No fishing means no fishing!

No Fishing Edit

Dont’cha just hate it when your driving down the road and see a beautiful pristine lake and ya figure it’s going to be a good spot to go fishing but you don’t have the time to stop.You go home and plan all week for your next day off. ( the wife has already made plans for a family cookout over at her Moms house..ya know..the one that hates you) Everything comes into place, your wife thinks its an over time weekend, (so ya dodged one bullet there) the poles and tackle box are tucked into the trunk just ready for what you know is going to be an epic weekend.

As you drive down the road your mind fills with visions of “The one”…that huge monster thats just waiting for your hook to be dropped in the lake.  Turning down the road leading to the lake ya start seeing signs for the youth camp that apparently owns the lake. You know its off season so the little brats won’t be there to ruin your fun. Parking isn’t a problem either, as far as you can see there’s no one around, so ya grab your gear and head for the dock. There’s No Fishing signs posted along the way there, but, again,there’s no one around for miles. Smiling to yourself as your life long pursuit is finally within your grasp…and then…these guys step around the corner…great, not only can’t you fish,now you have to stop at the nearest store and buy some clean drawers. Ok…enough of the story from my many adventures into the wild…here’s the scoop.

Decor which can all be found HERE at the Arcade event

7 – Clown Head RARE

7 – Motor Boats Sign

7 – Rides Discount Sign

Mr. Jeffery Dresser#1

(epia) – Boat House RARE

(epia) – ‘All Directions’ Roadsign

+CONVAIR+ Boating Oars Wall Display

+CONVAIR+ Outboard Motor teal RARE


+CONVAIR+ Boat Dock

+CONVAIR+ No Fishing Sign

Mutresse – The Jackal Gnome

{vespertine-camping chair/mustard}

Zigana . banjo . neutral old


Shape My Own

Skin >> Aeros Avatar Theo <<

ISPACHI [Upheaval] Gloves – Male Relaxed  ( Arcade Event )

ISPACHI [Upheaval] Backpack  ( Arcade Event )

ISPACHI [Upheaval] Axis Bowler – RARE  ( Arcade Event )

[The Forge] Pauldron – Rust  ( Arcade Event )

[The Forge] Ammo Belt, RARE  ( Arcade Event

) Yasum*MESH*Combat Trash*Ultra Rare ( store )

GizzA – Military Pants [Brown] with belt ( store )

FATEwear Shirt – Gordon vest ( store )

[ hoorenbeek ] T-Shirt – Black ( store )

And my pet who I named Sunday dinner.

Schadenfreude Meat Piggie Wiggie  ( Arcade Event )

With a lovely piece of jewlery he cant live without( seriously.. I Must have hit an its better left alone)

[PM]Pixel Mode – Le Petit Chef – Fork  ( Arcade Event )


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