I’m an Avocado

LB_AvocadoTree.v1{Animated}Seasons @ TMD
LB_FluffyGrass{Mesh} @ TMD
POST: Gnesen Farm Shed (aged timber)
POST: Askov Water Well Pump (bucket)
08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Wheelbarrow
08_8f8 – New Beginnings – Milk Containers
36 – 8f8 – primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
junk. old car door. blue. ( no longer inworld…or MP)
HPMD* Gravel Ground -green- straight
Botanical – Rustic Fishing Chair with Pole
oyasumi / ladder light (dark) / unplugged
Razor Bird Discarded doors
[Coastal Motors] – Prairie – Mineral ( heavily modded  in PS)
Skye Log Bridge (mossy)
Skye Bangalow Palm (1li linked twins)
Skye Twin Palm 1
Skye Twin Palm 3 Tall
Skye Triple Palm
Skye Tree Fern (1li linked twins)
Skye Banana Plant (1li linked twins)
Skye Bamboo Palm
Skye Alligator Apple Bush
JeanPierre Giordano The red Tractor mesh

His Ministry

“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. (quoting the Bhagavad-Gita after witnessing the first Nuclear explosion.)”

[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 1 RARE @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 2 RARE @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 3 @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 4 @ Chapter Four
[Kres] Vintage Vegas V2 – 11 @ Chapter Four
[sau]HAYA II[5.95][infected] @ TMD
anxiety %vibe @ The Coven
NOMAD // Barrel Fire Red
oyasumi / telephone pole / wood / broken cable
R.E.C. Rothana Engineering Corporation (avatar but used for decor)

Bauhaus Movement– Deadpool 19 @ TLC

[ContraptioN] Ministry Hunter Helmet, Neck-piece @ The Dark Style Fair
E.V.E {APOCALIPTICA} Cyber Snakes Chains MB/MA RARE @ Momento Mori 
*katat0nik* (MALE / black) BENTO Iron Cage Hands @ SaNaRae
**UbS** Hidden darkness tattoo @ The Dark Style Fair
[LAB737] Beserker Pauldron
L&B Swear “Harness” Leather Pants Mens


King Takes Queen

So….I  was  going  to  name  this  picture Knight  takes Rook..but  obviously someone doesn’t  know  about  chess. The  rook  is  the foundation upon  which  the game is  built..just  like  Roxi..she  is  my  rock.. my  calm  from  the  storm. ( coughs) would you like  another glass of wine? I  suppose it might  take  a  while for me to live  this  down..but  at least it  wasn’t  a  bumper car..just saying.( ya  see  how I  am  trying  to  switch  the  attention away  from myself? ) Other than that  here is  her  version and  explanation  of what  went  on.

It’s not like  I  haven’t  stormed  her  walls a hundred  times  already.

-Garden- by anc lavender {sunlight and soft lavender}  @ TMD
Little Branch_BloomingTree.v2{Animated}  @ The Liaison Collaborative
Apple Fall Garden Chess Board  @ TMD
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge – Seasonal
DaD DESIGN “St. James Manor”
DaD DESIGN “Country swimming pool”
JCKLP / Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Fountain RARE
Jammin Mesh Marble Balustrade
Skye Tiered Garden Wall Simple Stair
Skye Tiered Garden Wall Circle Tall

Worn On Roxi:
Catwa – Lona Bento mesh head
:CHEVEUX:M109Hair Blonde1  @ The Chapter Four
Bauhaus Movement – Hara Mask / GOLD  @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Hara Necklace / GOLD  @ We Love Role-Play
:[Plastik]:- Bilira Earrings @ Memento Mori
Belle Epoque { La Comtesse } Black  @ We Love Role-Play
>glYph< Apex left shadow white  @ We Love Role-Play
[.HaveUnequal.] Pandora Bracelet_Gold/Black @ We Love Role-Play

Worn on Darth:
Slink Physique Male Mesh Body
.::SAMURAI::.. Kyle Aged Mesh Head – Darker Tone
Action Inkubator BEARD Dave [Stache]
Action Inkubator Hairbase
The Fallen {{ GOATEE }}
::GB:: Vintage  Suit
::GB:: Metallic Long nail gloves / Black (Picture  edited will not fit over  clothing as  they  are meant  to  wear  as sleeves)
::GB:: Metallic Long nail gloves / Black  (Picture  edited will not fit over  clothing as  they  are meant  to  wear  as sleeves)
Bauhaus Movement – Blut Royal/E Hat / BLACK-SUEDE / GOLD @ Crossroads
Bauhaus Movement – Blut Royal/E Eye Patch / BLACK-SUEDE / GOLD @ Crossroads


