Opulant final2

We all need to be spoiled every now and then and when I saw what Tia was offering at The Secret Affair I Immediately snatched it up, this bed is…well..amazing!. The texture work and care for details are what you would expect form her..Gorgeous!..Don’t get me started on the menu..I lost count on the options.
The other offering from The Secret Affair is the Ravenghost Victorian Dressing Table and Stool which is as equally as well done and thought about. I love the fact that, though I made a Baroque look for the room, each piece would fit in a modern setting as well.
My friend Roxi came over and was kind enough to lend me the {anc} canopy and curtains. The canopy is available at TLC and once again words fail me trying to describe his creative mind.
I had the perfect pose picked out and was patiently waiting on the bed for someone to come feed me grapes and cheese, with the correct ratio of cheese to grapes. I can’t remember if its 3 to 1..or 1 to 3..either way it never happened..I mean..hell I even put them on the floor next to the bed so they didn’t have to go very far!. how lazy can someone be!. I almost starved ya know!..lucky for me there a place here that delivers pizza 24/7…by the way…you owe me $20.

[Tia] The Aristocrats Bed – ADULT @ The Secret Affair
[Tia] The Aristocrats Bed Canopy @ The Secret Affair
Ravenghost Victorian Dressing Table (Walnut) @ The Secret Affair
Ravenghost Victorian Dressing Table Stool (Walnut) @ The Secret Affair
{anc} canopy:lace @ TLC
{anc} lacecurtain .gold:setugetuka:yuki
~Libertine~ Marquis Complete Set
~Libertine~ Achille Deveria for Gamiani, Litography I. 1 ( seasonal gift..no longer Availible)
~Libertine~ Achille Deveria for Gamiani, Litography III. ( seasonal gift..no longer Availible)
(RageWorks) Classical White skybox @ FaMESHed (with a fresh coat of paint)


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