The Gacha Guardians opening on the 1st
irries { DollHouse } Gacha! Vintage Paper Garden Clouds @ The Gacha Guardians
irries { DollHouse } Gacha! Vintage Paper Garden Sun @ The Gacha Guardians
.peaches. The Stars That Laugh – 1. Frame – Fox @ The Gacha Guardians
.peaches. The Stars That Laugh – GOTG -Hanging Fox @ The Gacha Guardians
KITE – Balloon Ellyfant Green @ The Gacha Guardians
KITE – Balloon Ellyfant Yellow @ The Gacha Guardians
LAGOM- Tumbleweed [BookClutter] #05 @ The Gacha Guardians
brocante. vintage camper / candy RARE @ ARCADE
:: PANAVIA :: Jerry “Freckly” @ Cosmopolitan
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Paper Map
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Lawn Chair – Yellow
[Con.] Open Road Collection – Flamingo
8f8 – Driftwood FENCE
Little Branch_Cactus.v1, v2
Little Branch_WildGrass*1Li{Dry}
7 – Ranch Guide Sign
Soy. My Trailer Life – radio antenna
DRD MM suitcase
DRD – Vintage suitcases