His world


I recently found another great store Fabled and I have to say the items are very well done. While I set the hot tub up in this room ( the set was part of the viking Gacha event) it would look perfect in any outdoor setting. the look is cedar and has a very modern feel to it. Everything else in the set is well done with sits on each item. I was digging thru my inventory for other things i have to spice up the room a bit…then thought of the bed Tia made for  The Secret Affair, so over to her store I went. I picked up a weapons rack and the braziers  you see , both fit the room well. I would love to have the rack sitting in my living room, but sadly I can’t have every viking on the map coming over to find a weapons cache!.If ya haven’t already pop on over to both stores..what you find there might surprise you.. The last little piece I added comes from a new creator/ store Fox.Poison and is Available at The Secret Affair. I had worn the necklace in another shot, but,,you couldn’t see it very well so I thought  I would mod it a bit and show you the details here. its a neat little necklace that..again will fit about any theme.

Fabled – Viking Wall Display
Fabled – Jarl’s Chair
Fabled– Viking Rug
Fabled – Her Bath Tub
Fabled– Jarl’s Bath Tub
~*SR*~ Viking Gacha – Mjoelnir
~*SR*~ Vikings Gods Banner RARE
[Tia] Dungeon Fires – Cauldron Brazier + Glow
[Tia] Dungeon Fires – Wall Brazier + Glow
[Tia] Dungeon Fires – Tall Brazier + Glow
[Tia] Heavy Melee Rearmer
-Fox.Poison- Woody Necklace @ The Secret Affair
Frogstar – Sigrun’s Lodge (Materials) – No fireplace


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