Daym it Jerry!

The Gacha Guardians is  now  open and  its  busy as  heck! I  decided  to give it  a little bit  of time  and took a little space journey.I  had  heard  there was a fight going  on  in sector 4 ..and  being the  rebel that  I  am.. I  had  to go. Those imperial  bastids with  all their  rules just have  to go. I  was lined  up for my  shot when..FREAKIN JERRY did  it  again!. They  say  a  dog  is  mans  best  friend ..with  friends  like Jerry I don’t  need enemies. I  have  a  dog in RL and  she  is  kinda  the same way..she  loves whoever has  the treats at the moment. when i come silence..its a different  story when  my brother comes home ( he  is  her  treat daddy). Not only has  she  found  her  bark since  I’ve moved in..she  has  found  her  howl  and  whine..every freaking time.

22769 – Hoverpod Skull @ The Gacha Guardians
22769 – Hoverpod Rock*n*Roll @ The Gacha Guardians
22769 – Hoverpod Radioactive @ The Gacha Guardians
22769 – Hoverpod Blue @ The Gacha Guardians
22769 – Hoverpod Kehts – RARE @ The Gacha Guardians
i { DH } Gacha! Vintage Paper Garden Kite @ The Gacha Guardians
:: PANAVIA :: Jerry “Freckly” @ Cosmopolitan
~isil~ Flying Ironclad (Steel) RARE
NOMAD // Art Deco Speaker // Blue ( used as rocket boosters)
NOMAD // Tentacle Wall Decor
NOMAD // Death Ray Desk Lamp (used as..well.. my death ray of course)
NOMAD // Mystery Memory Game // Silver ( big tubes on the ship)
NOMAD // Numbers Station Desk ( and headphones taken from it)
BALACLAVA!! Wonder Lilah – Beam Gun (navy)
uK – Old West Rock Formation
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt
.:ZISP:. Gyilok’s Pirate Suit

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