Into the heart of Kaispeicher

22769  made  these  fantastic warehouses for  6 republic, I  had  looked  the  district up  as  soon as  I  saw them on flickr along  with  a  short  history lesson which  I will  quote  from. ” we choose a special part of our hometown to recreate for the Theme: Destination Europe. The Speicherstadt Hamburg. Since 2015 this part is protected as world culture heritage. Until today most parst of the storage buildings -called kaispeicher- are used by coffee manufacturers.” To see  more of  what Maneul  said visit  his  flickr  here.

I  know..the event  is  over, but , hopefully  soon they  will be  available  in store  and on the  MP, but  until  then..sit  back, relax  and  enjoy  the  view.

22769 – Kaispeicher
22769 – Kaispeicher Bridge
NOMAD // Venetian Gondola
hive // trawler boat at sea
URBAN JUNGLE Fire escape
Cracked Gear Window Bars
Mori. industrial pipes
DRD asylum lights
[Tampon Inside] Overhead Wiring Pylon with Transformer (No Longer in world)
[SURPLUS MOTORS] DAC contest truck


Extra Credit


Theres  other ways  to  make  the  grade.

Oh  to  relive  those  days with the  knowledge  I  have  now..high school would be  soon much  better. I played a lot  of  sports  in school, Football, basketball, baseball  and  track but  I wouldn’t have  called  myself  a  jock.  I  didn’t hang  out  that  much  with the  other players but.. I saw really  early  on what  being  in  sports  brought…Girls…lots  of  girls. Being  on the  team also  brought  other  benefits I was  in shape (  man  I wish  I  had  those  abs  again) and  traveled  across  the  state for  games so  I got to  see  a lot  of the  state  I lived  in.  But that wasn’t  all…remember  what  I  said  about  girls? well..even  at  the  tender  age  of  16 that wasn’t my thing…or  dream  rather. My  dream  was my  English  teacher. She  was a  redhead with  freckles going  into  places  I  could only  imagine ( though  on occasion when  she  wore  the  right  shirt I did  my  best  to  count  each  and  everyone  of  them). She  also  happened  to  be…. the  cheer coach. Did  I tell  you  that the  cheerleaders rode  the  same  bus back and  forth to  games with  us? Now you  get the  picture. So for  all  those  Ms Mcquays out  there..thank  you  for  giving  us  dreams.

Little Branch – HoneyMesquite.v3{Seasons} @ U L T R A Event 
NOMAD // Gymnasium RARE
NOMAD // “Steel Hardware” Warehouse
*ComeSoon* Cheers – Full scene with pose @ Whore Couture 
[Surplus Motors] Carrara
Virtual Decay– Busted wire fence
Goal Post, Bruins Signage and A+ paper made for scene

Worn on Roxi:
rezology Butterfly 128 – NEW!
[sYs] COURTISANE dress (Maitreya body) – black @ Whore Couture Fair 2016
MINIMAL – Virginia Earrings – Gold @ Whore Couture Fair 2016

Worn on Darth:
..::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head – Darker Tone
no.match_ ~ NO_DIRECTION beard
+Spellbound+ Monster Stache
Meli Imako Mesh_American Football Uniform ( retextured)
kunst ] – Dayton Watch




Ok folks, today  it’s  all about the  cars. [SURPLUS MOTORS] recently  put the 1960 Impala Red on her MM board and  I  knew  I  had to have  it, blog  it. Now I got there a  bit  late, saw the  notice  yet  didn’t go  for  the first  week… big  mistake!  I took  me  3  days, shouting  out  in groups I am  in and  a  bit  of  social media  to finally  get  it…but  man  is  it  worth  it. The  car is simply  gorgeous and  even  has  backseat poses  so you  can  fit your  entire  family ( and a  trunk big  enough  for the  mother in-law ). It  is  also for  sale  for a ya  have  no excuse. Now  I  needed cars  to go along with it and  remembered a couple that I  had, so out they  came wings and  all. The ICONIC [Palonic] is another  fabulous machine. I  love the  paint job and as  an extra  bonus..this  one  is  riding  on airbags and  comes with a hud  so you  can  lower  your  ride  accordingly..woots!  The BZ MotorsEldorado Biarritz convertible 1959 I have  already featured  here and  is also  pretty  daym  fantastic.

Now I  had to make the  rest  of the scene and that was a  no brainer I drug  out  my ~Dirty Rat~Diner and Gas Station. I  know these are  older  items..but  they are still  amazing and  fit  my  motif very well. Remember  in yesterdays  posts  when  I said I was dying to use the Oyasumi Telephone  poles..well I used them again because  daym they are  good.  Also in the  picture  is  my  new  favorite  landscape creator Little branch.

I  was trying to get this  post  done  before  The Secret Affair  closed  but  Roxi   needed  my ass.. literally, you  can see what  I  am  talking  about  by  visiting  her  blog. Man  she  sucks  me  into doing everything  for  her!