Arriving Soon

Can’t you see what you have done?
Broken me down and beaten me to the bone.
“No” has become meaningless and pointless.
Your words echo around my brain
where shattered memories lay in waiting.
You’ve ripped my body completely in half.
Wake up, please wake up.
It’s just another dark day
living in the place commonly known as Hell.
The demons are real and they live inside of me.
…Taken  from.. Pain

anxiety %surveillance @ Chapter four
anxiety %el cactus de mi abuela Chapter four Gift
[Kres] 4 sign Chapter four  Gift
::no13:: 21vending machine(green @ TMD
::no13:: 02cigar store (close down RARE) @ TMD
{anc} Strange chair {rust}
7 – Neon Jesus Saves Sign RARE
xin. entrance turnstile
[HL] Skeleton Ghosts
[FA] Merlin, The White Raven (Shoulder Pet) @ We Love RP

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body ‘yves skin’
>> Aeros Hair Raul << Naturals ::
*Bolson / Tattoo – Borsche
[Deadwool] Worn out jeans – dark wash
:BAMSE: Tactical Pump – Outfitted RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Anachron – Round Frame Glasses Gacha – Plain Gold @ The Gacha Garden
[CX] Yule Lord Horns (Silver)

[Krescendo] LOGO


Although he could not say with words
The love he felt inside
He treasured every moment
And his heart would fill with pride
Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/words-not-spoken
{anc} colorful rain (bloom) @ TMD
-Garden- by anc “secret garden” ROSE {goth/night}
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 11 Wartime @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 15 Cave RARE @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 10 The adventurer @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 04 Angry bird @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 01 Mesh monster @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 12 The minion @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 08 Mutant stool @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 13 The Mentor @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 02 Karablik @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 05 Cowboy @CH4
The Silas Gallery Slumberland 03 Hare @CH4
BananaN 02 Fae decor gacha – mushrooms@ The Gacha Guardians
LB_MagnoliaTree{Mesh} @ FaMESHed
LB_Buffalograss{Mesh} @ FaMESHed
LB_FluffyGrass{Mesh} @ FaMESHed
8f8 – silent conversations – Fish Pond RARE


Bad Influence.. IE.the rebuttal


Soo..  word  on  the  street is  that I  may  or  not  be  a  bad influence. I  make  no  claims to  be  nor  can  I  deny the  accusation. (  My  lawyer has  informed me I  have  that  right citing  * lewinsky vs Clinton*  case # 69696968 ) Furthermore  if  you  check  the  accuser’s own  site….right… Here you  will  see.. in  her  own  words..and  I quote ” whoring it up today…obviously…and negatively influencing youngsters. I say that, honestly, I think I’m happily the bad influence here” end quote (

 Sentences may  be  construed in a  way  to  shed a  bad  light  on Roxi

)  I  mean  there  I was  taking  cute  puppy  photos when  Roxi  called out to me  begging  for  me  to  come  pose  with  her  so  she  could  get  the distance  and  height  right for her  alt..seriously..do  I  look  pleased?..but.. ya  see  that  smirk  on  Roxi’s  face…shameful. She  even  put  a  smoke  in  my  mouth then  stuffed  her  pack   in  my  overalls! You  can  see  that obviously  those  shorts  were  painted  on..I don’t  even  know  how  her  cochie breathes.

Bad Ass Roxi:
CATWA HEAD Candy V4.10 (basic head is 900L, fatpack w/every damn thing is 4,150L)
Winged – Dora hair (199L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
alaskametro – #onfleek makeup for Catwa heads (64L each) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
alaskametro – #onfleek brows for Catwa heads (64L each) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
MINIMAL – Virginia Earrings – Gold (250L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
..::PaperDolls::.. Student collar (150L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
:::insanya::: Yanisa Top (200L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
-Suicidal Unborn!- Patched Shorts (210L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
Tattoo Mania – Luck tattoo (199L) @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
BellePoses – Cheerleader pose @ The Whore Couture Fair 2016
[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date: Phone Pink A

Delinquent Darth:
*COCO*_KidDoll_RippedDenimOverallWithTee_LightBlue @ TMD (till Sept. 30th)
~Tableau Vivant~Checker Hair – Solstice
Action Inkubator Kore Bases / 1.2
Hanya smokes ( gift from Rhapsody’14 (2014)
FAKESSI ] Ozzy Sunglasses – Trans – Stoner
Lennon Park Crashed Bus – no longer available (but still awesome!)






