The Upside Down


Madness, never ending jaded,
Played by cunning and knaves, faded,
Who cannot bear world’s happiness,
They see method mad in this ugliness.

Killing the people is their pleasant season,
Nothing but horror and fear is their reason,
Founded and guided by dreaded selves,
Happy are those who are far away.
Dr. Yogesh Sharma

DaD DESIGN “The Conservatory” @ FaMESHed
[HL] Terror #1: Santa: The Man @ Secret Affair
[HL] Terror #2: Santa: The Concept
[HL] Terror #4: O Tannenbaum
[HL] Terror #5: Tiny Reindeer
[HL] Terror #6: Electrocution
[HL] Terror #7: The Carols
[HL] Terror #8: The Specials
[HL] Terror #9: Fear of not giving enough
[HL] Terror #11: Fear of returns
[HL] Terror #12: The dark
:Fanatik Architecture: NEW YORK Winter



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