Now the scene  was set I  wasn’t  going to pose  in it..but thought  it would be nice  to  show  some  interaction with the car beings  how  I Fapped  over  it. Now  my  plan was to have  myself and  Sorchiee ( thank you  for  being  my  meat  puppet) leaning  against  it having a chat. But there  was  no way I  was  putting  my  dirty ass on the  car  ruining the  new  paint..and there was  no way  Sorchiee was  leaning  on the  dirty  car and   ruining  her  new  ass..erm.. I  mean  pants.

~Dirty Rat~Diner
~Dirty Rat~Gas Station
The Hive – Old Water Tower
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / cable
LB_PonyPalmv1 ( store coming soon)
LB_PonyPalmv1.2 ( store coming soon)
LB_PonyPalmv1.3 ( store coming soon)
[SURPLUS MOTORS] 1960 Impala Red v7.1 ( Midnight Madness )
ICONIC [Palonic] V1.1
BZ MotorsEldorado Biarritz convertible 1959 White


Barn Find

barn Find .1

I  had this  shot  set up  with a  full garage. All sorts  of things  in it to give the  ” barn find” effect, took around  20 shots and then zoomed  in for a close  up  and  realized  something..I  didn’t  need  all the  flash. I  took everything  out and  stuck to what I really  wanted to  show.
The Bolson Sagmeister tattoo is  simply  amazing. Its  unisex and also comes  in two forms one  for  peeps  that are still using an SL  avi body and  one with appliers  for  all the  mesh  bodies.  I think there has  only  been a few  times when   I  just  had to get a tattoo in a shot close enough   to see the  detail, and  this  is  one  of them.
I also wanted  to share  with you a  group gift thats available at  [SURPLUS MOTORS]. If  you  don’t  know  who  and what this  represents ima slap you. The  car was  made  famous  by James  Dean and  is  one  of the  most iconic  cars  in  history.  I did  take the  liberty to add a  bit  of  dirt   into the  picture, after  all it’s a  barn  find.  The  car in  itself  is  fantastic and  I am  always  happy  when I get the  notice that  they have  released another  car, weather  it  be a group gift  or  not. I can’t  wait to get this  beauty  out  of the  mess  it’s  in  now  and roar  down the  road.

POST: Hurley Rural Garage
oyasumi / ladder light (dark) / unplugged
[SURPLUS MOTORS] 550 Group Gift

>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
*ARGRACE* Bucket hat / KAI – Blacks * The Hair Fair
RO – Talamasca Frames – Group Gift
Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
*Bolson / Tattoo Essential Pack – Sagmeister @ Shiny Shabby
L&B S’Wear Mesh (M) Zip Leather Pants – Plain Black
HUDSON’s SRH5 Gift (Wear & Touch Me) Snake Charmer Jewel Set


Theres one born every minute



So, Roxi went and  made a malt yesterday (who will from this  point  out be called Raltxi) so she could  blog the !APHORISM! Vintage Crew Suit. It took some time but I think we did ok ( thank god for freebies and Depraved nation’s Jack & Jill hunt) Now we  just have to get her  out  of those penguin hands. I can see why  she wanted to blog the suit its very well done. I will let her clammer about it ( here) on her  own blog as I already have.
Myself..well I am once again wearing  some things from the love  is  in the air thing..but its gorgeous. The [Deadwool] Dandy suit is just fabulous, you can pull off so many looks with it ( get the Fatpack!) Myself and Raltxi are both wearing the [Deadwool] Fedora’s, another amazing creation and IMO makes all my other Fedora’s obsolete, as  does his Bowler and Flat Caps. hat hair  is always a can solve that by ( if ya don’t mind wearing a black hair) getting yourself the REDGRAVE Cruz comes in two separate pieces ( Front and back) and  is  modifiable down to the last hair via  a resizer. I am also wearing what I think will fast become my favorite pair ( or pairs with the Fatpack) of shoes. The JD  Valentino leaves  little to be desired, so many colors and combo’s available I cannot possibly mention them all. Go get them!

Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store
Botanical – Mesh Mediterranean Cypress
Botanical – Lattice Fence Panel (tall 2.8 long)
Botanical – Edged Brick Park Path Straight Long
[Surplus Motors] Carrara Group Gift v1.1

Worn on the Sucker ( A.K.A Roxi):
7 Deadly s{K}ins – Guy T1 @ Depraved nation’s Jack & Jill hunt
[Deadwool] Fedora hat – black
!APHORISM! Vintage Crew Suit Grey Jacket, Pants @ TMD
HAYSURIZA_Straight Tip_Mesh Intro_(Bk_M) – Group Gift

Worn on the Fox ( A.K.A Darth)
>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
Hairstyle CRUZ – Greying – REDGRAVE edited
IKON Spectral Eyes – Industrial
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
[Deadwool] Fedora – beige
[Deadwool] Fermo watch – 19. male, white quadrant/brown leather
[Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket, Tousers – beige @ Love is in the Air
JD – Valentino FatPack Shoe @ TMD