Not In kansas

Not  in Kansasa  anymore_003

The  end  of the month  is  near , which  means  Dorthy will  be  back  safely in Kansas, but  you  have  until then  to  go  and  get  all  your  OZ  goodness  from enchantment… hurry!
Also,  Don’t  forget  to  join  the  LB  group  as  there  are special  announcements coming   soon… pssst  we are finally going to   have  an  inworld  store to  shop  at.

*~ by Nacht ~ Prof Marvel’s Caravan @ Enchantment
[NC] – Dream Streetlamp @ Enchantment
*AF* Tornado Chandelier @ Enchantment
*AF* Row of Oil Lamps @ Enchantment
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Iron Garden Table Yellow Brick Road @ Enchantment
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Yellow Brick Road Garden Bench @ Enchantment
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Yellow Brick Road Iron Garden Chair @ Enchantment
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Wizard of Oz @ Enchantment
Aphrodite Wizard of Oz lighted balloon @ Enchantment
FDD Road v1 (Yellow *Oz*) @ Enchantment
E.V.E {M/C}Tornado B&W Nebula Fat @ Enchantment
E.V.E {M/C} Tornado B&W Nebula Slim @ Enchantment
LB_MysticOak{4Seasons} @ Enchantment
LB_Snakeweed{4Seasons} @ Cosmopolitain
Skye Rustic fence
{what next} Bicycle Decor (Girls)
.:revival:. garden hose – ADULT @ TMD
dust bunny . maple cottage
Nuville // Scarecrow Greeter (No longer available)



Greetings  from

Hello all.. it’s  been  a while..again.
I just  can not  seem to  shake some  sort  of  physical problems  for  very  long. I was  just  starting to  feel  better, able  to  sit  at  my  computer  for  hours without  the  hernia  or nerothropy forcing  me  to  give  up when  my  sister (  who  just  bought  a  house) wanted  me  to  come  over  and take  a  look at  her  deck. Needless  to  say  it  was a  mess.  The  thing was  so  bad  it  wobbled  in  the  wind.  There were  parts  of  the  framing  that wasn’t connected  to..well..anything. It  also  looked  like  this was  done on one  of those ”  come  on over  lets  drink a  keg and  build a  deck  weekends”  At  some  point  someone  thought  it  would  be  ok to  use… a waterbed frame  as  joists to  hold  the  thing  up.   It  was  decided that  the  thing  should  be  torn  down and  a  new  one  built. Now, I was a  carpenter  for 12  yrs and  know  my  way  around a  saw, building a  simple  deck, but with  my  physical limitations my  job  was  to  draw  up the  plans, get the  cost  of  it  and  then  supervise. My brother and  both  brother  in-laws were  to  do  the  actual  building..with  me  there  doing  what  I could  and  making  sure things were  done  right. All  of  them  good  guys, they just  don’t know  how  to  build. My second  day  there, July 2nd I  had set  a  ladder  up to get  up  on the  deck, as  I got to the  last  ring  on the  ladder it  gave  way sending  me  falling  thru the  joists and  to  the  cement 4ft  below. Which  in  my  youth  probably  wouldn’t  have  hurt  a  bit, but  being..hmm” a  gentleman of  the  older  persuasion” it  hurt..alot. I  took about  30 mins  to  pull  myself together and then finished  the  day.  I got  home, took a  shower  and  went  to  bed, fully  prepared  to do  it  all  over  again the  next  day.  Apparently while  my  brain was  prepared my  right  knee wasn’t.  I woke  up  the  next  day and  couldn’t  even  get  out  of bed. I called  my  brother and  he  helped  me  get  up  and  dressed then  took  me  to  the  ER.  The  pain  is…well..not  good.I  can’t  sit. lay or  sleep  without  being  reminded  that  I  have  a  knee. I have  been waiting  to  say  anything until today because  I  had  to  see  an orthopedic  surgeon . It  seems  I  busted  my  knee  up  pretty  good  and  tore  some  ligaments  and  damaged  some  of the  cartilage..hurray  another  surgery!

