Arriving Soon

Can’t you see what you have done?
Broken me down and beaten me to the bone.
“No” has become meaningless and pointless.
Your words echo around my brain
where shattered memories lay in waiting.
You’ve ripped my body completely in half.
Wake up, please wake up.
It’s just another dark day
living in the place commonly known as Hell.
The demons are real and they live inside of me.
…Taken  from.. Pain

anxiety %surveillance @ Chapter four
anxiety %el cactus de mi abuela Chapter four Gift
[Kres] 4 sign Chapter four  Gift
::no13:: 21vending machine(green @ TMD
::no13:: 02cigar store (close down RARE) @ TMD
{anc} Strange chair {rust}
7 – Neon Jesus Saves Sign RARE
xin. entrance turnstile
[HL] Skeleton Ghosts
[FA] Merlin, The White Raven (Shoulder Pet) @ We Love RP

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body ‘yves skin’
>> Aeros Hair Raul << Naturals ::
*Bolson / Tattoo – Borsche
[Deadwool] Worn out jeans – dark wash
:BAMSE: Tactical Pump – Outfitted RARE @ The Gacha Garden
Anachron – Round Frame Glasses Gacha – Plain Gold @ The Gacha Garden
[CX] Yule Lord Horns (Silver)

[Krescendo] LOGO

One last Dance

one  last  dance

Hello  all, today  I  am  not a  man  of  many  words, but  instead  I  will be  directing  you  to  a few other  blogs  for  some  information  on  how to help a  woman  I  love and  care for  very  much.  Roxi  has  been there  for  me thru  thick  and  thin..and  has  thrown  her a curve ball.  Rather  than  have  you  read  it  twice please  click  this  link to  Dutchess’s  blog  Threads and Tuneage and  read the  story  there.

I  am  including part  of  something  I shared in a  notecard with  the gift. ( follow  the  above  link to find  out  details)
Her children mean the world to her, as do her grandchildren. We we’re talking just the other day after she gave me the news and with he r mouth trembling and tears flowing down her face she asked me ” who will I call my favorite now?” I didn’t have an answer then..but I will give it now ” Roxi my dear he can still be that, this is a poem I am sure he would want you to read…….I love you.”

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep ( Mary Elizabeth Frye)

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.
Roxi… I  love you and  hope one  day  you  will  get  one  last  dance.

DRD studios set castle (coming august 15 at retroville gacha)
Jian :: Canvas Paintings – Mermaids @ Enchantment opening August 14th ( web)
Ravenghost Chained Candle Stand Silver & Iron
Ravenghost Midsummer Night’s Chandelier (Silver)
Kalopsia – Flying Crows ( Modded)
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:white
{anc}  fish shop daughters / lotus:gold

Pose [Black Tulip] Couple – Human for a day @ Enchantment opening August 14th ( web)

Worn on Darth:
>> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
EMORTAL CONCEPTS Black Scruffy Mutton Chops combo
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
no.match_ ~ NO_REST ~
*GA* Jewels Celeste Necklace @ Enchantment opening August 14th ( web)
!gO! Captain Outfit RARE

Worn on Roxi:
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara 3.3 new
[Entwined] Adele
!!TWA!! Sea Witch Gown Set-Golden @ Enchantment opening August 14th ( web)
Cae :: Sebastian :: Necklace @ Illusion Point
Pink Acid Elite Alpha Eyelashes Mega Set
[PXL] Shara NAT ~ Makeup 03 Face freckles light
Zoul Creations – Iza Eyeshadows Turquoise 03 @ We Love RP
Zoul Creations – Iza Lipsticks Nude 02 @ We Love RP
Zoul Creations – Iza Sk1 sk1 – Gingr Brows – chA @ We Love RP

Enchantment 512


The Pier

Love Is In The Air.2
Almost 3 1/2 yrs ago I was at work, On a  Mobile App ( shame  on me) when out  of the blue  I get sent an IM and picture.  ” we are crashing your dock” was the  message. Of  course  I was curios and asked who she was,the answer ” well Duh, I’m the hot  blonde”. That was the first few words of a relationship/ Friendship that has grown 100 fold. Roxi has  been with  me thru thick and  thin, thru my battles and  victories.  mainly battles  lol. the end we have always  known when it comes time we can count  on each other. I can not begin to express how I feel about this woman so I will sum it up with three words ” I’m an Avocado” Watch the link to the song ( here) and below you will see the first picture she weren’t pro’s.

