A Days Work

Hello all, Belleza is  coming  out  with  their own version  of  a male  mesh  body..and  I  can  not  wait  for  it! I  have  been  a  group member  as long  as  I can  remember and  had  a  few  of  their  skins..but  as  soon as  I went  mesh all my  system  skins  went  away  never to be looked at  again..until now. They  have  no  specific  date  for  when  the  body  will  be  coming  out.but  I am  ready.  I went  to  the  store yesterday  and  picked up some  of the old group  skins and being  how  they  are looking  for bloggers..decided to  blog one  of  them. As  you can  see  from the picture  below the  difference  is  going to  be  remarkable…finally a  Belleza male skin in mesh.

Below  is  a  photo  the  new body taken  off of  Shyla’s  Flickr

You  can  also check out  their website  for  more  updates here.

-Belleza- Ashton Tan GG Hair (chest hair) Group Gift
>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Beard :: full beard
! ” Su Xue ” straw stick hay bush weed
DECO – MESH Ratty Ballcap (grey)
DECO – MESH Islander Shirt small (mechanic)

REMODEL: Old Wooden Garage – Style 02 – W/ Door
[P&W] [ Broken M-TANG ] RED V1
DRD MM noose
DRD MM attic junkpile
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign: Texaco gasolines
-Virtual Decay- Metal Sign:texaco
Skye Windswept Tree Type 1
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 olive
CVR Old Rusty car 1



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