LB_BeachSand-v1{Low Li} @ TMD
LB_WildGrass*1Li{Dry} @ TMD
LB_Palmetto.v1{Mesh} @ TMD
LB_Boat @ TMD
LB_BeachPalm{Quad} @ FaMESHeD
LB_BeachPalm{Double} @ FaMESHeD
LB_Bananas{Mesh} @ TLC
LB_GreenBamboo{Cluster} MP
-DRD- vintage tikibar @ ROMP

Little Branch LOGO

Pizza Joint

Pizza  Joint

Pizza..  do  I  need  to  say more… Nope!
Ok..perhaps a poem!

Your rhymes are cheesy
But you can please me
Your love holds my pizza hostage
Now give me that big sausage

NOMAD // “Asteroid Survivor” @ TMD
NOMAD // Fortune Teller
Kei’s NYC Pizza Oven RARE @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza Counter @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza Warming Lamp @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza Trio @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza Spices @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Making PIzza @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza & Wine @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza Table @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza Box Couch RARE @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza Box Ottoman @ 6 Republic
Kei’s NYC Pizza Rug @ 6 Republic
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – banksy heart @ 6 Republic
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – New York letters @ 6 Republic
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – street bin @ 6 Republic
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – boarding pass @  6 Republic
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – giants rug @ 6 Republic
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – Yankees rug @ 6 Republic
::KKs:: Un voyage a New York – Knicks rug @ 6 Republic
lassitude & ennui 19. Mittens cat in handbag – RARE @ The Gacha Garden
[LJ] Tasty Eats – Onion Rings @  The Gacha Garden
[LJ] Tasty Eats – Extra – Soda @  The Gacha Garden
[LJ] Tasty Eats – Condiment Caddy @  The Gacha Garden
[LJ] Tasty Eats – Extra – Fries Cup @  The Gacha Garden
[[LJ] Tasty Eats – Hot Dogs Food Giver RARE @  The Gacha Garden
Ex Machina Ceiling Lamp – Industria Collection @  The Gacha Garden
Ex Machina Tower Clock Copper – Industria Collection @  The Gacha Garden
Ex Machina Double Barn Door – Industria Collection @  The Gacha Garden
DRD Steel City Pizza Shop
DRD Steel City Pizza Shop 2 top table 1
DRD Steel City Street Scene wall sign titos
DRD Steel City platform 2
DRD Steel City street T section
DRD Steel City Metro Bus
DRD Steel City Gas Station
DRD Steel City Street Scene light pole
DRD Steel City Street Scene fire hydrant

Click  the  sign  below  for a detailed shopping  guide!

Don’t Wreck It!

Dont Break It!

Hello folks!
I  need  to  know  something…why  is  it  when  a  couple  gets a  new  vehicle the  woman gets  it  and  the  man gets to  drive  the  old  ratty  one?! Hell if  they  don’t  have  a  ratty one..the  man  is  stuck  watching  and  waiting  until  the woman  gets  done! Thats  what  happened  when  i  managed  to get  the Sau  rare  from  The  Mens  dept… Cinder  hopped  her  ass  right  on  it  and  claimed  it!.she  even  sprayed perfume  all over  it  and  hung  an  air  freshener. … and  to  be  honest… the  seat  now  has  her  ass  print  on  it.

uK – Country Lane Segment Fence @ TLC
uK – Country Lane Broken Fence @ TLC
LB_Bradford.Cluster{4Seasons} @LTD
LB_Grass1l{Winter} @LTD
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Little Winter Cottage (Snowtop) @ Wayward Market
[PM]Pixel Mode – Landscape Lights – Spiral, Taper @LTD
Sway’s Christmas tree (A), (B) snowed
:CP: Wedding Bridge Winter (PG)
[sau]YUKI2 snowmobile[Lite][Xmas]RARE @ TMD

Worn on Cinder:
pr!tty – Christmas Kitty – [Candy Cane] (Wayward Gift)
[EF]_’Bootyful #1’_Glasses No longer available
B.C.C Winter Story female-Coat version Chocolate Plaid XXS RARE
Blueberry / Tink / Knee High Sizes – Maitreya

Worn on Darth:
Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body
[Deadwool] Full beard base
FATEwear Scarf – Weasley – Snowflakes (SWF)(M)
RO – The Beanie – Cake @ TMD
Apple May Designs Through the Rain Boots *Mens* @ Wayward Market
[ContraptioN] Martin’s Margins Lens *???* nose @ Wayward Market
[CX] CandyMuff (Gray) @ Wayward Market
[Deadwool] Corduroy pants – S (BC) – navy
[Deadwool] Ernst sweater – fitted turtleneck – black
[Deadwool] Full beard – black –
[SWaGGa] Leather Glove Black (TMP) Jacket Cut @ Wayward Market