Morning peace

Morning walk.1

Hello all once again. Today I wanted to show you this awesome mask made by Faida, pretty awesome huh!. Im also wearing 2 pieces from the SG collection the hat with a bell and the Tabigarasu no Bou – Cage I love the textures on these and even used the pose that comes with the  stick. Last on the wardrobe is the Yasum Pirate step sandals. They were a perfect fit and  I didn’t need to adjust at all…which is always nice. I am also wearing the Tableau Vivant hair thats available at TFC. one of the few long hairs I own that doesn’t cut a lot into whatever shirt  I am wearing..and as always very well done.

morning walk

>>   Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: honey :: bodyhair
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
Slink  Mens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
~Tableau Vivant~ Baron Hair (L) @ The Fantasy Collective
[FAIDA] Hannya mask RARE @ FGC
[SG] Two Worlds of Bloggers: Hat with a Bell @ FGC
[SG] Two Worlds of Bloggers: Tabigarasu no Bou – Cage RARE @ FGC
Yasum*MESH*Pirate Step*SLINK*EPIC* @ FGC
~SSS~ TENSHO (Haori+Kimono+Hakama) Leave ha

Within Myself

within myself

Hello there…Today i am bringing you the second half of the {and] offering for the FGC. I did a bit of research and dried mud is actually used to make art/ sculpture’s anything from miniatures to fill sized. I know..I know..I used them as paint..but daym it..i didn’t find out until after! there!. Ya really have to see these to take them in..simply amazing.
I am wearing Tableau Vivant’s offering for We ❤ Rp, again theres no disappointment. The hair comes separate with the dreads as an optional piece along with the feathers..but daym do they look good together. The skin is gorgeous as always and comes in a few make yur pic .
I also threw on the AXIX things and man they are well done and fit a male avi well.

Inside final

Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft Skybox Dark (with surround)
{anc} Japanese atelier brush & bottle collection @ The FGC tomorrow!
LISP – Mesh – Paint me a Picture Easel and stool
Trompe Loeil – Spotlight Lamp
TA Success Art Collection

~Tableau Vivant~ Echo – Mortui @ We ❤ RP
~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair @ We ❤ RP
::Axix:: Akhan Ear Red @ The FGC tomorrow!
::Axix:: Akhan Piercings Gold @ The FGC tomorrow!
::Axix:: Mushu Headband UltraRare @ The FGC tomorrow!
Letis Tattoo :: Higoi II ::
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

In Another land

Today was a good day! I received the review copy of the {anc} Japaneseatelier collections..and once again He blew my mind. Every piece is done with such care and attention to detail..its a collection not to be missed. I enlarged the items so you can see the detail…amazing.

I am also wearing pieces of the .Enfant Terrible. Moondchild collection, its very detailed and equally beautiful. I thought it kinda fit. Next is the =Kio= Abandoned – Oriental Destiny strap. I must admit that when I first saw it I thought I would never wear it…but..I was wrong..and once on I saw how much detail went into it…very nice.


I have a long list so just bear with me a few more minutes. I cannot say enough about the Zibska ~ Takeshi hat except..try it on and once will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Now ya know I was going to throw some PFC, and that come in 2 forms this time. First is the Nunchucks rare form her Ninja Stuffs has a ton of animations and once ya touch it has around 8 different textures you can apply to the chucks and 2 tones for the chain.
I picked up another sword the Yoru. I love the Old wooden look of it,,and as always the textures. I plan to do another stay tuned for more of it.

I made the Scene from both the Rare miniature gardens of the
{anc} Japaneseatelier.decor gacha @ The FGC soon.

~Tableau Vivant~ Echo – Tone 5 – Natural (brown)
~Tableau Vivant~Andrew Hair – Regular @ FaMESHed
:EMO-tions:. * SETH* beard/black
.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild necklace black @ The FGC soon
.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild nosechain black @ The FGC soon
.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild staff black ULTRA RARE @ The FGC soon
=Kio= Abandoned – Oriental Destiny @ The FGC soon
Zibska ~ Takeshi hat @ The FGC soon
PFC~NinjaStuffs – Nunchucks RARE @ The FGC soon
PFC~Yoru (n) – sheath
~SSS~ TENSHO (Haori+Kimono+Hakama) Ring ho

Where to next?

Where to next.1

No fancy Shmancy Scence on this one, just me and my Monkey. I wanted to do something that I normally don’t do a lot of, a close up. I was Fortunate enough to get the Tableau Vivant things yesterday and boy what a change!. The skin is absolutly gorgeous it remind me of my younger days  (except there are no pimples and blackheads…ugh). The Hair is also well done, long and flowing, daym why can’t I buy this in RL?
I have also been looking forward to getting my little grubby claws on Alchemy’s offering for this round of the FGC and…Woots! I got it!. Jack The Monkey is..hell , a Monkey daym it!. You can tell a lot of time and care went into making this little guy..and it is so worth it! The hat and eyepatch are also well done…’s a monkey daym it!
I also threw on a few more pieces. The 22769 Aisian queen collection looks really good and  I wore the Nose ring in the collection..A Pirate isn’t complete without one. I also used another piece of Jewelry, The Pekka  Somilia head jewel. for me I think it adds a bit of detail..oh and its purrty! A Pirate must also have a necklace and for that I went to .random.Matter. And the Fell necklace. its only one piece in the collection but very well done, as is the rest.
Last but not least is the fluffy shirt made famous by Sienfeld…ok he might not have been the first,,but still. !go! has done a freaking awesome job on the whole outfit, but today its just the shirt. Thats another reason for the close up..I didn’t feel like putting pants on today…What?! its sunday daym it!…your lucky ya didn’t see me in my lounger with my underwear and newspaper!.

~Tableau Vivant~ Echo – Tone 5 – Natural (brown) @ TMD
~Tableau Vivant~Andrew Hair – Regular – @ FaMESHed
IKON Spectral Eyes (right) – Denim
Alchemy – Jack The Monkey @ The  FGC soon
Alchemy – Captain’s Eye Patch – Red – RARE @ The  FGC soon
Alchemy – Captain’s Hat – Red – RARE @ The  FGC soon
22769 ~ [accessories] FGC [femme] Asian Queen (Gold) Nose ring @ The  FGC soon
.Pekka. Somilia head jewel – gold – ULTRA RARE @ The  FGC soon
.random.Matter. – Fell – Necklace – Gold/Black RARE @ The  FGC soon
!gO! Captain shirt S @ The  FGC soon