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Ravenghost Manta Ray Companion @ Enchantment
{L} Dry Kelp; Medium @ Enchantment
{L} Dry Kelp; Large @ Enchantment
*M.C.* The Rock (comes with pose animations) @Enchantment
{anc} I’m planet / fish school REZ 2Li [red] @ FGC
{anc} I’m planet / fish puddle REZ 2Li [pastel] @ FGC
{anc} I’m planet / fish school REZ 2Li [navy] @ FGC
{anc} I’m planet / fish school REZ 2Li [white] @FGC
{anc} I’m planet / fish school REZ 2Li [pastel] @ FGC
{anc} I’m planet / fish puddle REZ 2Li [black] @FGC
{anc} I’m planet / fish school REZ 2Li [gold] @ FGC
{anc} I’m planet / wrapped melt moon. [rez] 2Li] @ FGC
Botanical – Drifting Kelp Tall 2 w/ Canopy – Yellow
{anc} bubbles . ground field 1prim /MC
Kalopsia – Shipwreck
[we’re CLOSED] sunbeam

NRage – Let me save you pose

Worn on Roxi:
[Entwined] Martina @ Shiny Shabby
May’s Soul – Ariel headdress silver @ Enchantment
JOMO DS mermaid Bra(White) @ Enchantment
JOMO DS mermaid tail(Leg)(White) S @ Enchantment
Lumae – Adore – Ianthe // Seashells Skin @ Enchantment

Worn on Darth:
:[P]:– Valari Skin-Homme:// Vaedreus
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
no.match_ ~ NO_DOUBT ~ Pack of BLONDS-gift
.:EMO-tions:. * SETH – beard * snow
JOMO DS merman tail @ Enchantment
Kibitz – Ariel bracelet – copper @ Enchantment
Zibska ~ Caliste Headpiece @ Enchantment

Enchantment 512


Dance like Nobody’s Watching


Last  night I was going thru  some  of the things I had gotten  from The Secret Affair and  I  plopped down the Zerkalo dance  pit,Man am I glad I did. The  Minute I sat  on  it my  whole  night  changed. They  say that dancing  is  good  for the soul, and  i sure  needed  it  last  night,  my  souls  has  been feeling  kinda  empty.  This  thing  is amazing, 12  dances and theres also some  adult  fun  for  those  adults  in the  group ( there’s also a  pg  version). also in the  collection  are  the Persian sit rugs, again  adult and  pg versions.  the  texture  work is  amazing as always.  I also thought  about the LB Pony palms  for the event  and thought  they would  look pretty  good  set  up around the  pit.. I think it  worked  out  ok.  The  trees are  nicely  textured and  highly  detailed..good work! Then we  have that  cute  little baby  elephant  that Pink Acid [Black Bantam]  has  released  as  part  of her collection at the Wayward  Carnival, I’m  usually  not  in  it  for  cutesy  stuff…but  man.  it’s  very well made and  textured and has  its  own  hold  animation  when ya wear  it, it  is  of course also rezzable.
On to the  clothing. I  opened  up the Zibska  items  and  immediately  knew that I had to wear them when I took a  shot  of the  zerkalo dance  pit. The Callus ( headdress)  and  Alerio, Alerio Cuff are  very  well done and  come   with a texture  hud  to  change  what  you want. everything  is  nice I was able to get them adjusted  very easily. My  luck  just  kept  on running  when  at right  about that  time  I also opened  the Enigma offering  for this  round. The Ragnar  kilt is  perfect!  Available  in 3  colors ( brown , black, white) and  2 belts ( brown. black) with   shadow  on/ off versions  of the  kilt. it seems that  it  moves well  and  I was even able  to take the  shot  dancing (and  many  more) without  much  stretching  of the texture. lastly.. of  course because  they re  on  my  feet, are the 22769 Homme Gladiator  sandals. Available in your choice  of four  colors ( Black, brown , red, used  leather). I was able  to just  unbox these and slip them on  my  slink feet, while I  see  no  obvious  marking   as such, which is always  nice.  for  years  I have  been  looking  for a decent  Gladiator sandal.. I have  now  found  it.

G.O.D Nightmare
[ zerkalo ] Dance Pit – @ The Secret Affair
[ zerkalo ] Persian Sit – Reds @ The Secret Affair
[ zerkalo ] Persian Sit – Sands @ The Secret Affair
LB_PonyPalmv1 @ The Secret Affair
LB_PonyPalmv1.2 @ The Secret Affair
[Black Bantam] – Pink Acid My Baby Elephant RARE  @ Wayward Carnival
Lightning Bubble! WEAR blue and purple

> Aeros Avatar Theo <<
Yasum*HB*CHESS 5
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
.:EMO-tions:. * SETH – beard * black, eyeliner
.ARISE. Hala Facepaint / Red @ The Secret Affair
.Things. – Ragnarok Faded Tattoo @ The Secret Affair
Zibska ~ Gallus @ The Secret Affair
Zibska ~ Alerio, Alerio Cuff @ The Secret Affair
:Enigma: Ragnar Kilt @ The Secret Affair
22769 ~ [accessories] Homme Gladiators Used Leather @ The Secret Affair

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Warrior far finalWarrior final

DRD post apoc hangout @ The Secret Affair
*AF* Stony Hollow Still @ The Secret Affair
Ravenghost Dystopia Threshold @ The Secret Affair
[HL] Impaled Corpses
[we’re CLOSED] shrub large bare
[Michigans Shack] Maxed Road Warrior

>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
IKON Spectral Eyes – Denim
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
Zibska ~ Echo Paint 3 @ The Secret Affair
{RW} Maddog Muzzle – Mud @ The Secret Affair
Rochambeau Iron Bracer  @ The Secret Affair
Rochambeau Thomath Belts @ The Secret Affair
Rochambeau Turio Shoulder Wrap @ The Secret Affair
Rochambeau Garim Pants. boots @ The Secret Affair
[The Forge] Apocalype Pauldron, L @ The Secret Affair
[The Forge] Tyre Pauldron, R @ The Secret Affair
[The Forge] Stomach Belt Male, Black
[Z-DAY] Zombie Hunter’s Axe

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