Todays  post  I am bringing you 2 skins that are available at the Love is  in the Air event. The first  one  being the -Belleza- Mae Desire, Man have we came along way when the mesh bodes were made for the women of second life. They are a work of art.  She is also wearing a  new release by ARGRACE, that  being the IRORI hair..I love this place..and wear the male hair almost daily. It comes complete with the scarf in different  colors. The dress..oh the dress, though you can not see them it comes complete with shorts and thigh high boots…yummy. It seems ( because  I am not the  one wearing it) to fit and  move well in poses and is very well done. It’s available @ We Love Rp

Ok, Once again back to the  man stuffs! I am wearing the Clef de Peau:Tadao:Skin thats at the event, it comes with appliers for the slink ands and feet as well as a full applier for the TMP newest mesh male  body, 4 tones  in all. It me an Asian  look but  what do I know  lol. Once again I am also wearing the [Deadwool]  Dandy suit also available at Love is in the Air..This  time  in  the Blanket texture. I have toted about what I think  ( here).  I am also wearing His Bowler hat..and I love it. Was very easy to actually wear a decent hair under it and the textures are to die for.   Snapshot _ Il nostro ecsape, Marachia (129, 165, 23)
Scene: Taken on LennonPark
Pose:  POSESION -Love In the Air couples pose @ Love is in the Air
Worn on Roxi:
-Belleza- Venus mesh body, updated -Belleza- Mae Desire Med 4 br. skin @ Love is in the Air
*ARGRACE* IRORI – Baby Blonde [S]
.storybook. – Siladhel – XS – White @ We Love RP
~Tantalum~ Valentino Ring Version 1
Izzie’s – Pearl Bracelet ivory L
Worn on Darth:
Clef de Peau:Tadao:Skin @ Love is in the Air
IKON Spectral Eyes – Industrial
Hairstyle CRUZ – Greying – REDGRAVE edited
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
[Deadwool] Bowler – black RARE
[Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket- tousers – blanket grey @ Love is in the Air
[Deadwool] Fermo watch – 19. male, white quadrant/brown leather
-Entente- King Ring



Hello all, Feeling well enough today for another post and  I wanted to show you a library I found at we ❤ RP. It’s made by Ravenghost and  i just have to say that it is really well done!. I caught a glimpse of his work in the last round of The Secret Affair and was really impressed. So imagine my surprise when I log in and find this at the we ❤ rp event today. The fireplace has poses in it as well as the rug you see placed in front of it. I love the detail of the wood grain in the library.. i just can’t say it enough. If ya haven’t been to the event yet there is still time to go and pick up this amazing set….what are ya waiting for…..go!

Ravenghost Library Book Shelf 1 @ we ❤ RP
Ravenghost Library Book Shelf 2 @ we ❤ RP
Ravenghost Library Fireplace @ we ❤ RP
Ravenghost Chained Candle Stand Silver & Iron @ we ❤ RP
Ravenghost Library Rug @ we ❤ RP
Dutchie Schefflera tall
Dutchie Philodendron tall
Dutchie side table
Dutchie book with glasses
Dutchie small study lamp
The Domineaux Effect Stack O Books

Within Myself

within myself

Hello there…Today i am bringing you the second half of the {and] offering for the FGC. I did a bit of research and dried mud is actually used to make art/ sculpture’s anything from miniatures to fill sized. I know..I know..I used them as paint..but daym it..i didn’t find out until after! there!. Ya really have to see these to take them in..simply amazing.
I am wearing Tableau Vivant’s offering for We ❤ Rp, again theres no disappointment. The hair comes separate with the dreads as an optional piece along with the feathers..but daym do they look good together. The skin is gorgeous as always and comes in a few make yur pic .
I also threw on the AXIX things and man they are well done and fit a male avi well.

Inside final

Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft Skybox Dark (with surround)
{anc} Japanese atelier brush & bottle collection @ The FGC tomorrow!
LISP – Mesh – Paint me a Picture Easel and stool
Trompe Loeil – Spotlight Lamp
TA Success Art Collection

~Tableau Vivant~ Echo – Mortui @ We ❤ RP
~Tableau Vivant~Nyoki Hair @ We ❤ RP
::Axix:: Akhan Ear Red @ The FGC tomorrow!
::Axix:: Akhan Piercings Gold @ The FGC tomorrow!
::Axix:: Mushu Headband UltraRare @ The FGC tomorrow!
Letis Tattoo :: Higoi II ::
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax

The Fallen

The Fallen one

Ok..who the hell talked me into doing a Fiver! They said it would be wasn’t.
I’m blaming every woman I know, Rhenu, Roxi, Cinder, Duchess and Mana to name a few.
I did have fun setting this up… but my God it took a while.
I normally go thru and say something about the pieces I chose for a shot…but the list is to long for this one.
I will say this Visit each event, The Hair fair, The Secret Affair and  The Countdown Room. Each are special in their own way. The Hair Fair in particular benefits Wigs For Kids. Also The other things worn are some of the best on the visit them as well..if not for what I’m wearing for all the other things they have to offer..because I wouldn’t wear them if they weren’t.

