The Horde

The Horde edit.1
Today I decided to switch it up a bit and bring out..The Horde for a shot I have been meaning to do with Munereia’s Thief Fortress. This thing is awesome! each piece come complete with a texture hud that lets you choose between 5 different textures..yes 5!..who does that for rp stuffs!. theres 4 different types of towers, ones with and without towers and one with and without a full enclosure on the platform. freaking is still Available at the FGC so run on over and take a gander and a few pulls!
Next is the [HL] Orchish Horde, another simply wonderfully done collection 12 pieces in all..go get yours now. And while your there..go ahead and pick up the Impaled Corpses …why?..cuz…just cuz.
Now, I am sure you have heard of [Tia], shame on you if you haven’t. She makes some of the most gorgeous stuff for your rp needs, From weapon racks to chicken coops, her place has it all. I lined the trail of the road with a few of her Tall braziers, they add just the right amount of light into the picture.
Speaking of adding just the right amount I also put down 2 of the best..and I do mean Ballista I have ever laid  my eye’s  on. The Ravenghost Ballista is done to perfection, from the modeling down to the textures. Did  i meant ion that it has an actual projectile..that light on fire and can fly across the sim. Now..ya got to aim this thing..and you get that done by controlling the angle and pitch thru some interactive dials at the back..thats right…hit or miss is up to you…Im telling need these.
Scene: Munereia’s Thief Fortress @ The FGC
[HL] Orchish Horde, Impaled Corpses
[Tia] Dungeon Fires – Tall Brazier + Glow
Ravenghost Ballista ( or in my bad ass weapon!)


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