*FN* Hades and Persephone (2 Person) Pose
{NanTra} Hear Me Roar 1 (wizard)
RACK Poses – The Warriors RARE  (Shield Warrior and Speared warrior)

Worn on knealing warrior:
>>Aeros Avatar Maxwell << Skin :: brandy :: smooth
[theSkinnery] Masquerade Black Ink 9 @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Defender – Hell RARE
PFC~The Guard @ The Secret Affair
RO– Azrael Gauntlet

Worn on wounded warrior:
>> Aeros Avatar Magua << Skin :: agave :: bodyhair
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S – Relax
Unorthodox Guapo Full Goatee 2, Born Sinner Goatee
::EQ:: Moros Tunic, Kilt, Bracers Red @ The Countdown Room
[The Forge] Gorged Helmet, Steel @ The Secret Affair
Primus Haud Deus Spear ( in chest )
Male Gladiator Boot ( Library!)

Worn on Wizzard:
>> Aeros  Avatar Maxwell << Skin :: irish creme :: bodyhair
*Calico* Ryden – White @ The Hair Fair
.:EMO-tions:.. * SETH* beard/snow
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S R – Relax, S L – Closed
Peqe – Jacket Vest Red @ The Secret Affair
[Haste] Strapped Chest Harness Black Gold @ The Secret Affair
(RoMesh) Medieval Pants Black Men’s
PFC~Reaper – Boot
.Eldritch. Soilsigh Staff @  We Love RP 

Worn on Sheild warrior:
>> Aeros  Avatar Theo << Skin :: honey :: bodyhair
~Tableau Vivant~ Viking Hair – Gents
.:EMO-tions:.. * SETH* beard/black
Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) S – Relax
.Reckless. – Hex (Faded)
[The Forge] Arden Chest Strap, Brown/Steel -ABOX
(RoMesh) Medieval Pants Black Men’s
PFC~Reaper – Boot
PFC~Role Belt – Viking (brown)
PFC~Torden Shield, Sword

Worn on Speared warrior in background:
>> Aeros Avatar Maxwell << Skin :: brandy :: smooth
.:EMO-tions:.. * SETH – beard * snow
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
[The Forge] Gorged Helmet, Steel @ The Secret Affair
Peqe – Jacket Vest_Black @ The Secret Affair
::EQ:: Moros Tunic, Kilt Black @ The Countdown Room
:Enigma: Chained Arms White Rare @ The Secret Affair
Male Gladiator Boot ( Library!)

In the land of Dragons

There are some great events going on right now.  The Hair Fair opened and people are flocking to the event, not only for hair but to donate a bit to WIGS For Kids which the event benefits . It’s A great event and a greater cause. Secondly The Secret affair opens soon with some of the best creators the grid has to offer. Another make sure you visit event!.
dragon king
Today Im wearing the Amazing offering By PFC. it comes complete with a texture HUD that allows you to change the steel ,cloth textures and pure heaven. I’m also wearing Emotions gift offering for The Hair Fair. The texture work and the way it fades is simply stunning. And while made for a woman, I found a use because one should not be hindered by such things.

{NanTra} Hear Me Roar 2

arboREAL – Ruined Church ( older item cannot find MP or in world )
3D TREES Ancient Virginia Live Oak
Skye Raven Tree
Skye Cliffs
Mesh Mafia dragon 1
[HL] Dragon Colossus

>>Aeros Avatar Maxwell << Skin :: irish creme :: bodyhair
.:EMO-tions:.. * MEDUSA * Hair Fair Gift
.:EMO-tions:.. * SETH* beard/snow
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
PFC~The Guard @ The Secret Affair
PFC~Dragon Slayer – Tiara (gold) RARE
PFC~Fleur de Lis (gold) Shield
.Eldritch. Soilsigh Staff @ We Love RP